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Includes: PAX mobile fall detection pendant, home fall detection pendant, and home wristband

  • Calls for help automatically when it senses a fall. Does not detect 100% of falls - you should always press your button if you need help
  • You decide who we call in an emergency
  • Locates you with GPS if button is pushed or fall is detected
  • Two-way voice. As loud as a cell phone on speaker
  • Showerproof and compatible with pacemakers
  • No cell phone needed. Unlimited talk time and button pushes
  • Uses the AT&T network. Upon receipt of device, check service in your area
  • No landline or internet connection required

How Does Fall Detection Work?

1. Fall Detected

1. Fall Detected

Your fall detection pendants automatically notify our 24/7 Command Center when a fall is sensed.

2. Connect

2. Connect

A trained operator from the Command Center quickly comes on the line and asks if you need help.

3. Get Help

3. Get Help

We pinpoint your location and send you help. Our operators stay on the line with you until help has arrived.

PAX Plus On-the-Go + Home Fall Detection Features

PAX Plus Product Features

  • Use as both a mobile and home unit
  • Mobile pendant fall detection can automatically call for help when it senses a fall
  • Home pendants are slim and comfortable
  • 100% shower safe

Personalized Response

  • Customize your Circle of Care. You choose your responders in an emergency - whether it be family, neighbors, friends, or 911
  • We promise to stay by your side when you need help. Alert1 stays on the line with you until help arrives

Powerful Battery Life

  • Your PAX Plus battery lasts up to 24 hours between charges so you can go about your day without worry
  • In-Home Fall Detection Pendant has a battery life of 2+ years

Nationwide Monitoring

  • Our Command Centers are staffed with TMA 5 Diamond Certified operators, trained to help you during emergencies. We stay on the line with you until help arrives
  • Alert1 serves the United States. Command Centers are US-based and available 24/7. Our operators speak 190 different languages

Widespread Protection

  • Unlimited button pushes and talk time
  • Works both in-home and on-the-go
  • Uses GPS and cellular technology to find you in an emergency
  • You don’t need to buy additional cellular coverage

Easy Setup

  • Your complete mobile + home medical alert system arrives activated and ready to use
  • Simply charge the system and follow the voice prompts to activate

Call us today at 1-866-581-4540 to get on the go protection with Alert1

How Do I Use PAX Plus?

The all-in-one medical alert system is your safety net for at-home and on-the-go. Alert1 gives you peace of mind 24/7.

Outdoors: Clip PAX Plus to your belt or wear it as a necklace. Take it as your companion for your daily adventures.

At Home: Place PAX Plus in its Cradle to charge and put on your compact Fall Detection Home Pendant to stay protected at home.

PAX Plus Technical Specifications

alert1 Complete Mobile + Home Fall Detection System
  • Full duplex speakerphone; providing communication up to 3.3 feet (1 meter) from device
  • 60 decibels
Power and Battery
  • Standby Time: 24 hours
  • Charging via AC power adapter
  • Battery life may be reduced as a result of user activity, cellular coverage, talk time, device specific settings, and device life
  • Battery light indicated battery charge
    • Green: Adequate charge
    • Yellow: Moderate charge
    • Red: Low charge
Weight and Dimensions
  • Height: 2.60 inches (66 mm)
  • Width: 1.57 inches (40 mm)
  • Depth: 0.75 inches (19 mm)
  • Weight: 1.7 ounces (49 grams)
Manual Alert + Automatic Fall Detection
  • Mechanical touch button initiates voice call and simultaneous data transmission to call center
  • On board sensors for free fall and three dimensional (3D) space analysis using proprietary algorithms
  • Fall detection analysis and identification using cloud based algorithms and class libraries
Network + Connectivity
  • 3G WCDMA and 2G GSM on the AT&T network
  • On board Global Positioning Services (GPS) and mobile network Location Based Services (LBS)
  • Bluetooth Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) 2.1
  • Built in display light indicates cellular signal strength
    • Green: Strong signal
    • Yellow: Moderate signal
    • Red: No signal
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Certified Mobile Operator (PTCRB)

  • Highly water resistant (IP67); designed to be worn in shower or bath
  • Shatter-resistant from 6.66 feet (2 meters) (IK06)
  • Functional at temperatures from -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
  • Charging temperature range 32° F to 104° F (0° C to 40° C)
  • Conditions exceeding 104°F (40° C) could slow or interrupt normal charging cycle
  • Extra pendants have a range of 300 ft. (70,685 square feet) around base unit 

Call us today at 1-866-581-4540 to get your peace of mind

30 Day Refund Policy

30 Day Refund Policy

Alert1 offers multiple payment plans so you can choose the service that best meets your needs for price and flexibility. Our members are never locked into a multi-year contract. You may cancel your service at any time, without any cancellation charges.

