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The Importance of Quality Sleep for Seniors

Many seniors don’t sleep well. This article details the causes of poor sleep, problems that come from it, and tips on how to get good quality sleep. [Read More]

Things Seniors Should Consider When Planning for Retirement

Are you planning for retirement? Make sure you have your financial and living situation set up to support you. [Read More]

How to Travel With Your Mobile Medical Alert Device

Alert1 mobile medical alerts help seniors travel near or far. This article will detail how our mobile pendants work, and help seniors travel safely. [Read More]

9 Incredible Ways to Remain Active During Retirement

Remaining active as during retirement is challenging. But Alert1’s 9 tips make it easy to stay active. [Read More]

Keeping Up With Grandma: An Alert1 Story

My grandma’s always been vivacious. This is how I helped Grandma stay safe and independent with a medical alert. [Read More]

Fire Up the Grill: Alert1 Thanks Local Firefighter Heroes

One of the things Alert1 loves as much as keeping seniors safe is firefighters. That’s why we brought seniors, children and firefighters together to say thanks. [Read More]

4 Retro Toys That Made a Comeback

Get ready to enjoy some serious childhood nostalgia with Alert1’s top 4 retro toy comebacks. [Read More]

Centenarian Secrets to a Longer Life

Do you want to know the secret to a longer life? These centenarians have inspiring stories and advice for you. [Read More]

Popular Cars Through the Decades

The invention of the automobile has forever changed our lives. Let’s take a look at how cars have changed through the last century. [Read More]

What Are Mobile Medical Alerts and Who Uses Them?

Mobile medical alert devices benefit more people than just the elderly. Find out how they can benefit you! [Read More]