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Medical Alerts and Mom: Peace of Mind for the Entire Family

Mom was adamant against having a medical alert device. These tips on what to do when Mom doesn’t want a medical alert will help. [Read More]

What To Do After a Fall

After you fall you have little time to think and take action. Here’s everything you need to know about what to do immediately after a fall. [Read More]

Why Should Independent Seniors Consider Medical Alert Devices?

Medical alerts provide seniors with many benefits. These are some of the reasons independent seniors should consider a medical alert. [Read More]

Which Alert1 Medical Device is Right for You?

Are you confused about the difference between Alert1's medical alerts? We’ve made a one-stop guide with all the information you need! [Read More]

Medical Alerts vs. Cell Phones: Which Keeps You Safer?

Need help deciding between a medical alert and a cell phone? Search no more. Here’s why medical alerts are better than cell phones. [Read More]

18 Affordable Senior Aging and Safety Hacks

Don’t let the annoyances and dangers of aging hold you back. Avoid them with Alert1’s 18 safety and aging hacks! [Read More]

Mobile Medical Alerts: Calming Minds and Saving Lives

Do you have a fear of falling? A mobile medical device will help eliminate that fear by providing protection everywhere you go! [Read More]

Introducing PAX Plus: Mobile + Home Fall Detection System

Introducing the Alert1 mobile + home fall detection system. It’s a 2-in-1 bundle to keep your senior loved one safe at home and on-the-go. [Read More]

When Grandma Has the Blues: Seniors and Depression

Has Grandma been showing signs of depression? Let Alert1 help you find out why and what you can do to help. [Read More]

Vitamin D Deficiency in Seniors: What’s it Taking from You?

The dangers of Vitamin D deficiency in seniors and how you can prevent it. [Read More]