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Our Story

Our story began in 1988 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Founder Paul Graafsma was concerned about his grandmother who was living by herself. She had no family nearby her to help in case of a life-threatening scenario. Graafsma remembered the loving and care his grandmother had given him growing up. He wanted to help, so he looked for medical alert home systems for seniors. Unfortunately, none came at a reasonable cost.

Graafsma then realized the need for better care of seniors living independently. He decided to take matters into his own hands by founding Alert1 and building technology to help seniors like his grandmother. Almost thirty-five years later, Alert1 has grown into a nationwide medical alert system company.

Our Values


We save lives
and provide more
tomorrows together


We support freedom,
independence, and the pursuit
of happiness for seniors


We bring our best
selves every day


We believe the
best team wins


We never stop
getting better

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Our Team

What makes you proud to work at Alert1?

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work with the Alert1 team and management. It has been the most pleasure to watch and grow with each employee as well as upper management. Each day is a blessing knowing that we save lives. What we do each and every day, is a valuable service that gives one self and loved ones a peace of mind.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

Knowing what we do, the service we provide, and the pride Alert1 takes in building these everlasting relationship, and ensuring our Members have the upmost services!

What do you like most about working with seniors?

The stories!! There is nothing more satisfying and that touches my heart, other than to hear the experiences and stories our Members have to share. Knowing that we are here for them and always an ear to listen.

How could I ever say thank you for everything my parents and grandparents have done to make our lives easier and richer? My grandparents met at Hecla Park skating rink at the age of 18, in 1955. They married at the age of 19, prior to having four children of their own. My grandfather is a Veteran of the Korean War and then worked for Piper Aircraft for 31 years, prior to retiring. My grandmother worked just as hard, not only raising four children, but she also worked a full time job at Armstrong. My grandparents were two courageous and loving people. They gave us love, stability, and security. We are very grateful to have such caring grandparents in our lives. We cannot thank them enough for what they have done for us and have taught us. Their words that they will always be remembered by and that bring a smile to our faces, my grandfather, “B-A-S-S” (breath, aim, squeeze, shoot) and my grandmother, “if they don’t like it, don’t look at it”

What makes you proud to work at Alert1?

Knowing that the company that I work for saves lives. That every time someone presses their medical alert button, may be the time that it saves their lives. Keeps them there for the children, grandchildren and friends. We help to keep family safe, when someone cannot be there with their mom and dad or grandparents. There is a saying here, “we save lives”. I believe this every single day.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

I think the most fulfilling aspect is knowing that there are days where a member calls in and I may be the only person they get to talk to. Right now during the pandemic, there are those that are staying at home due to health concerns. They may not get to see their family and friends. I try to make sure I ask them how their day has been? How they have been doing? Making sure their device is working. It makes me happy knowing that I put a smile on their face, make them laugh.

What do you like most about working with seniors?

I think the part I like most is hearing the stories they have to tell me. Telling me about their birds that come in the yard. Or about how they may of grown up next to Jimmy Stewart. (yes that was a real conversation one day) Our seniors have so much knowledge, so many things that can pass down to us that just sitting and listening makes my job ten times better.

Tell us your favorite story about a member.

My favorite story about a member would be the day I spoke with someone who was a Holocaust survivor. She was 101 years old when I spoke with her. We are taught about this event in school, but rarely do you ever get to speak to someone that witnessed it. The fact that she survived, and made it here was the best story to hear. Being told how she lost everyone, I cried on that call. I couldn’t imagine living that. But this woman is so strong that she did. I to this day still enjoyed getting to talk with her, even though she has cancelled her service she makes me love my job.

What’s your favorite memory of spending time with seniors?

My mom used to work at a nursing home and sometimes she would bring me to do crafts with them and hang out. I would make them friendship bracelets and read them books I got from the school library.

What makes you proud to work at Alert1?

I am proud to work at Alert1 because I am proud to say that I work for a company that cares about their members. I love being able to see as we save lives every day and are able to know that what we do matters.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

The most fulfilling part of my job is being able to watch as my teammates learn new things and grow relationships with our Members. I love hearing all the stories about how we helped our members and the anecdotes that we receive from our members about how their day is going.

What do you like most about working with seniors?

The thing I love most about working with seniors is how much we are constantly learning from them. They are always full of wonderful stories and helpful pieces of advice! For example, did you know that if you want your celery to last longer in the fridge and still stay crisp you should wrap it in aluminum foil?

Tell us your favorite story about a member.

My favorite story that I have heard is when I was talking with a member and they were telling all about how they used to raise horses. Even though they were in the upper 80s they were still taking care of these horses by themselves and riding. She stopped for a little while because she was worried about falling and not being able to get help but with her Alert1 button around her neck she no longer worries about that because we are always there for her!

What’s your favorite memory of spending time with seniors?

There are so many memories of my grandparents it’s so hard to choose just one! One that comes to mind and always brings a smile to my face is when my Grandfather surprised my whole family with a trip to Disney World! My absolute favorite place. Instead of just wrapping it up and handing us things he made us go on a scavenger hunt throughout the entire house and even outside! The final clue sent us to the dogs bed but it took us quite a bit of time to realize that we needed to take it apart in order to find the Disney World surprise! The laughs and hugs that followed will always stay in my mind.

What makes you proud to work at Alert1?

I am honored to work for Alert 1 as I know that I am making an impact on society by providing superior service for our members. I am proud to stand behind Alert 1’s standards of excellence and am confident that our members are able at any moment, to press their button and receive the proper and professional services they need.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

The most fulfilling aspect of working with Alert 1 is the warm-hearted feeling I receive everyday knowing that I am able to make a difference in our members lives by providing them with the independence they deserve.

What do you like most about working with seniors?

One of my favorite aspects of reaching out to our members is having the opportunity to foster life-long relationships and welcoming them to become part of our Alert 1 family.

Tell us your favorite story about a member.

My most memorable time connecting with one of our members, was when I had the opportunity to hear their voicemail. After listening to their messaging system, it left a smile on my face from ear to ear and I was just tickled by how thought out and creative their voicemail was. As much as I enjoy connecting and speaking with our members, I enjoy hearing those creative voicemails just as much!

What’s your favorite memory of spending time with seniors?

Working with Alert 1 and our members has provided me the opportunity to reflect on some of my favorite memories with my family. The best memories with my family are when everyone travels home and we are all together under one roof sharing stories, playing music, and simply letting loose. Alert 1 is more than a company; we are family!

What makes you proud to work at Alert1?

We are not just a medical alarm provider. We are the peace of mind that allow families to sleep peacefully at night and not have a worry during their day. We are the Angels that are sent in perfect timing to help just when you thought you were all alone. We are the guidance that gives you the knowledge you need to boost your confidence in things you didn’t think you would ever know how to do. WE CARE!

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

Hearing the testimonials from our members. Although I am not working on the frontlines of EMS, or communicating directly with dispatch, I am the one who thoroughly notes the accounts with any information necessary to make the call for help a streamline process. It starts with the behind the scenes that you rarely hear about. I make an impact.

What do you like most about working with seniors?

