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Medical Alert System Accessories

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Alert1 Medical Alert Accessories collection includes many great products to keep you safe, independent and stylish. Choose your favorite item to accompany your medical alert system.

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Stylish Senior Alarm Button Wristbands

Senior Fall Alert Necklaces

System Upgrades

Enhance your safety and get the best out of your Alert1 medical alert system. Whether you’re looking for an extra button for your spouse, a lockbox for a spare key or a voice extender for those remote areas of your home – we have it. Just give us a call and our friendly Member Care specialists will be happy to help you.


Looking for some extra style with your medical alert button? Look no further – our extensive jewelry collection features some of the most popular necklaces. Choose the ageless Treasure Pearl necklace, or the Elegant Onyx necklace – you will be safe and stylish 24/7.


If wearing necklaces is not your cup of tea, you’ll be happy to meet our wristbands. They fit snugly around your wrist while keeping the emergency button always with you. Just decide if you’d like one in grey, blue or purple.

Medical ID Bracelets

Alert1 medical ID bracelets are designed to protect our members with a medical condition. Gone are the days of those heavy and bulky medical ID jewelry – our design is light, durable and natural. The bracelet comes with an ID tag, which lets medical professionals quickly identify your condition in an emergency situation. Let the medical ID bracelet speak up for you, even if you can’t.