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You need a system that won’t let you down, regardless of whether you are at home or on the go. A medical alert system from Alert1 brings you help at the push of a button 24/7.

Our mobile medical alert works everywhere you go. Choose mobile fall detection for a system that both works everywhere and detects falls.

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Can I be protected at home?

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Yes you can! 

Our home and fall detection systems protect you in and around your home. Push the button and get help fast with Alert1’s classic medical alert system.

No landline? No problem! We have every type of medical alert system to fit your needs. With any emergency, big or small, just press your help button.

A trained operator at one of our Diamond Certified Command Centers will have personalized help on the way immediately. With Alert1, you will never be alone in an emergency situation. We stay on the line with you until help arrives. Your family members, neighbors, or doctor will notified that help is on the way.

Two football fields worth of range.


Our home systems give you a generous 600-foot range that easily covers most homes and yards. That’s nearly two football fields placed end-to-end! Now you can walk over and get the mail or spend time chatting with your neighbor across the fence or read in your backyard – all while still having access to help at the touch of a button. Each unit is independently tested for performance before it arrives at your door for optimal performance. Once your system arrives, we ask you to test your system throughout your home for your peace of mind.

For additional security, you can add fall detection to your home system.

Waterproof and answers calls

You can do everything from gardening to washing your dog to preparing meals and showering – all while wearing your alert button. You can even answer your phone by pushing the call button. The Alert1 medical alert system has a safety feature built in that lets you pick up calls by pushing your button. Now you don’t have to rush to your phone when it rings, risking a fall or bump.


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Can I be protected on-the-go?

Mobile Medical Alert Device

Yes you can!

For those who want help at the touch of a button anywhere they go, we have a mobile medical alert system: Kelsi.

Kelsi protects you everywhere you go, whether you are at home or out and about. You can take Kelsi anywhere in the country with cellular coverage. No base station or landline phone needed!

When you press the button, you will be connected to our Command Center via two-way voice communication in the pendant. They will come on the line to ask if you need help, and can send you help using your personalized Circle of Care.

If you need help and do not know where you are, the Command center will use patented 911 technology to send help to your location.

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Can I be protected on-the-go with fall detection?

Pax 1

Yes you can!

Alert1 offers the ultimate on-the-go protection with fall detection. PAX mobile fall detection can protect you anywhere you go with the added benefit of fall detection sensors.

No base station of landline phone is needed with mobile fall detection. You can take the pendant anywhere in the United States, and there is no need to purchase an additional cell phone plan! We take care of everything for you.

Whether you press the button of the pendant senses a fall, you will be connected to a caring operator at the Alert1 Command Center. Even if you are unable to speak, they will send you help from your personal Circle of Care.

Even if you do not know where you are, the mobile fall detection pendant uses GPS technology to pinpoint your location. Alert1 will get you the help you need. 

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Can I have fall detection at home and on-the-go?

All Porducts

Yes you can!

For maximum comfort and security, Alert1 offers the PAX Plus mobile fall detection system. The PAX Plus is the perfect companion for your on-the-go lifestyle. Take it with you whenever you leave the house. The device is GPS enabled so we'll be able to get you help anywhere and anytime. 

At home, put PAX Plus into the Cradle to charge. PAX Plus will now function as your base station. Put on your lightweight home fall detection pendant. There's no need to press the button. Your home fall detection pendant has a range of 300 feet from the base station. If your pendant senses a fall, help will immediately be sent. 

A necklace fall detection pendant can be difficult to sleep in. If you're ready for bed, slip on the classic wristband. Your wristband will ensure you're able to get help if an accident occurs during the night. Just like the fall detection pendant, the range of the wristband is also 300 feet.

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Do you have a mobile medical alert?

Alert1 Mobile Pin

When you are on the go and need help, Kelsi and PAX can locate you - a lot like GPS in your car! When you press your button, Kelsi uses patented 911 technology to allow our Emergency Command Center to locate you to within two meters. PAX uses both GPS and cellular technology to pinpoint your location. We will send help to your location!

Where would you like to be protected?

We have many options to choose from! Whether you want to be protected at home or on the go, Alert1 can protect you anywhere in the US. At Alert1 we protect you whenever possible, even when it comes to your sensitive information. We even offer warranties to protect your equipment. Give us a call and we can help you choose the system that best meets your needs. Let us support your aging in place plan. With Alert1 you will stay both safe and independent.


Alert1 Works in All 50 States

Choose Your System Alert-1 Home Medical Alert System
Alert-1 Fall Detection Medical Alert System
Fall Detection
Alert-1 Mobile Medical Alert System
Mobile Fall Detection
Mobile + Fall Detection
Mobile + Home Fall Detection System
Home + Mobile + Fall Detection
Nationwide Coverage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Coverage Network Landline
GPS No No No Yes Yes


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Alert1® provides medical alert system service across the entire United States. We work with local and national emergency services (EMT, Fire, Police, etc.) to ensure that you or your loved one get help quickly when needed. 

When you choose to stay protected with Alert1, help is only a button push away. Our CSAA 5-Diamond Certified Command Centers are ready to assist you 24/7. Our capable and caring operators are ready to get you the help you need. With our quick response times, personalized responser list, and multi-lingual protection, you will be in the best of hands with Alert1.

From our classic home systems to our mobile medical alerts, Alert1 has you covered. Our home systems easily plug into your home landline to keep you connected. All our mobile medical alert systems use cellular phone service to keep you safe on the go. Additionally, our mobile fall detection system and  mobile+home fall detection system use GPS location technology to pinpoint your location during an emergency. You don’t need to worry about adding extra phone coverage for our medical alerts—we take care of that for you. To find out your area’s coverage, give us a call today.

Alert1 is based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not outsource your emergency help button calls to another country. With a response from our US-based Command Centers, you will be treated like family.

Alert1 members enjoy protection and peace of mind from coast to coast. No matter where you live in the United States, we have you covered. Alert1 is committed to helping retirees across the country live independently by providing affordable and reliable medical alert services.


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