Typically, people tend to believe that seniors are extremely fragile. I believe seniors are strong, determined, knowledgeable and brave and I love speaking with and helping them stay independent for as long as possible.

Tell us your favorite story about a member.

I love hearing how we help people overcome the “stubborn relative” situation and give that peace of mind to the whole family.

What’s your favorite memory of spending time with seniors?

It would have to be simply the nicknames that we gave our grandparents. “Granny Grumps” & “Grumps”. My grandparents were very stubborn and blunt individuals. They told you how it was whether you wanted to hear it or not. Don’t get me wrong, they were very lovable and gentle beings. But when they had their days, they had their days! They took pride in their nicknames and from the day they came about, they never went away – even the neighborhood kids called them by their nicknames!

What makes you proud to work at Alert1?

I love working for a place that makes a real difference in the everyday lives of families. Independence is extremely important to the seniors in my life and I'm happy to help provide a positive experience to every member!

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

I love making creative content that highlights all the best that Alert1 has to offer! Capturing the essence of love and compassion that we see in our members is an honor and I'm looking forward to all the wonderful things we have planned.

What do you like most about working with seniors?

I've always appreciated people who tell it like it is, and seniors are no exception. I enjoy learning all that I can from courageous individuals who have a rich life experience, including my grandmother, who is also an Alert1 member.

Tell us your favorite story about a member.

I enjoy hearing stories about culture and history from older generations, especially from people I may have never met before.

What’s your favorite memory of spending time with seniors?

My favorite memory would be cooking on Thanksgiving with my grandparents. It's the one time of year most of our family can get together and have a top chef competition.

Hi Alert 1 Members,

My name is Fran and I have been with Alert 1 for 12 Years. I enjoy talking with our members and especially being able to assist them. I love the stories that our members share with us about their life experiences. Our seniors are amazing! I had our service for my mom, mother in law and sister in law and it saved their lives more than once. It gives peace of mind for the family and also you know if they press the button, they will get the help they need, no matter what the emergency, we are there for them. Our service is not only for medical emergencies but anytime they need help, if someone is trying to break in or they smell smoke, we are there for them. No matter what your age our service can help, we can assist you with helping you to order the best service to suit your needs.

I want to thank you all for putting your trust in us and for giving us the opportunity to keep you safe.

Thank You

What makes you proud to work at Alert1?

Working with Senior Citizens and being able to help and save lives.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

To save a lives, helping others and make an impact on our community

What do you like most about working with seniors?

Hearing the words of wisdom

Tell us your favorite story about a member.

A member reached out for help with equipment, I was able to correct issue and speak with her for a little bit of time. Here the Member hasn’t spoken to anyone but the cat for several weeks. Being able to be a phone companion is a great reward.

What’s your favorite memory of spending time with seniors?

My Favorite memory with my grandfather is being able to experience joys of pregnancy and his military stories and doing photos of our bellies together while I was pregnant (he had a belly haha)

I am proud to work at Alert 1, because I know that I am helping to provide a life-saving service to thousands of people across the country. One fulfilling aspect of my job is the opportunity to help individuals acquire PERS devices through third parties such as OPTIONs and waivers programs, who would be unlikely to have access to these devices otherwise.

Working with seniors can be rewarding because they often provide tidbits of wisdom in everyday conversation, and are happy to make the time to speak to me on the phone. I have also been lucky enough to work with the Alert 1 Cares program. Through this program, I was able to provide a full year’s worth of coverage to a man who is both a veteran and a Covid 19 survivor. When members donate time to the Alert 1 Cares program, these are the kinds of worthy individuals we are able to help.

Speaking to Alert 1 members reminds me of the many beloved memories I have shared with my own grandparents. Growing up, I was lucky enough to live near my maternal grandmother. When I was very young, I would play classic games like Chutes and Ladders with her. As I got older, we played more challenging games such as Scrabble, Anagrams, and Upwords. These games were often paired with homemade blueberry muffins, which made very tasty after-school snacks. Luckily my grandmother is still alive and well, and doing quite well for being 92 years old.

What makes you proud to work at Alert1?

I’m proud to be part of a company that provides a service that saves the lives of not only seniors but women in domestic violence situations, children with seizure disorders, and young adults with life threatening illnesses.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

Caring for others. It’s fulfilling to see how much we care for and do for our Members as well as what I do to support my team and the company overall. It brings me satisfaction to push myself every day to go above and beyond for Alert1 and our Members.

What do you like most about working with seniors?

Knowing that we are here for them even if they just need someone to talk to. We provide a lifesaving service and build a lasting relationship with seniors who may just need an ear to listen and a kind heart to care.

Tell us your favorite story about a member.

I remember a gentleman who did not want his daughter to get him an Alert1 device. She was persistent and he finally agreed. Within days of receiving it he fell down an embankment in his back yard into a small creek. Thankfully, he had his button, pressed it, and was able to be rescued and receive medical help. His story even made the news and I will never forget how grateful his daughter was to Alert1.

What’s your favorite memory of spending time with seniors?

Waking up as a young child after staying the night with her to the smell of bacon cooking, cold mountain air on my face, and her singing Patsy Cline. I will never forget her voice.

My name is Deana Hall, I have a 29-year-old son named Cody. I have lived in Williamsport my whole life. When I am on the phone people think my name is Nina. I’ve been with Alert1 for 4 weeks now and am enjoying learning all aspects that I will use daily as an Account Specialist. The trainers through this company are so helpful and patient and I can say I’m ready to start helping serve our members.

About 10 years ago my mother fell and I became her full-time caregiver. One afternoon my son had a bad feeling about my mom, so He stopped at my house and found my mother on the floor. She thought she called out for help before I left for work, but I did not hear her. So, my mother laid there for about 6 hours, she hit her head, knocked out 2 teeth and fractured her leg. After that incident I got her a medical alert system.

Funny story my mom was reading the paper and my 25-pound cat was sitting next to her on the recliner, she noticed the pendant hanging down and ever so lightly bit down on the button and the very loud alarm went off. It scared all of us and my cat never did that again. I think this is a god fit for me working at Alert1 just because I know firsthand how these devices can save the lives of our loved ones that we can’t always be with 24/7.

I was very close to my grandfather on my mother’s side. He was this very tall, big Italian man who taught me how to cook. He always told me you can’t say you don’t like something if you’ve never tasted it, for example he would make my grandmother liver and onions and limburger cheese sandwiches. He would plug my nose and make me try it. He would babysit my sister and I when my parents would attend grown up gatherings. We would walk the dog, Missy down to the corner store and purchase chips, dip, and soda and watch Love Boat and Fantasy Island together on a Saturday night. I miss those days.

Thank you again for this opportunity to help and serve all our members at Alert1!

What makes you proud to work at Alert1?

I’m proud to work at Alert1 because I know that we make a difference in people’s lives. We save lives and are able to provide people with peace of mind that is invaluable.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

Building lasting relationships with our Members. I love being able to talk with them about anything & everything, it feels like I’m talking with friends!

What do you like most about working with seniors?

Being able to hear their stories. People have lived incredible, fulfilling lives, and having the privilege to hear those stories is unparalleled.

Tell us your favorite story about a member.

