What are the Differences Between the Alert1 Medical Alert Systems?

Updated 8/27/15 4:04pm | Recently, Alert1 launched some great new senior medical alert systems. Now, you must be wondering, what are the differences between these systems? There are a host of misconceptions on medical alert offerings and Alert1 is here to clear the air. All of our medical alert systems are wonderful and give you and your loved ones a peace of mind by connecting you to our 24/7 Command Center. However, our home alertfall detection, and mobile medical alert systems offer different types to protection to fit the individual needs of our members.

The Classic Medical Alert for Seniors

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Since 1988 our classic medical alert system has proven itself extremely reliable, giving you and your loved ones industry leading safety and protection. With this medical alert system, you can always call for help by pressing your emergency call button. When you press your button, it will call the Alert1Command Center anytime day or night. Once you have reached the Command Center, our expertly trained representatives will assist you immediately. The classic medical alert system gets people the help they need for any emergency large or small with just the push of a button.

For seniors who don’t have a landline, don’t worry! We have something just for you. We have the wireless system for those who only have a cell phone at home. Our wireless medical alert system functions using existing cell towers. And don’t worry – unlimited use and coverage are included in our low monthly payment, so you never have to track minutes or button pushes.

As examples help everyone comprehend things better, let’s examine Roy’s story from Colorado. Roy from the often cloudy, but colorful Colorado and used to be an artist. He loves the holiday gift giving season and the color red. A few months ago, Roy fell down in his house, so he got Alert1’s classic medical alert. While going to the kitchen for some snacks, Roy saw a small, but vibrant patch of red and a cackling noise. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a beautiful patch of poinsettias. It was a fire in his kitchen! Quickly, Roy pressed emergency call button and told the Alert1 command center the situation. In less than seven minutes, the firefighters had come and put out the fire. Luckily, only part of Roy’s kitchen was burned in the fire. Here, Alert1’s classic medical alert system really helped Roy because it saved him and the firefighters precious time. Now one way this could have been prevented was if Roy had an Alert1 Monitored Smoke Alarm. Roy’s house would not suffer as much damage as it could have with our advanced smoke detection technology.

The Fall Detection Medical Alert System for Seniors

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One of our newly released medical alert systems is fall detection. You can use the fall detection just like the classic: press the button and you will get help. The special thing about fall detection is that it will automatically call the Command Center for help when you fall. The fall detection pendant has advanced Smart sensors that can detect when the user falls. Once the pendant senses that you have fallen, it will automatically call our Alert1 Command Center. An Alert1 representative will get you the response you need fast.

The fall detection medical alert system is a great option if the user is prone to falling or dizziness or other chronic conditions. These situations are all cases in which medical attention is needed fast. That’s the great thing about the fall detection system: even if you fall unconscious, it can still get you help ASAP.

Now it’s time for an example. Jenny was originally from Greenland, where it’s still pretty cold in the summer time. After breaking her hip in a fall, Jenny moved to Maine at her son’s insistence. Her son also insisted that she get a fall detection pendant. Fortunately, Maine is usually pretty cool. However, Maine was unusually hot one day and Jenny’s house did not have an air conditioner. While mixing the pasta, Jenny fell unconscious from heat stroke. She fell down, and her fall detection pendant automatically reached the Alert1 Command Center. In minutes, the emergency services were at her house and were treating her sunstroke. Luckily, Jenny recovered very quickly due to the quick response time. The fall detection medical alert really sparkles here because it got Jenny the immediateattention she needed fast.

The Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert System for Seniors

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Another one of our new medical alert systems is the mobile medical alert system. As the name hints, the mobile medical alert system uses cell coverage instead of home phones. In fact, our carrier is T-Mobile! Because of this, our medical alert system works nationwide. It works in your home, in the grocery store, and even in a park on the other side of the nation. This means that you or your loved one can get safety and protection everywhere nationwide! When you need help, you press the emergency call button on the pendant. Once you reach the command center, a representative will get you help.

Seniors also don’t have to worry about paying for cellphone charges. We have taken care of that for you already. These charges are already included in your Alert1 service.

The mobile medical alert system is best suited for those who are active outside of their homes. This system is great seniors who simply love enjoying what their town has to offer and for those who love traveling around.

To see an example of this, let’s look at the Perry’s story. Perry is from New Mexico and loves to travel. However, his two children worry that something could happen to him while traveling. Thus, to give his children peace of mind, Perry uses Alert1’s mobile medical alert. To see enjoy some of Louisiana’s culture, Perry traveled down to New Orleans. While walking from his hotel to the convenience store to get some extra water, Perry spied an alligator on the lawn. Perry immediately pressed his pendant, getting the command center on line. In minutes, the wildlife agents came on the scene and successfully got the alligator off the lawn. The mobile alert system did wonderfully here because it protected Perry over 500 miles away from his home.

A Range of Senior Safety Products

Ultimately, Alert1 offers a great selection of medical alert systems for you to choose from. The classic medical alert is great for you or your loved ones, even in non-medical situations. The fall detection medical alert system works wonderfully for medical situations in which you fall unconscious. Last but definitely not least, the mobile medical alert system suits seniors who love to travel.

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