To qualify for a refund, new members must subscribe to an annual or semi-annual service plan, use the medical alert device to place a successful test call to the Command Center and return the device in its original condition within 30 days of initial purchase. Any pre-paid shipping, warranty and activation fees are non-refundable.

Alert1 Reviews

Trust icons, Alert1 medical alert systems

We have had this service for nearly 2 years and simply would not be without it! Fantastic and compassionate folks - unfortunately mom has had to use it more than we would like, but it truly is a lifesaver!

Peggy — Indiana

Free Yourself with Alert1 Protection

Man Hiking

Alert1 protects you on the go. No phone? No problem. PAX Plus does not need a base station, cell phone or landline to keep you safe. 

Your PAX Plus all-in-one medical alert system works double-duty as an all-inclusive mobile and home fall detection system.

During the day, your PAX Plus mobile fall detection system stays by your side for errands and outdoor adventures.

At home, slip on your compact fall detection pendant to stay protected while your mobile pendant charges.

What Is Fall Detection?

Man Biking

Wear your PAX Plus as a necklace or clip it at your waist. Place PAX Plus in the charging cradle and the additional home pendants become your small and convenient help buttons.

If your pendant senses a fall or you press your help button, you will quickly be connected to a caring, US-based operator at our Command Center. The trained operator will ask if you need help and contact your Circle of Care.

What If I Don't Know Where I Am?

Couple Hiking

Our mobile medical alert systems are equipped with geolocation GPS technology. When you press the emergency call button or the pendant senses a fall, an operator at our US-based Command Center can locate you. We will communicate your location to your responders. Then we stay on the line with you until help arrives.



Everyone was Great
Barbara (Simi Valley, CA)
My experience was all I expected. The operator was very helpful & calm, which kept me calm, the first responders were here fast & took charge. Everyone was great, it’s a good feeling to know that it all worked like it was supposed to. Thank you.
Posted on 4/11/2018
Life Saver
Peggy (Millboro, VA)
Alert1 is a lifesaver. I would not be able to stay in my home without it. I have sitters during the week but the weekends my family try to help. I know they cannot always be there. Alert1 is quick to answer my call for help with either calling the rescue squad or my daughter Frances. Thank you!
Posted on 4/11/2018
So Happy
Kathy (Member Since 9/22/2015)
Everything worked just as we hoped it would when mother needed it.
The police were there before my brother got there, which was really great.

Thank you. We are so happy we have Alert1.

Posted on 4/9/2018
Fast and Efficient
Maureen (Member since 3/22/2013)
Your response was fast and efficient..My mother was admitted and released.. Thanks again for taking care of my Mother. She is now 91 years old.
Posted on 3/28/2018
Very Impressed
Joci (Ann Arbor, MI)
My grandmother in PA fell and broke her hip. Alert1 called my sister and I, who live in different states, and filled us in on what had happened and my grandmother's condition. My aunt, who was with my grandmother, didn't need to worry about contacting us as she was dealing with an emergency. I'm very impressed with Alert1's professionalism and level of service.
Posted on 3/28/2018
Service was excellent
Pamela (Ellensburg, WA)
Your service provided for Mary last week was excellent. I am so happy for your services. The ambulance was prompt, and the MTs were so helpful. Thank you for your services. I have recommended your company to many of my friends who have loved ones living alone.
Posted on 3/28/2018
Rosie (Member since 8/11/2016)
I just purchased the alert one for my cousin, once learning of similar incident a few years back and thought she need such a device, and according to her recently; you guys did just fine!!! Thanks!
Posted on 3/22/2018
Thanks For Your Help
Monica (Aliquippa, PA)
The medics came by about 10 minutes after we called. I was admitted to hospital for hypoxia and Influenza B. The medics were good and it's nice to know that help is only a push of a button. Thanks for your help in everything.
Posted on 3/21/2018
Thanks For Your Help
Monica (Aliquippa, PA)
The medics came by about 10 minutes after we called. I was admitted to hospital for hypoxia and Influenza B. The medics were good and it's nice to know that help is only a push of a button. Thanks for your help in everything.
Posted on 3/21/2018
Paul (Member since 2/13/2015)
EMTs got there fast. Thanks
Posted on 3/15/2018