There was a woman that I spoke to pretty frequently, once every two weeks or so, and she was just amazing. She and I would talk for a long time when we got on the phone. One day, she told me about how she had written her own cookbook, and I ended up with a copy! I still have it sitting on my bookshelf and have tried some of her recipes — which are amazing.

What’s your favorite memory of spending time with seniors?

Growing up I spent a lot of time at my great-grandparent’s house. We would always have sleepovers and do all sorts of fun things. My favorite memory is waking up in the morning at their house and smelling pancakes and bacon, and my Pap taught me how to make a pancake so it was just right. My Gram would always set the table, and we’d all eat breakfast together. It’s one of my most cherished memories.

I love my very rewarding job where I get to be part of a team that saves lives for people all across the country.

The testimonials we receive from our members really touch and bless my heart.

My favorite stories are when members share that they were so doubtful and hesitant to wear their buttons because they didn’t think they needed, wanted or could afford it.

Then one day something happened and they could not have been more thankful, because without it they might not be here. It’s something you don’t forget when you hear it as often as we do.

My grandparents were such an important part of my life and I have so many wonderful memories.

My sister and I would ride our bikes “around the block” and pass by their house with Pop-pop in his rocking chair and Nanny on the front porch swing waving to us excitedly, each time, as if it was the first time they had seen us go by, even after it had been five times that day.

They’d finally wave us in and always had a treat for us. A popsicle, some celery sticks, or something Pop-pop had baked that day. It really wasn’t the treat we craved, it was their time and the way they made us feel so special and loved.

I think it’s why I’m in the business of helping people to be able to have their grandparents around as long as possible — because it’s never long enough.

I love providing comfort and a peace of mind to our members and their loved ones. Knowing that you are not alone or unprotected and that help is there at the touch of a button can make a world of difference. Hearing that relief in the voices of people is truly rewarding. Seniors always have a story to tell, and when they open up and let me hear some of those stories, I truly feel a special bond with them. My favorite stories are the love stories! It melts my heart to hear who they met fell in love and lived happily ever after!

What makes you proud to work at Alert1?

I am proud to work for Alert1 because I am able to help those in need, whether it be a technical issue or question about the services.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

The most fulfilling aspect of my job is when our members tell me that I made their day just by being a good listener to them and simply being there when they need us.

What do you like most about working with seniors?

I love helping our members get their equipment working and hearing all about their pets and family.

Tell us your favorite story about a member.

My favorite story about a member is when she called me and explained she was uncomfortable with the system and just wanted to cancel. I was able to get her acquainted with the system and got her to test on the phone with me. After she tested, she said it wasn’t as bad as she expected it to be. She explained that she was afraid of false alarms. I was able to explain to her that we can follow the protocol she wants for who to be called in the case of an emergency. Once we got done with the test and she felt comfortable with the system, she asked if we could test it again! It made me happy knowing that she will use the button if she ever has an emergency instead of being frightened of it.

What’s your favorite memory of spending time with seniors?

My favorite memory of my grandparents is going on trips together across the country when I was a child. We traveled by car together to South Dakota, South Carolina, Canada, Wyoming, Lancaster PA, and New Jersey. We stopped at a McDonald’s for breakfast and I always ordered orange juice, a hashbrown, and a sausage egg and cheese biscuit.

What makes you proud to work at Alert1?

That we get to help people live independently and give peace of mind to their families. I know how important it is for people to live independently and I love that our service gives people that freedom. I think people find their relatives are strong-minded or even too stubborn but really they’re just striving to live their life as they’ve always lived it. I understand the importance for individuals to maintain their self-sufficient lifestyle.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

Successfully instructing our members on how to set up their equipment, how it works and walking them through testing it. Once it is completed, they express how much I’ve helped them and that they couldn’t have done it without me. I love hearing that I’ve helped provide them peace of mind and know that we will now be there in a time of need.

What do you like most about working with seniors?

I love that seniors are comfortable with sharing their stories with me. It is so fascinating to hear about the differences of the life they lived and the encounters they came face to face with.

Tell us your favorite story about a member.

A man told me about how he was blinded in WW2 fighting Germans, he was so proud of fighting for his country and I really admired that. I find WW2 extremely interesting since I know my grandfather was in WW2.

What’s your favorite memory of spending time with seniors?

My mom used to work at a nursing home and sometimes she would bring me to do crafts with them and hang out. I would make them friendship bracelets and read them books I got from the school library

Hello my name is Kim! What makes me proud to work at Alert 1 is knowing I’m helping people and making a difference one member at a time. I love talking to people who have lived in a different time than we are today. I love hearing the stories about how much times have changed throughout the years. I had a member call in and we were just talking about life and how things are now days and it was the best feeling to know I could talk to her. She doesn't have anyone else . My best memory of a grandparent is my grandfather (Pop). He was a big Penn State fan and he would be watching it and yelling at the TV. He was someone you could talk to about anything and I hope my members feel that way about talking to me. We're here to help people and make a difference.

I am proud to be an Alert1 member to provide a connection with caring. I find working with seniors has been a life passion for me. I remember being close to my grandmother in her senior years and loved to hear her stories. I have previously worked in long term care facilities and with home care for elders. My best story to date with Alert1 was making a connection with a person in Iowa and finding that I have visited very close to where they live. I was able to describe the area attractions I had been to and it made their day to tell me about themselves. Making that connection you hear them smile through the phone.

What makes you proud to work at Alert1?

It is such a wonderful opportunity to be able to have a job where we not only save lives and help so many people daily, but to be able to actually hear the stories and personal connections we make on the phone is just…it is an amazing feeling. I love when you can hear their smile through the phone.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

I love that we make a difference in people’s everyday lives. Saving lives is amazing enough, but we even help save people money by being able to call their family for a lift assist, when an ambulance isn’t needed. I know my own parents have explained the cost of an ambulance and I think it is very fulfilling to know that we provide a service that more than pays for itself, with so much value in all that we can do.

What do you like most about working with seniors?

I love being able to help everyone so working with seniors is a great way to help those in need that don’t always have someone to help them, talk to them, or even just to listen to them. I have had hour long conversations and it made my heart happy to be able to help them, even with just listening and being able to have someone care about them and the things going on in their life. Nobody deserves to be alone without anyone to talk to.

Tell us your favorite story about a member.

I will never forget when someone told me that they were scared about being almost ran over. They fell behind a parked vehicle and laid there for hours, unable to get up. They told me that they called to switch out there in-home system to an on-the-go device so they could be able to always get help. I don’t want to imagine what it would be like to be in a scary situation like that. I was really glad to be able to help them and provide peace of mind to them.

What’s your favorite memory of spending time with seniors?

I remember my paternal grandmother would pick me and my brother up to stay and visit with her occasionally. I don’t think I can choose just one favorite memory. It felt like an exciting, happy vacation every time. She would always think of us and make us things like blankets with our favorite colors, different baked goods she knew we loved, and play cards with us. My grandmother spent time with me, talking to me like I was a friend, not just a child. She’s the person that taught me how to play cards and started my understanding of baking. I was not allowed to have much sugar at all while growing up, but I was allowed to be spoiled by my grandma.

What makes you proud to work at Alert1?

