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Mom Gave 12 Excuses to Not Wear This One Device—Until Now

Mom won’t wear her medical alert. She’s given you millions of excuses on why she hasn’t even opened the box. Here’s what to do to change her mind. [Read More]

Working While Caregiving? New Caregiving Support is Here

Caregiving and working full time is tough. But a new report from AARP shows that more employers are stepping up to support their employee caregivers. [Read More]

Signs Your Senior Parent May Need Assistance

It’s not easy knowing when your senior parent needs extra assistance. Here are signals to watch for when Dad needs help. [Read More]

Will a Robot Take Your Caregiving Job?

Will a robot take your job? Read on to learn about how the world is shifting towards this reality and how it is affecting seniors and caregiving. [Read More]

Medical Alerts Are For Everyone

Medical alerts aren’t just for seniors, they help people of all ages in many ways. Take a look at this testimonial from 19-year-old Alert1 member Ben. [Read More]

What to Do if Mom Doesn't Want a Medical Alert

Mom was adamant against having a medical alert device. These tips on what to do when Mom doesn’t want a medical alert will help. [Read More]

This One Device Changed My Life

Alert1 member Dale claims that his PAX Plus mobile medical alert changed his life. Read on to learn all the benefits he received after joining Alert1! [Read More]

Here's How One Elderly Woman Survived a Horrific Accident

Alert1 comes to the rescue when our members are in danger. Here’s how one Alert1 member survived a horrific accident because of her help button. [Read More]

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Having trouble finding the right gift for Mom this Mother’s Day? Here are Alert1’s suggestions to give Mom the most special gift this Mother’s Day! [Read More]

Miniature Dutch Babies

Fresh out of ideas for Mother’s Day? This year, make mom or grandma a top-your-own Dutch baby breakfast. This puffy, eggy pancake is easy to make! [Read More]