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At Alert1 we pride ourselves on being an affordable and trusted medical alert system provider. But, don’t just take our word for it --read what independent reviewers and our members say about Alert1. From Los Angeles to New York, you can trust Alert1 reviews to make the best decision for your peace of mind.

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Alert1 Reviews from Industry Leaders

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Why do you love your Alert1 medical alert device?

“I love my house and I want to stay in it as long as I can, and that’s why I choose Alert1.” —June D.

“Because its waterproof, I never have to take my Alert1 off at home.” —Sandy B.

“I did my homework and looked at the other guys. The bottom line is Alert1 had all the best services, at a fraction of the cost.” —Harold G.

“We choose Alert1 because it’s half the price of the competitors. And that means more dinners out.” —Walter & June D.

Fall Creek - Man Rescued After Falling 20 ft.

“I wanted to thank you for everything. You saved my father’s life yesterday. We have been encouraging a medical alert system for some time, but he is an ornery guy who is very independent and didn’t want to do this. Well, he finally agreed and had only had this system for just three days, and in that time it saved him.” —T. Ellis, Oregon

The Lifetime Network’s The Balancing Act recommends Alert1 medical alert systems as the leading way to keep your parents safe while aging in place.

Daughter of an Alert1 Subscriber

“I have 4 family members and 15 clients that all use Alert1. The service is the best in the industry and I have literally seen them save a life! I strongly recommend Alert1 to all my patients.” —Genece H., Michigan

Testimonial - Arizona Member

We found Alert1’s service to be excellent and reliable. It allowed my father-in-law to remain in his house while easing our minds regarding his health and safety.” —Curtis L., Arizona

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I think it’s absolutely incredible… All it takes is a quick click of a button and you are almost instantly connected with someone that can help.” —Ben D., Age 18, Colorado

Testimonial - Illinois Member

“It was such a comfort for me to know I just press that alarm and help cam immediately. I would recommend this company to anyone living alone. It saved my life. All the people there are so friendly and courteous. You are never alone when you got Alert1.” —Barbara H., Illinois

Testimonial - Lock Box Review

“I love this system. It gives me peace of mind. I especially love the lock box.” —Charlotte S., New York

Testimonial - Florida Member

“Local responders have been called in addition to emergency responders. They stay in contact with you until emergency responders arrive. They have saved my life each time.” —Sarah K., Florida

Testimonial - Massachusetts Member

“My mother purchased this system to replace her aging, obsolete system from one of your competitors (Life Alert®). She recently fell and hit her head and had to activate the system and EMS was promptly sent to her home to assist her. I appreciate the fact that you offered her a one-year, pre-paid agreement that does not automatically renew, unlike Life Alert® who forces you to continue renewing after satisfying a three-year, upfront contract, unless you specifically call them to cancel. If you don't cancel, you're stuck with an additional year at a time, regardless if you have already fulfilled your full, three-year agreement. Thank you.” —Steve R., Massachusetts

Testimonial - Ohio Member

“I am so happy with Alert1. It’s the fastest response you can get. I can’t imagine why we didn’t get this before.” —Judy H., Ohio

“Grandma loves her walks. I use to worry all the time, until I got her Alert1’s GPS alert. When she’s wearing it she’s protected.” —Tiffany L., New Jersey

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