I have proudly been working at Alert 1 for 6½ years. I process the product orders, program and/or test the devices and ship them to our new Members in a timely fashion. Along with Management, my department has made many process improvements over the years to allow for orders to be sent within 2 to 3 days of the order being placed. In most cases, I am processing and shipping orders the SAME DAY they are placed! It feels good to know that every order that is sent is providing peace of mind for both the Member and their family, in a very efficient manner!

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

I enjoy ‘playing’ with the different types of equipment and learning as much about how they each work as I can. When I am able to assist a Member or a co-worker with successful troubleshooting of an issue with a device, it provides a sense of fulfillment and joy for me!

What do you like most about working with seniors?

On a normal work day, I do not work directly with the Members due to the nature of the department I work in. But, on occasion, I have the privilege of assisting Members with different aspects of their equipment or their accounts in general. I love to hear different stories from their lives.

Tell us your favorite story about a member.

I spoke to a Member who was in his mid 90s, sharp as a tack and still actively worked on his families dairy farm. He took over the farm after serving in the Navy for 40 years. Not only did he protect our country during those years, he had a family and 3 or 4 children he provided for. I will never forget him actually thanking ME for being here to answer his questions and provide him with peace of mind about his equipment!

What’s your favorite memory of spending time with seniors?

My Grandmother on my dad’s side was just a pip! Her and her best friend ‘Aunt Ivy’ went to every church dinner they could find each week. They loved the socializing and supporting the many different causes that proceeds were donated to by the various churches. One day, years ago, I picked up my Gram to go shopping. Driving along, I could see her, out of the corner of my eye, fidgeting and reaching in her jacket pockets (around her seatbelt of course). I asked her what she needed, and she said she was trying to find a tissue. Just as I was handing her one, she pulled her hand out of her pocket with what looked like a tissue. As she unwrapped it, there was this horrible, awful smell. She said ‘Oh, there’s my pork chop from that dinner last Saturday that I took home’! This was a week later. It took a couple of months, but I finally got that smell out of my car, and her jacket!

Our Authors

My name is Wilson Chan and I joined the Alert1 team in 2015. I am currently a marketing intern for Alert1. I assist in the creation of mock ups, write blog posts, and moderate site content. Here at Alert1, we work collaboratively with each other to get our tasks done efficiently and effectively.

I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies with a minor in General Business at San Jose State University. My future career goal is to start up my own business. To me, the thought of being your own boss sounds amazing. I’ve always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur, and one day I want to make that happen.

I love meeting new people, traveling to different cities, and trying new food. You will likely find me late night at the taco truck waiting in line for some carne asada fries. I am a huge fan of the Golden State Warriors. Growing up I was a “we believe” fan. My favorite genres of music are hip hop and R&B. Some of my favorite artists are J.Cole, Tupac, and Eminem. I also enjoy going to concerts and nightclubs whenever I have the time to.

I was born in the heart of the bay area also known as San Francisco, California. But I was raised in a small suburban city in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area called Brentwood, California. I lived in Brentwood for about eight years from 1st grade to 8th grade. Then my family and I moved back to San Francisco where I finished my high school years. I currently reside in San Jose, California with a couple of my peers from college.

On my spare time, I enjoy working out, and taking long walks on the beach. Sounds cliché, but who doesn’t like long walks on the beach? I am also a family oriented guy; I try to find time to visit my parents as much as possible. You will find me at the mall occasionally from time to time. But, most of the time, I will be at the court schooling some twelve year old in basketball. Yeah, I am not the best player.

I joined the Alert1 team because I want to give a helping hand to others. Alert1 is a company that helps seniors stay safe and independent with medical alert systems. Here at Alert1, we help members get back up on their feet, so that they can live strong and free.

Kayla Anzalone has been part of the marketing team at Alert1 since 2015. She is a recent graduate from San Jose State University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business.

Kayla loves spending quality time with friends and family. She spends her free time traveling, hiking, going to concerts, and reading. On weekends she is either traveling to various cities in California or going to see live music. Electronic dance music is her favorite type of music, but she loves all kinds.

Growing up in Los Gatos, the Santa Cruz Mountains have a special place in her heart. Kayla loves hiking among the redwoods and spotting banana slugs. Also, living just twenty minutes from the beach, she enjoys going to the coast as often as she can. Exploring tide pools on a warm summer afternoon sounds like a perfect day.

Kayla has a passion for all different types of food. She loves sharing delicious things she has tried with others, which can take some convincing. Kayla believes she got her good taste in food from her parents, who she thinks are the best cooks in the world.

She enjoys working for Alert1 because she works with a great team that both improves and saves lives. Kayla informs current and potential members how a medical alert system can provide safety as they age in place. She regularly updates the Alert1 website and helps Alert1 stay the best it can be.

Kayla is always learning more about senior safety and aging in place, Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, and how Alert1 can meet marketing goals. She has written many senior lifestyle articles on topics such as sustainability, exercise, fall prevention, elder care planning, caregivers, and home safety, just to name a few.

She loves to read positive reviews from members whose lives have changed because of Alert1. Kayla is grateful to have the opportunity to help seniors remain independent and enjoy their golden years like they deserve.

Kathy Vo joined Alert1 in 2016 and helps with their marketing efforts. At Alert1, Kathy aspires to help people have fun without compromising their well-being. She likes that Alert1 prioritizes their customers and aims to improve their experience. With Alert1, she hopes that people can access the right resources to live happy and healthy lives.

Kathy was born in San Jose and lives with her family (she’s working on adopting a German Shepherd sibling). She loves her hometown for its interesting mix of high-tech vibes and outdoor explorations. She may appear reserved at first, but Kathy is always down for an adventure to see, do, and learn new things. She hopes to travel to every continent in the world to hoist her Simba Pillow Pet on every cliff like in The Lion King. Currently, she and her friends are planning a summer backpacking trip through Europe.

Kathy graduated with a degree in Psychology from University of California – San Diego. During college, she dabbled in everything from computer science education to clinical studies. As a part of her school’s Psychology Honors Program, she led a research study on eyewitness memory. For her honors thesis project, she investigated the cross-race effect on a witness’ ability to identify the correct suspect. In San Diego, Kathy enjoyed weekly taco runs, beach trips, and food adventures. Despite San Diego’s infamous carne asada fries and ten-minute beach drives, Kathy is a NorCal girl at heart.

In her free time, Kathy enjoys watching TV shows (House of Cards, Jane the Virgin, and Parks & Recreation), writing short stories, and surviving Blogilates workouts. Her favorite movies are Maid in Manhattan, Rush Hour, and WALL-E. A movie will never make Kathy cry unless its protagonist is a dog. If she were a Disney princess, she would be Ariel.

Kathy is a fan of the Golden State Warriors, though questions if signing Kevin Durant is an overkill. Thanks to dual screen technology, she witnessed two historic events: the Warriors’ 73rd victory and Kobe’s final game.

