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Your fall detection system calls for help even if you can’t 

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  • Detects falls. Automatically calls our 24/7 Command Center
  • 400 ft. range from base unit. 
  • Two-way voice in base unit. 60 dB.
  • Showerproof button
  • Included: POM unit, fall sensor pendant, phone cord, AC wall plug, &
    Quick Start Guide
  • Pendant Details :Dimensions: 1.7 x 2.4 x 0.7 in., Weight: 1.1 oz.
  • Battery life: 2+ years. Lanyard length: 32 in. Compatible with pacemakers
  • Free wristband when you order today 
  • Does not require a landline

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Fall Detection Medical Alert Features

Fall Detection Pendant & POM Base Unit

  • Smallest and most comfortable pendant on the market. Works with Alert1’s reliable medical alert system
  • 100% shower safe to protect you at all times
  • The pendant does not need to be recharged, with a lifespan of over two years and low battery detection
  • Enjoy unlimited button pushes and talk time. We will be there for you anytime you need us

Personalized Response

  • With Alert1 monitoring, you personalize who we call in case of an emergency, whether that is 911, a neighbor, or a family member
  • You will never be alone in an emergency with Alert1. Unlike other medical alert system companies, we always stay on the phone with our members until help arrives 

Industry Leading Monitoring

  • Alert1 features two fully CSAA 5 Diamond Certified US-based Command Centers that will get you the help you need 24/7. Our operators go through a rigorous training program, so they are prepared to help you in any situation.

Protection In and Around the Home

  • With a range of over 400 feet from the base unit, our medical alert system will protect you inside and outside of your home.

Easy Setup

  • The Alert1 fall protection system arrives preprogrammed, so you just have to plug it in. You package also includes a one-page quick start guide to assist you with the simple set up.

How Home Fall Detection Works

How does the automatic fall detection technology work?

Fall detection technology follows basic physics principles.

As a reminder from high school physics: Speed is how fast an object is moving. Velocity is how fast an object is moving and in what direction. The units for both speed and velocity are meters per second. Acceleration, a relative measure, is the rate of change in velocity. It is measured in meters per second squared.

Within your help button, there are four advanced “accelerometers.” Accelerometers are small devices that contain microelectromechanical-system (MEMS) acceleration sensors. These sensors are silicon integrated circuits that detect changes in motion and body position in three dimensions.

Newton’s Second Law (f=ma) holds that an object's acceleration is the result of every force acting on it. On Earth, the main force acting on all objects is gravity or g-force. The baseline acceleration at sea level is 9.81 m/s^2, or 1g.

An Alert1 fall detection button sitting on your dresser has an acceleration of 1g, or gravity. The accelerometers in your fall device measure the change in g-force. In free fall, an accelerometer records zero g-force. That is to say, there is no constant force gravity. When the button stops its free fall, the accelerometer stops moving and records the sudden difference in g-force.

Software algorithms in your fall detection button interpret this sudden change in g-force as a fall event. Once the fall is detected, the button triggers a call to the Alert1 Command Center. Alert1 buttons are tested and perfected to differentiate between a fall and everyday movements, to reduce false alarms.

30 Day Money Back Refund

If within the first 30 days you have tested your Alert1 medical alert system, connected to our Command Center and decide you are not happy with it, you can cancel your annual plan at any time!
     1. Cancel anytime - no hassle!
     2. No cancellation fees
     3. Refund 100% of your service plan payment

Start Your Risk Free Trial Today! 1-866-581-4540
Start Your Risk Free Trial Today! 1-866-581-4540

What happens when a fall is detected?


1. Fall is Detected Your fall detection pendant senses the fall and automatically notifies Alert1’s 24/7 Command Center


2. Connect A US-based operator from one of our two Command Centers come on the line to assist you in seconds. Even if you cannot speak– we follow the procedures set up ahead of time to make sure you get help


3. Send Help We stay on the line with you until help arrives so that you are never alone. We reduce worry by notifying your family members, neighbors or doctors

Who benefits from automated fall detection technology?

  1. Seniors who choose to continue living independently. They frequently make fall detection technology and a medical alert system part of their aging in place plan
  2. Younger adults and children who are at risk for fainting or unconsciousness regularly add a fall detection pendant to their medical alert system

Alert1’s medical alert systems have been protecting members aged 7 to 107, so give us a call if you have any questions about whether it is right for you


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I am happy with the service
Marion (MI)
I am happy with the devise and the security it provides. Thank you
Posted on 10/3/2014
All is well
Wilma (FL)
So far I have not had to use your service. The monthly tests have been very good. Thank you.
Posted on 10/3/2014
My mother is happy
Jenene (WA)
My mother has been happy with your service. She accidentally pressed the panic button recently without realizing it, and your people contacted her immediately. It's good to know that your system works.
Posted on 10/3/2014
Alert One has saved my parents many times
Hollis D. (TX)
l am convinced Alert One has saved my parents lives many many times since we got it over a year ago. I recommend Alert One to everyone who is looking for a safety system. My sister and I especially appreciate being notified when the alarm goes off. The on call operators are always friendly and compassionate, and more importantly, always right there to help, at the push of a button. Alert One is a wonderful service!
Posted on 10/2/2014
5 Stars
Ronald (OK)
When you are a part of making my mother safe and happy, well you are 5 stars with me.
Posted on 9/25/2014
Thank you very much
Twyla (NY)
Thanks very much for your help. My mom Twyla is in the hospital but is doing better, thanks.
Posted on 9/25/2014
Overall a good service
Sharon (FL)
I didn't realize the device would be tested each month but I appreciate the monitoring.
Posted on 9/25/2014
This product is working well
Nadine (TX)
We have been very pleased! It would be great to have GPS access too.
Posted on 9/25/2014
We are pleased
Michael (AL)
Good customer service and very fast delivery.
Posted on 9/25/2014
Just great
Angeline (CA)
Can't ask for better service!
Posted on 9/25/2014