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#1 Rated Medical Alert System
By Modern Senior Magazine

“I received the perfect service. The response was great. The EMTs came within minutes and my daughter was notified promptly as well. I have recommended your services to friends.” - Dorothy C.(PA)

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#1 Medical Alert By
Modern Senior Magazine

Falls can happen at any time--even as soon as today. If you are considering a medical alert system to protect yourself or a family member, please don’t delay. Here are a few reasons why you can put your trust in Alert1:

Trusted by 10,000 Medical Professionals
Alert1 is one of only a few medical alert companies in the U.S. that works with healthcare professionals to provide medical alert systems to their patients. More than 10,000 medical professionals have picked Alert1 as a preferred partner for their medical alert system referrals.

Trusted by 200,000 Families
Our best source of new customers is referrals from existing customers. That's the result of our almost 30 years of dedication to our customers and their safety. Read our customer reviews to see why customers trust their safety to Alert1.

Recommended by Consumer Affairs
A few years ago, the independent website evaluated a dozen medical alert companies. They were 'most impressed' by Alert1 because our prices were fair, our business terms were clear, and our sales reps weren't pushy. Today, Alert1 has 97% positive customer reviews on!

Committed to Customers During an Emergency
Alert1 always stays on the phone with our customers during an emergency--until help arrives. Operators at most low cost medical alert companies end the call customer once 911 has been contacted.

Better Business Bureau Accredited
Alert1 has been accredited by the BBB since 2001 because we treat our customers fairly and professionally. BBB accreditation standards include a commitment to resolve any complaints our members may have. 

Failsafe Emergency Monitoring Service
We have multiple certified and completely duplicated emergency monitoring centers located in different states so we make sure we don't miss any emergency alarm signals, even if one of our centers goes offline.

Dedicated to Medical Alert Systems
Alert1 has been selling medical alert systems for almost 30 years. We aren't distracted by other businesses or by big corporate objectives--we just focus on delivering the most trusted and reliable medical alert service to our customers.

Alert1 Gives Back
Here at Alert1 we believe it is important to give back to the community. Alert1 builds goodwill in the community by working with HOPE Enterprises to employ people with special needs and running special promotions which feature donations to relevant causes.

The Alert1 Member Care Promise

Not to brag, but when you have dedicated yourself to doing something for more than 27 years, you get pretty good at it.

That’s how we earned our accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

That’s how we have earned the trust of our customers in each and every state in America: from California to New York, the redwood forest to the gulfstream waters, we serve America.

That’s why our members love us, like Jaime in Pennsylvania:

"I am 100% happy with choosing Alert1 for my parents’ needs. The customer service department, when setting up our account, was wonderful, answered all of my many, many questions, and even explained in detail how to set up the units in their house. The automatic payment set up was just an added bonus, and to know that my parents have the extra security of Alert1 being there if needed is the best thing in the world! Thank you Alert1!"

Thank YOU America! It’s a privilege to serve you every day.

Our Heritage

Our founder Paul never dreamed he would enter the medical alert system business. But one day, he realized that the grandmother who had so lovingly raised him was not quite as she used to be. “I was no longer the mischievous little boy who played baseball in her dining room,” Paul explained. “But Nana couldn’t chase me out of there anymore either.”

Paul's grandma, like so many of our grandparents and parents, was of sound mind and body. ”She was as spry as can be,” laughed Paul. ”She had never fallen. But I worried just the same that there might come a time when she would need me and I was not there.”

Paul, an engineer by training and a tinkerer at heart, started to sketch out a walkie-talkie like device that his grandmother could use to call him quickly. "I wanted it to be incredibly easy simple, he emphasized. "Almost like a prayer." He also wanted his emergency medical alarm button to be nearly foolproof first alert: "I knew how reliable grounded phone lines were. Even when I lost power, my phone usually worked. 

After weeks of tireless effort, Paul unveiled what is known today as the POM—Peace Of Mind—Personal Emergency Response System. At the push of a medical alert bracelet, Paul’s grandmother could reach anyone she needed: her neighbors, Paul, his parents—even 911 services. Soon, Paul could not make POMs quickly enough to keep up with the growing demand.

We are proud to serve people like Paul, his parents, and their parents. Alert1 is not just a medical alert company. Unlike Philips Lifeline® or Life Alert®, we are not another medical alarm shop for seniors who have “fallen and can’t get up”®. We help you get up on your feet again, so that you can live strong and free.

We are Alert1®, the leading provider of medical alert systems. Since 1988, we have promoted safe and independent living among the retirees and senior citizens we serve.

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