She can cook, but Kathy is best outside of the kitchen. Otherwise, she is eating at every San Jose restaurant from Ethiopian to Filipino cuisine. When watching TV, she loves munching on potato chips and mashed potatoes. Kathy enjoys in-the-moment adventure with friends. Going out with friends always involve food, boba drinks, and driving around town without any real destination. Her happy place is the company of family and friends. Kathy want seniors to be able to enjoy their happy place too, with the help of an Alert1 medical alert system by their side.

Sonja Wright is a writer and Social Media editor for Alert1. Raised by hippy-libertarian parents in the microclimate of the Bay Area, Sonja quickly realized that no one else was quite like her, and proceeded accordingly. A self-dubbed chameleon, Sonja’s style changes every single day. Her love of fashion is constant, and she enjoys exploring new ways to stretch the boundaries of style.

Homeschooled through elementary and middle school years, Sonja never saw the inside of a public school until the age of fourteen, when she enrolled in dance classes at Ohlone College. By the age of 15, she was taking 20 units a semester and passing all her classes. At the age of 19, she graduated with three Associate degrees, two in Fine Arts and one in Communication Studies. Then her leg started itching, and she worked for a while and lived in Italy before returning to school. At the age of 22, Sonja finished the last semester of her undergraduate career, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from San Francisco State University with a B.A. in Communication Studies and a Minor in Dance.

In addition to an extensive dance background, Sonja is also a RYT-200 hour certified Vinyasa yoga instructor, and enjoys teaching vigorous yoga classes to people of all ages. For her, breath is as important to life as movement, and her classes provide a bridge to both. But, nothing can beat her love of Cats.

Proud mom of two “fur babies”, Sonja rescued both felines as little kittens—Abby from the Humane Society and Ziva from a neighbor’s front yard. Now enjoying the title of ‘small cats’, they get spoiled rotten and love every minute of it.

When Sonja’s not knitting while petting a cat, she’s watching Netflix and knitting while petting a cat, cooking and petting a cat, and petting one cat while petting the other cat. The only time she does put down a cat is when she goes to open the mail that contains her latest “stash enhancement” to further enable her to knit more socks (while petting a cat).

Other fun facts about her include being fluent in Knit speak and Cat meows, driving a car with more than 175,000 miles on it, and loving the Oxford comma.

Sonja’s delighted to be a part of the Alert1 team, and is happy that she can put her talent for talking into writing! She hopes to take her knowledge here and use it to help her grandmother become more comfortable with aging in place.

Trevor Robertson is a marketing intern at Alert1. Trevor is studying Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship at San Jose State University. He chose San Jose State to learn entrepreneurship in the backyard of the country’s greatest entrepreneurs.

He loves discovering new music, spending time with his family, working on his car and going for long drives on windy roads. The greatest joys in life come from creating value and improving things in a way that provides value to others. Trevor’s interest in innovation also led him to Tesla Motors where he also works in sales.

Trevor is an old soul with tremendous respect for the things that made America great. Oldies History should be a required course in elementary school and American muscles cars should have a regulatory body that ensures their owners keep them in good running order. Pumpkin pie will always hit the spot and baseball is the best way to bring passionate people together.

Forever seeking the purist driving experience, Trevor drives a 1986 Porsche 944 with an exhaust leak and a leaky sunroof. Driving without airbags or other modern safety features only adds to the thrill of driving.

His passion for service and innovation led him to Alert1, where we offer seniors the best medical alert systems on the market. Being part of a highly motivated team with a common goal is the best part of the job. It’s rewarding to help seniors live fulfilling lives that they have worked so hard to enjoy.

He was born and raised in the suburban community of Livermore, California where he resides today.

Arar Han is a contributor to Alert-One, a personal safety technology and consulting firm headquartered in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, with offices nationwide. A Certified Aging in Place Specialist, Arar holds a dual degree in Philosophy and Human Development from Boston College, summa cum laude and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Originally from Seoul, she currently lives in Palo Alto with her family.

Arar is the co-editor of “Asian American X: An Intersection of Twenty-First Century Asian American Voices.” You can listen to her read her essay “Home For The Holidays” on NPR.

Arar is a regular guest contributor on popular aging in place blogs. You can find more of her work on:

Or on her LinkedIn or personal blog.

My name is Miles Abadilla and I’m a writer for the Alert1 team. I graduated from Middlebury College with my Bachelors in Political Science. I strive to learn and grow with every opportunity available, including the people that I meet.

I carry this forward to also help others learn and grow by contributing to a generation of seniors’ accessibility to age in place. I am humbled by the chance to help change the lives of our members each day. Alongside Alert1, I am eager to continue to provide boomers with many fruitful years and more tomorrows.

Miles has moved from his position at Alert1 to pursue a career in Communications at the Stimson Center in Washington DC.

My name is Andrew Vargas and I’m a marketing team member with Alert1. I earned my Bachelor’s from Menlo College, with concentrations in Marketing and International Management.

I have keen interests in the workings of nature, literature and theater. For a greater understanding of the world, I learn the most via shared experiences. I joined Alert1 with a mission to guide you in the story of your life.

Our lives range between serene moments to unexpected plot twists. The senior medical alert systems we provide not only protect you in the event of an incident but also allow you to enjoy timeless moments on the journey. I want to help increase the likelihood that you’ll have many more acts, chapters or scenic vistas in life — ones that the Alert1 family and I would love to celebrate with you.

Shayne Fitz-Coy joined Alert1 Medical Alert Systems in 2013. He focuses on the growth and corporate strategy of the company. An entrepreneur by nature, Shayne loves building stars, developing teams and leading change.

Shayne earned his Master’s in business administration from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a degree in Psychology, cum laude from Harvard University.

Prior to Alert1, Shayne was Director, Business Development + Strategy at Rhythm a mobile video advertising network (acquired by Blinkx in 2013 for $65 million). He started his career at Cintas Corporation (NASDAQ: CTAS), a business to business services company based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Shayne enjoys powerlifting, spinning, chocolate chip cookies, abhors the Oxford comma, knows the difference between “to hone” and “to home”, and is reading William Manchester’s Winston Churchill tome. He drives a 2000 Ford Explorer with 175,000 miles on it. He thinks Kanye West is a genre of music.

Mr. Fitz-Coy loves the New England Patriots and Auburn Tigers. His favorite excel function is sumproduct. His favorite thing about Alert1 is the opportunity to make aging in place available to all Americans.

He is from Salisbury, Maryland and now lives in Palo Alto, California with his family.

Places You Can Find Shayne:

Shayne can be found on various sites all over the web. Below are some of the places you can find the latest by Shayne.

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Shayne is a regular guest contributor on popular aging in place blogs. You can find more of his work on:

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Sarah Anzalone is a marketing intern who has been part of the Alert1 team since 2016. She is a Bay Area native who recently transferred from West Valley Community College to San Jose State University and is in pursuance of a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy. She cannot wait to graduate from school and continue her professional career.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys traveling to new locations. Being blessed to live in a state that has so many beautiful, diverse places, she is never at a loss for a new area to visit and explore. Although she recently travelled to both China and the east coast, she desires to explore much more of the world in the near future. She loves to experience every aspect of a new culture from trying new cuisines to visiting stunning historical sites.

