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Fall Prevention

Home Safety Tips For Seniors

As you age in place, your home should be as safe as possible. Here are home safety tips to prevent accidents and make your home senior-friendly. [Read More]

Why The Little Prince’s Aviator Needed a Fall Alert

The Little Prince’s Aviator falls a lot, but only keeps a baloney sandwich for protection. We cover why this active senior would love a fall alert system. [Read More]

Senior Fall Prevention 101: Preventing Complications

Worried about falls? Learn more about senior falls and how to prevent complications with Alert1’s mobile alert devices. [Read More]

Why Take the Chance? Get a PAX

Why play it safe indoors when you can play it safe outdoors? Get a PAX. [Read More]

How to Stay Safe with Mobile Fall Detection

How can you be safe on-the-go? With PAX- our mobile fall detection system we can guarantee your safety. [Read More]

Why Fall Detection Instead of a Classic Medical Alert?

You never know when you might need added protection. Get help even when you fall and are knocked unconscious with Alert1. [Read More]

How to Make Your Home Senior Friendly

Stay safe as you enjoy your golden years. These Alert1 senior friendly safety tips will make your home safer and make your life easier. [Read More]

How Does Mobile Fall Detection Work?

Our customers love and depend on Alert1’s line of medical alert systems for seniors. Our new PAX mobile fall detection system will allow you to travel away from home while still enjoying our popular fall detection. [Read More]

How To Make Your Yard Senior Safe

Now that you’re a retired senior, you have more time on your hands. Your yard should be a sanctuary where you can feel safe and enjoy the outdoors [Read More]

How to Make Your Bedroom Senior Friendly

Making the home safe is important for any senior who wants to age in place. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, not a danger zone. [Read More]