A Destination Guide to Jumpstart Your Travels

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Updated 8/3/17 | Alert1 members and seniors everywhere have a pioneering spirit. In your golden years, you too may seek to get out into the works and conquer the unfamiliar. After all, older adults these days are living longer and accomplishing a lot more.

You’re well settled and aging in place. You’ve made the right decision to live with independence. You’re staying fit and eating healthy. You’ve created a safe space with your medical alert system. How can you get away from your day-to-day routine? In the back of your mind, you know you want something more. You’re craving something spontaneous. You need something out of the blue. And as you check your emails for the day, you see an email that answers all your questions.

It’s your friend on a cruise trip through the Mediterranean and she’s sent you photos. Or it’s your grandchild with an update on his study abroad program in Argentina. And that’s when the gears in the back of your mind start to turn. That’s what you want. That’s what you crave. It's time to pack your bags and get out there.

You want more senior travel. And lucky for you, traveling to these senior-city destinations only requires a few clicks and a credit card. Getting out into the vast world is now simpler than ever.


Is Senior Travel Affordable?

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There are many senior travel websites that list prices of different airlines. Expedia.com or Travelocity.com may be your go-to sites. But, there are a few that offer a little more:

  • Cheapoair.com and Cheaptickets.com, as the names imply, search for the cheapest prices available.
  • Google.com/flights is a quick search that lists all flights available to your destination. No ads, no popups—nothing but the information.
  • STAtravel.com gears itself for the young at heart. The website always updates with the cheapest flights available. And, their travel help and emergency team offers 24/7 hotline to help with any unexpected issues.

Beyond purchasing tickets off-season, there is no guarantee of finding a cheap ticket. As a rule of thumb, keep this in mind:

  • Prices online are always changing. And even booking a ticket early does not mean a lower cost ticket. Airline companies tend to post deals online. 
  • When planning your senior travels check these specific companies with frequency. Book your senior travel tickets during the weekdays. 
  • Choosing Tuesdays through Thursdays can land you a lower-priced ticket. These are the days that fewer people choose to fly.

Senior Travel Accomodations

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A travel book is a helpful tool for the traveling senior. But it shouldn’t be your only tool. Airbnb.com is a website that lists local bed and breakfasts at quality prices. The hosts are local families who offer rooms. Their online profiles have reviews from past visitors. You only need to create your own senior travel profile and start a dialogue with an email. What are the key benefits of all this?

  • As soon as you settle in, you already know a local! If you’re lucky, they might invite you to have a meal with them. A local, home cooked meal is the best way to start new experiences in a new city.
  • From there, you can ask your local host where to eat and which places to visit. In this way, you can create an itinerary on the spot! You don’t need to plan beforehand. A recommendation from a native resident beats any senior travel guide suggestions.
  • With these simple tools to guide you, I would like to recommend a relaxing and beautiful destination. Getting around the area should be a breeze. Your trip should be stress free and the following senior trip destinations offer just that. Domestic travel makes senior travel much easier if you travel with the Alert1 mobile alert system. You can keep protected and feel right at home no matter where you end up.


Senior Travel Spotlight: Cinque Terre, Italy

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This may count as five different places, but they are all located in one area. Cinque Terre, “five lands” in Italian, is on the coast of the Italian Riviera. They are a series of five villages running the overlooking the Mediterranean.

  • Connecting these locations is an efficient and easy way to understand the train system. Trips between each village take no more than twenty minutes. At each stop is an informational kiosk to answer all your senior travel questions.
  • If you are the more physical type of traveler, hiking trails between each village draw visitors worldwide. Trails range in difficulty, with the coastal view being the easiest and the most beautiful.
  • Each village offers something different to match your moods. Corniglia likens to a quiet hamlet atop a hill for a view. Monterosso al Marre is quite the contrast with a beach to lounge in and a night life to match.
  • If the gorgeous Italian coast and Mediterranean waters isn’t enough, the food will keep you affixed. Liguria, Cinque Terre’s region, is famous for pesto. It is a sauce made with basil leaves, garlic, pine nuts and pecorino cheese. And as always, a trip to Italy is not complete without wine.

From SFO to CDG to PEK

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The Alert1 senior travel guide is just the tip of the iceberg. With this knowledge on hand, you will feel comfortable taking the road less travelled. Take chances with your senior trip destinations.

The more research you do, the better you will be prepared for the trip ahead. Pretty soon, you’ll know the world based on their airport codes. The senior travel bug will be the only insect you won’t swat away.