Sarah believes that Disneyland is truly the happiest place on earth. She has visited there at least once a year ever since she has become independent. This is her favorite amusement park since all the rides are so immersive and none of them make her nauseous. When being able to experience all her favorite childhood stories once again, not even long lines can keep her down.

Sarah is also a small dog owner who is passionate about all types of dogs. When walking down the street with her, she is guaranteed to always point out any cute, fluffy puppy that she sees. She believes that your dog will always be a lifelong friend to cheer you up since they are never lacking in excitement.

Although Sarah is pursuing a degree in Accountancy, she enjoys the amount of creativity that her marketing position provides her. She also loves photography, writing, music, and art. You will often find her at a variety of concerts or museums in her free time. Lately, she has been adoring all the various festivals that she is privileged to attend. They are an amazing mixture of cool art pieces, her favorite musicians, and the most delicious, innovative foods.

Sarah is personally ambitious about assisting seniors in aging gracefully since she is so close to her own family who is experiencing this journey every day. She desires to give every family the assurance that their grandparents can live safe and comfortable lives. She believes that seniors should be able to to live the same exciting, carefree lives which are full of fun activities just as she does. That’s why she believes in Alert1’s medical alert devices to protect seniors for their on-the-go lifestyles.

Maribel Silva has been a part of the marketing team at Alert1 since 2015. Her role in the company varies from content marketing to email marketing to running the company’s Pinterest account.

Maribel was born and raised in the Bay Area. She currently resides in San Jose, California.

She is a first year college student attending De Anza. Maribel’s plan is to transfer to San Jose State University and receive a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.

One of Maribel’s passions is fashion. She’s not afraid to try on something new! She also loves to travel to places she has never visited. Some destinations on her bucket list include Italy, Portugal, Spain, New York, London, and Greece. One day she wants to have traveled the world.

In all her adventures, Maribel loves to snap a quick picture at every scenic view she encounters. Some picturesque locations she has captured with her camera lens are sunsets at the beach, hikes in Yosemite, and the busy streets in Mexico. You can find her snapping pictures on her IPhone, Nikon, and Polaroid.

Maribel loves to spend quality time with her friends and family. Movie nights and game nights are her idea of family-fun. Some of the games she enjoys to play with her family are Jenga, Uno, and Cards Against Humanity.

Maribel also enjoys binge-watching TV shows on Netflix. Some of her favorites are Grey’s Anatomy, 90210, and One Tree Hill. Maribel loves to listen to music. She doesn’t have a favorite genre or artist, so she prefers putting her playlist on shuffle.

Maribel loves learning; and every day at Alert1 she learns something new. So far she has learned a lot, from search engine optimization to tips about writing the perfect blog to the insights of email marketing.

Maribel feels lucky to be working with a delightful group of hard working individuals that all share the same goal. Their goal is to help save and improve the lives of seniors by promoting the medical alert systems they need. She wants to ensure their golden years are safe and filled with joy. Maribel wants all seniors to know they have the opportunity to live their lives independently by aging in place with one of Alert1’s medical alerts.

Angelo Medel is a part of the marketing team at Alert1. He specializes in search engine optimization, email marketing, content marketing, and website maintenance.

Angelo attends San Jose State University, currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. He is from Aliso Viejo, California, a city adjacent to Laguna Beach—which he argues is the best beach city in Southern California. He finds himself in San Jose, the largest city in Silicon Valley, to work with the best minds in business and technology.

His favorite thing to do is to travel somewhere new, hike in a scenic place, and capture it all on camera. He can hike to the ocean from his parents’ house, but Angelo still likes to complain about his hometown. He loves listening to electronic dance music and attending music festivals.

Angelo does not consider himself a hipster, but he rides a fixed-gear bike and likes taking pictures with a vintage Polaroid camera. He loves listening to hard-hitting trap and wavy future bass when it comes to the subgenres of dance music. He thinks Filipino food is largely underappreciated. His favorite color is orange because no one else likes the color orange.

He has been a marketing intern at Alert1 since 2015. Through all that time, he has learned not only a lot about marketing, but much about the senior industry. Angelo understands the rewards and difficulties of caregiving for a loved one. He supports and sympathizes for those with Alzheimer’s. He has learned the best tips behind hosting the perfect holiday party and knows the best places where seniors should travel.

When Angelo is not researching the best senior-friendly craft ideas, he is looking to make himself known in the world of digital marketing. He is navigating each page of the Alert1 website and thinking of ways to optimize content for keywords. He looks at each title tag, header, and meta description, thinking of ways to rise to the top of search engines. He ponders at each email subject line, searching for the perfect attention-grabber.

He joined Alert1 because he wanted to be a part of a team that improves and saves lives. Angelo’s ultimate goal in life is to make a difference in the world, and he wants to start with the generation that led to who we are today. He wants seniors to know that they can live a happy, independent life in their own home with a medical alert system.

James is a marketing intern who recently graduated from California State University, Monterey Bay. He has a degree in business information technologies and e-commerce. James also spent a semester studying abroad in Tokyo and earned a minor in Japanese language and culture.

Born and raised in the bay area, James always seemed to have a strong interest in learning about the world. He loved trying new things and had a wide variety of hobbies growing up such as: soccer, guitar, animation, film, and photo editing. This yearning for new experiences sparked his interest in Japan and eventually inspired him to study in Tokyo for a semester.

Upon his return from Japan, he discovered his interest in marketing and decided to pursue a career in that field. Now at Alert1, James has an outlet where he can put his business creativity and technology skills to good use.

James has always loved music; his grandfather was a classical pianist and encouraged him to play classical guitar when he was a child. His grandfather was also a nuclear physicist who forced James and his brother to complete math problems growing up. James was very close to his grandparents and values the quality time spent together.

Although he does play classical music in honor of his grandfather, he prefers playing rock and roll with his friends. He tries to go to as many shows as possible and likes a wide range of genres. Some of the most memorable performances he has seen are The Who, Lady Gaga, and Weird Al Yankovic.

In his free time, James likes going to the movies, weight training, and reading. His favorite genre is comedy and he enjoys reading nonfiction. James loves any film with Ryan Gosling in it and highly recommends the musical La La Land. A couple of his favorite books are Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature and Brian Greene’s The Fabric of the Cosmos.

When the sun is out you can find him at the beach or going on a hike in the Santa Cruz Mountains. He also loves camping at Big Sur and exploring the nearby forests and beaches.

His favorite thing about Alert1 is helping keep families safe. James understands the difficulty of caring for loved ones when times are hard, and knows that it is the little things that count the most. Easing the worried minds of families can seem impossible at times, but Alert1 helps to reduce that worry.

Lauren is a marketing intern and writer at Alert1. Her passion for marketing and desire to work for a company that benefits people’s lives are what drove her to Alert1. At Alert1, she is able to share the message of allowing for more tomorrows and aging in place to people all across America.

Lauren currently attends West Valley College in Saratoga. In May, she will graduate with Associates Degrees in Sociology, Psychology and Administration of Justice. It is her ultimate goal to pursue Human Rights Law, though marketing has found its way of growing on her in time. Once she graduates, she isn’t quite sure where she wants to finish her undergraduate degree. Lauren is open to the idea of attending a university in Europe, as she enjoys the culture.

