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Senior Safety & Independence

Mobile Medical Alerts: Calming Minds and Saving Lives

Do you have a fear of falling? A mobile medical device will help eliminate that fear by providing protection everywhere you go! [Read More]

Introducing PAX Plus: Mobile + Home Fall Detection System

Introducing the Alert1 mobile + home fall detection system. It’s a 2-in-1 bundle to keep your senior loved one safe at home and on-the-go. [Read More]

When Grandma Has the Blues: Seniors and Depression

Has Grandma been showing signs of depression? Let Alert1 help you find out why and what you can do to help. [Read More]

Vitamin D Deficiency in Seniors: What’s it Taking from You?

The dangers of Vitamin D deficiency in seniors and how you can prevent it. [Read More]

Mobile Medical Alerts 101: Go Anywhere!

Mobile Medical Alerts 101. Everything you need to know about mobile medical alerts. Find peace of mind with Alert1 medical alerts. [Read More]

From Weak Knees to Power Walks: Stronger Joints for Seniors

You don’t have to settle for the eternal pain of weak knees and hips. Learn how to strengthen your joints with these easy tips. [Read More]

Why Seniors Love Mobile Medical Alerts

Be free as a bird! Find out why seniors are protecting themselves with Alert1 Mobile Medical Alerts. [Read More]

Why You Will Love Aging in Place

Considering aging in place? Come see for yourself why 90% of seniors want to age in place. [Read More]

How to Lead a More Fulfilling Life by Spending Less

This blog will give you more insight about saving. Learn different ways to save money and have fun doing it! [Read More]

7 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Expenses

By making a few small investments and tweaking some habits around your home, you can significantly reduce your monthly expenses. [Read More]