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We are a medical alert system company. We develop and provide a broad range of innovative products in three primary areas of senior care technology.

AlertOne Services, LLC has a significant presence in all 50 states nationwide. We opened our first location in 1988.

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Peter Kelly

Peter Kelly

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Alert1 Headquarters

Williamsport, PA

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Reasons to Choose Alert1

 1. No Long-term Contracts

No Contracts No Contracts

We don’t make you sign a long-term contract at Alert1. You are free to come and go as you please. Though we’d be sad to see you go, we are completely hassle-free in our cancellation process. We do not require a long- term commitment because we know that you will love your medical alert service.

When you want to stop using Alert1, just let us know, send the device back to us, and we'll stop billing you for it. It's that simple.

3. Unlimited Talk Time and Button Pushes

Unlimited Talk Time Unlimited Talk Time

Every Alert1 plan comes with unlimited talk time and button pushes to our members. You are never charged for the amount of button presses or for accidental presses. You can even use your button if you just want a conversation with someone.

Unlike other companies, we do not hide our pricing from you. All pricing options are clearly stated online for your convenience. With Alert1, you know all your fees upfront.

4. UL Listed and Diamond Certified

Qualified Monitoring Qualified Monitoring

How do you know the operator responding to your emergency call is reliable? Our Command Centers are CSAA 5 Diamond Certified. This means our operators go through a rigorous training program so they know how to handle and help you through any situation. At Alert1, we always stay on the phone with our members during an emergency. We would never want you to be alone in a scary situation. 

At Alert1, we are also UL Listed. All our products go through UL’s rigorous testing facilities. We do this to certify that your medical alert device is always safe and fully functional. A UL Listing means we undergo random certification checks—you can trust that our certification is not a one-time thing.

5. Almost 30 Years - Since 1988

Rich Heritage Rich Heritage

Almost 30 years ago, Paul founded our company. He never dreamed he would enter the medical alert system business. But one day in 1988, he realized that the grandmother who had so lovingly raised him was not quite as she used to be.

"She was as spry as can be," laughed Paul. "She had never fallen. But I worried just the same that there might come a time when she would need me and I was not there."

Paul, an engineer by training and a tinkerer at heart, started to sketch out a walkie-talkie like device that his grandmother could use to call him quickly. "I wanted it to be incredibly easy and simple," he emphasized, "Almost like a prayer."

After weeks of effort, Paul unveiled what is known today as the POM—Peace Of Mind—Personal Emergency Response System. At the push of a medical alert bracelet, Paul’s grandmother could reach anyone she needed: her neighbors, Paul, his parents—even 911 services. Soon, Paul could not make POMs quickly enough to keep up with the growing demand.

We are proud to serve people like Paul, his parents, and their parents. Alert1 is not just a medical alert company. Unlike Philips Lifeline® or Life Alert®, we are not another medical alarm shop for seniors who have "fallen and can’t get up"®. We help you get up on your feet again, so that you can live strong and free.

6. Trusted by 10,000+ Medical Professionals

Trusted By Doctors Trusted by Doctors

Alert1 works with healthcare professionals to provide medical alert systems to their patients. More than 10,000 medical professionals have selected Alert1 as a preferred partner for their medical alert system referrals.

You patients are in good hands with us. 10,000 doctors, nurses and healthcare practitioners can’t be wrong.

7. Safe & Fair Working Environment – Thayer Certified

Fair Employer Fair Employer

At Alert1, we value ethically responsible work practices. That’s why we undergo a rigorous annual inspection and audit to ensure safe and fair working conditions for workers. Alert1 pays living wages, hires documented workers, provides a safe clean environment, and opposes child labor. Learn more about the inspection and audit process at Thayer Certified.

8. Quick-Ship Options and Hassle-Free Returns

Hassle Free Returns Hassle-Free Returns

We offer next-day, two-day, and 1-5 day priority shipping options for our members. We want to ensure you get the fast help you need. Help delayed is help denied.

We want you to love your medical alert device. If you are not completely satisfied, please return it for a prompt credit or exchange.

9. PCI and HIPAA Compliant

Secure Data Secure Data

Alert1 is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant because we have met requirements set by the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC). This Data Security Standard (DSS) is ensures that all companies process, store and transmit credit card information in a secure environment.

At Alert1, we also take some extra precautions to adhere to PCI DSS. We stop call recordings when obtaining credit card information to ensure that those who listen later don’t hear any sensitive information. We utilize shredders when disposing of invoices or papers containing any sensitive credit card information to protect your data.

Alert1 is HIPPA compliant. This stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The HIPAA act protects employee’s health insurance portability and confidentiality of health information. At Alert1, we value confidentiality. We carry this belief with us throughout all aspects of our business.

10. Nationwide, US-based Service

Nationwide Service Nationwide Service

Alert1 provides service across the entire United States. We partner with your local emergency services—EMT, Fire, Police, etc.—to ensure you or your loved one gets help immediately in any emergency.

US-based means we are not outsourcing your loved ones to another country. All of Senior Care Specialists and Command Center operators are based here in the United States. With Alert1, you will be treated like family.

11. We Support 190 Languages

Multilingual Protection Multilingual Protection

Do you feel more comfortable in another language? When you are in need of help, you don’t want to struggle with another language. Our Command Center supports 190 languages. Alert1 wants you to feel at ease when speaking with our operators and asking for help. No matter which language you speak, the Alert1 Command Center will take care of you.