At school, she is involved in the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society where she enjoys giving back to her community and developing stronger leadership skills through the organization. The semiannual bake sales also help to keep her baking skills sharp. Previous to AGS, Lauren was a Senator and Director of Communication for the Associated Student Government. It was there that her interest in marketing developed.

In addition to her studies, Lauren is also a collegiate water polo player and swimmer who thrives on friendly competition. Lauren is happy to now to share her love of the water and outdoors with her three year old daughter; who already has her first water polo ball and is working catching and throwing. Lauren’s daughter is already following in her mom’s athletic foot steps with weekly dance and gymnastics classes. Once a cringe worthy title, Lauren now lovingly embraces the term “Dance Mom.”

When Lauren is able to enjoy an evening at home, she can be found searching the web for future recipes to try while simultaneously catching up on the latest Netflix series. Currently her favorite is “Chelsea.”

Whenever the chance arises, Lauren loves to travel. Experiencing different cultures has a profound way of reminding her of what’s important in her own life. One of which being her family, including her grandparents who have had a huge impact on her life.

Lauren’s favorite thing about Alert1 is the vision that families with grandparents as treasured as her own can have peace of mind. Aging in place with a medical alert system allows for independence. It keeps our loved ones living their lives for more and more tomorrows with them.

Tracy Layden is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist who loves doing the unexpected and defying expectations. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Tracy leads the marketing efforts at Alert1 and is the editor of the Alert1 blog.

Tracy holds a degree in mathematics from Scripps College. Prior to Alert1, she wrote about fashion for The Working Wardrobe and studied the mathematical theory of elliptic curves and non-Euclidean geometry. Her thesis is titled “Factoring the Duplication Map on Elliptic Curves for Use in Rank Computations” and it discusses the strange things that happen when you do not assume that parallel lines never meet.

Tracy is an experienced performer who has been dancing since she was very little. She has grown up to be a nationally ranked ballroom dancer who has performed in off-Broadway musicals. She regularly acts in Renaissance festivals and Halloween Haunts and is a member of the Bliss Dance Company.

Tracy is an accomplished equestrian. Alongside her American Quarter horse named Zips Barbie Doll, she has won enough ribbons, belt buckles, and golden horseshoes that she has run out of wall space to display them. Outside of horseback riding, Tracy’s awards include a nomination for the Marie McSpadden Sands Merit Awards in Writing and the Lind Family Prize in Mathematics.

Tracy did not expect to end up in marketing, but her background in both mathematics and the liberal arts prepared her well. She loves that marketing allows her to seamlessly combine data with her artistic ability. Tracy considers her superpower to be her ability to solve problems by seeing all of the possible ways to get to a solution.

Tracy’s favorite thing about Alert1 is helping families stay safe and giving them peace of mind. Through her own experiences she knows what it is like for families to come together to take care of an elderly family member. Tracy is dedicated to making the world a better place and believes that the company’s mission will help her do just that. Her goal is to create the best possible experience for Alert1 members.

In addition to writing and editing the Alert1 blog, you can find Tracy writing about the latest fashion trends, lifestyle tips, and senior care advice on blogs around the internet.

When she’s not dancing, writing, or creating website experiences, you can find Tracy watching content on Youtube or reading a good book. She particularly enjoys riding her horse through the golden California hills. She loves to drive her 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata with the top down on beautiful blue-sky days.

Places You Can Find Tracy

Want more from Tracy? She is a regular guest contributor on popular blogs. You can find her work on:

You can follow her daily adventures on social media:

And you can learn even more about Tracy or drop her a note by going to her website at

Mandy Truong joined the marketing team at Alert1 in September 2016 after graduating from University of California, Davis with a bachelor’s degree in Managerial Economics. Marketing and family are two things that Mandy has always been passionate about, and two of the many reasons she’s ecstatic about joining the marketing team at Alert1.

Music has always been a huge part of Mandy’s life and she grew up with the piano as her best friend. During her free time, you’ll most likely be able to find her listening to the Global Top 50 playlist on Spotify, jamming on her ukulele and guitar, singing obnoxiously loud in the car or during karaoke with her friends, or teaching her ten-year-old niece how to play “Heart and Soul” on the piano. Two of her favorite bands include Maroon 5 and The Script.

When she’s not doing something musically related, you can find Mandy out and about with her family and friends trying all the new restaurants in town, bowling, hiking, and playing board games - sometimes even all at the same time. Some of her favorite types of food include all you can eat Korean BBQ, all types of potato dishes, and carne asada tacos. As for board games, she’s fairly certain that one day she will take the title of the World Champion of Settlers of Catan. She also enjoys playing card games such as Monopoly Deal, Exploding Kittens, and Family Business.

Having grown up in San Jose for most of her life, there are few places Mandy has visited outside of the United States. However, she does high hopes of traveling more often in the near future. One of her most memorable trips was when she went to Hawaii during the summer and was able to spend 24 hours a day at gorgeous beaches and only leave to eat the most delicious poke and acai bowls. While she was there, she also made sure to take full advantage of the beautiful scenery and went on lots of hikes. Her favorite view was when she hiked at Diamond Head.

Mandy is overjoyed to be working with Alert1 because of all of the wonderful people she’s met that exude friendliness. She’s also very excited to be working with a company that cares so much about the safety of our loved ones. So far, she’s been working on writing blogs and learning about Alert1’s customers. She’s looking forward to everything else she will soon learn about how medical alert systems keep seniors safe!

Sarah Moreno joined Alert1 at the beginning of January 2016. She is a part of the marketing department and works as a Marketing Scholar. Sarah and the team work to maintain the company website and write blogs for our members. She also takes on other projects like updating product photos with her photography skills.

In Sarah’s spare time she loves to explore state parks and take pictures. Occasionally, she ventures out to the city to see a theatrical performance or an art exhibit. She’s always had a passion for the arts, but holds theater and photography close to her heart. To Sarah, theater is expressive, raw and magical. She is impressed by all the things that can be accomplished on stage like, extreme set changes.

Furthermore, Sarah believes photography is important because it captures moments and conveys messages without using words. She recently got the courage to start posting her work on Flickr where one of her photos was bought by Yahoo! That special photograph was taken in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Travel is a big part of her extracurricular activities as well. Sarah had never been on a plane until she was 13 years old, while many of her friends had experienced a plane ride years before. She feels that this delay has shaped her hunger to explore the world. Right now, her passport holds stamps from Scandinavian countries, Japan, and Guatemala.

Every place she’s visited is very special, but her favorite experience was when she studied abroad in Finland. Though she struggled to get used to the bland food she wouldn’t change a single moment. Studying abroad is the most unique and ultimate experience for any person. Being in your early twenties and being abroad people learn a lot about themselves. You also get to have fun, learn a new culture, and explore beautiful places with new people that become lifelong friends in the end. She encourages taking advantage of studying abroad in college because it’s the greatest experience that will be cherished forever.

Now, Sarah will be receiving her diploma this May with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration, Marketing from San Jose State. Everything that involves business and marketing is very interesting to Sarah. To her marketing is the way to speak to the public, but is also a puzzle which she loves. Both her parents own small businesses and she believes that might have influenced her interests as well.

One day she hopes to build her own company that will have a positive impact on our planet. She cares about the environment and feels that corporations have the power to make the difference.

Sarah is very proud to be a part of the marketing team here at Alert1, because it is an honest company that improves people’s lives with medical alert systems. She has a profound respect for seniors. It is her pleasure to be a part of a team that helps seniors stay safe like they deserve. She feels that she is beginning to make a difference.

Sandra Wu is a San Francisco Bay Area-based food writer, editor and recipe developer. A former Cook’s Illustrated editor and Williams-Sonoma corporate test kitchen cook, her work has appeared in numerous cookbooks and publications, including Fine Cooking, Edible Sacramento, the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune.

My name is Christina Pan, and I’m a writer at Alert1. I have diverse passions ranging from physics to art history to serving others through community service. And that is exactly why I joined Alert1: to help make a positive impact for you and your loved ones.

From my point of view, medical alert systems allow you to savor every moment of your golden years. Our lifesaving service has the power to bring families closer–something I want to build together with you. I hope you and your loved ones have a long and happy life journey.

My name is Morgan Miller and I am part of the marketing team at Alert1. As a former collegiate swimmer, I am passionate about everything sports. I also love fashion, the beach and being with my family. I joined Alert1 because I love that I get to help seniors feel safe, both in their home and on the go!

As a part of the Alert 1 marketing team, I attempt to always give our members great experiences. I want every senior to know that they can count on Alert1.

Andre is a marketing intern who has been with Alert1 since 2016. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in marketing at San Jose State University. Andre is beginning his professional career with Alert1, and is excited and enthusiastic for what the future holds for him.

Music is a big hobby of Andre’s with some of his favorite genres being rock, reggae, jazz, metal, and electronic. He enjoys attending concerts and festivals with friends to see his favorite artists live, and rarely misses an opportunity to do so. He believes that live music is always better, for the feeling of euphoria and nostalgia that it gives him.

On his free time Andre enjoys exercising, with some of his favorite activities being weightlifting, hiking, and backpacking. He loves being exposed to nature and the outdoors, and is always up for a new adventure. Throughout his life Andre has hiked and backpacked many of the trails in and around the Bay Area and California. It is his long term goal to backpack Mt. Kilimanjaro.

One other thing that Andre absolutely loves is food. Eating is the favorite part of his day, and he is usually eating or thinking about eating. A great thing about Andre is that he is always up to trying a new food, and rarely ever dislikes something. One of the things he loves about living in the Bay Area is the wide variety of cultures and food close by. He recently began eating spicy dishes and is excited for this new chapter of food that he has been missing out on.

In his downtime, some of Andre’s favorite things to is watch movies and TV shows. Having grown up reading comic books, he feels like it is currently the best time to be alive because of all the comic book movies coming to life. If something is considered geeky, Andre is likely to enjoy it because of his wide range of fandoms.

Andre also enjoys watching ice hockey and baseball. His favorite teams are the San Jose Sharks and San Francisco Giants. He tries to attend live games whenever he can since the SAP Center and AT&T Park are so close by and the energy of live sports is unmatched.

One of the things that excites Andre about working at Alert1 is how he can be a part of a company that has such a positive impact on people’s lives. He loves spending time with family and his grandmother is one of his best friends. Andre wants to keep on seeing her have more tomorrow’s for as long as possible. Working for Alert1 makes him feel like he can help other people’s grandmothers keep having more tomorrows as well. That’s why he believes Alert1’s medical alert devices are so important for the wellbeing of so many people and their families.

Tiffany Le has been been part of the marketing team at Alert1 since March 2016. She studied marketing at San Jose State University because she found the subject fascinating. Tiffany has always been interested in “what makes a person tick”. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration- Marketing in 2015 and continues her passion for marketing at Alert1 by writing blog posts and maintaining Alert1’s website.

Tiffany was born and raised in San Jose, California and continues to live there with her family. She has a big family, including two dogs and a turtle. She loves animals and wishes she could have more but her parents think she’s crazy. Tiffany’s family means everything to her and she wants them to be happy, even if it means by not having more pets.

Tiffany’s favorite thing to do in the Bay Area is dine at the plentiful variety of restaurants. The Bay Area’s diversity results in an abundance of options! Being a product of her environment, Tiffany’s tastes stretch from tamales to foie gras. There is nothing that Tiffany will turn her nose up to. She eats everything.

More likely than not, you’ll find Tiffany either with her friends or family. She’s a social butterfly by nature and loves the company of others. You will notice that she loves to laugh and to make others laugh. Her jokes are pretty corny, but that’s Tiffany’s style. She is not shy about making friends either, so feel free to say, “Hello”!

When Tiffany is not out, you will most likely find her snuggled up at home binge-watching Netflix. She is a fan of several cult favorites such as The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. She also loves animated shows like Archer and Bob’s Burgers. Tiffany doesn’t have basic cable, so good luck talking to her about anything recent. If it hasn’t showed up on Netflix yet, she hasn’t seen it.

When Tiffany isn’t busy indulging her gluttonous lifestyle, she enjoys staying active. She hikes, snowboards, gardens, and occasionally dances when nobody’s watching. She also plays air guitar in the car and doesn’t even stop when drivers stare. You won’t find Tiffany at the gym, though. Tiffany only likes fun exercise.

One of Tiffany’s favorite hobbies is propagating succulents. She takes joy in seeing life sprout out of leaves presumed to be “dead”. Tiffany nurtures the baby succulents over a long period until maturity. Once they’re able to live without her help she gifts them to friends and family.

Tiffany likes working for Alert1 because she appreciates being a part of a company that cares. Alert1 cares about their staff, their members, and the community. It is evident in the way Alert1 conducts business. From quick response times to Member Care services, Alert1 finds any way to show their support. Tiffany is part of a talented team that continuously strives to improve the lives of others. Whether it is by writing articles about senior safety or by continuing research and development, Alert1 makes Aging in Place possible.

My name is Anisha Agarwal, and I was born and raised in the Bay Area. Here at Alert1, I am the Team Operations Coordinator.

At Alert1, we love to wear many different hats. As the Team Operations Coordinator, I recruit and foster new talent, maintain employee relationships, improve processes, and help our organization thrive.

I recently graduated from the University of Southern California with a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology with an emphasis in Organizational Psychology.

I have a passion for understanding team composition, the effectiveness of management, and the importance of finding the right employees. With this knowledge, my goal is to help Alert1 succeed and remain competitive in today’s marketplace. If we can take good care of our employees, we can provide even better care to our members.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “to have a friend is to be a friend.”

Along with my passion for team dynamics and organizational success, I love shopping, eating, and spending time with my family. You can probably find me at the mall at least once a week and ordering pizza every other night! I have always had a love for a good meal and trying new cuisines. My new year’s resolution is to be open to new experiences. If you are also ready for new experiences, you should try Alert1. We will not let you down!

I have always been dedicated and hardworking when trying to achieve my goals. Alert1 allows me to be compassionate, provide our members great service, and ensure their safety with the appropriate medical alert system. You can rely on Alert1! We have a bright future ahead.