On-the-Go Medical Alert System with GPS and Fall Detection


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  • Push the medical alert button, connect to our 24/7 Command Center  
  • You decide who we call in an emergency
  • Showerproof medical alert button and compatible with pacemakers
  • Integrated fall detection and GPS technology, so your alarm automatically calls for help and pinpoints your location if it senses a fall1

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Dimensions: 2.72"H x 1.38"W x .57"D; 1.3 Ounces
Battery: 1 lithium ion battery (included)

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Mobile Medical Alert Systems with Added Fall Detection <i>and</i> GPS Offer the Highest Level of Security for Active Seniors!

Mobile Medical Alert Systems with Added Fall Detection and GPS Offer the Highest Level of Security for Active Seniors!

Enjoy the confidence and reassurance that our mobile medical alarm with fall detection technology and GPS provide!

  • Lightweight, comfortable, portable protection that goes wherever you go
  • Multiple wearable options include pendants, belt-clip designs, or carry in your pocket
  • Runs on nationally renowned Verizon network (no cell phone needed)
  • Built-in GPS instantly pinpoints your location for the fastest response time
  • Fall detection sensors provide the highest level of security

How Does It Work?

Providing coast-to-coast coverage, Alert 1’s mobile medical alert system with built-in fall detection and GPS is at the ready 24/7/365. If you’ve suffered a fall, you’ll instantly be connected to our Command Center to get you the help you need— whether you are able to push your alert button or not!1

  • If the fall detection technology senses a fall, it sends an alert to the Command Center
  • A trained and certified, US-based emergency response professional receives your alert
  • We answer the alert via the two-way speaker and microphone unit
  • Built-in GPS allows us to pinpoint your exact location instantly
  • We will notify your pre-determined Circle of Care, send you the help you need, and stay connected until help arrives, ensuring you are never alone

How Does It Work?
What is the Added Benefit of Fall Detection and GPS Technology?

What is the Added Benefit of Fall Detection and GPS Technology?

All of Alert 1’s medical alert systems are designed to ensure your safety and wellness at all times, and our mobile solutions work in much the same way our as our in-home personal alarm systems—the difference is portability and an additional layer of security!

  • Same: No monthly limit on usage
  • Same: Our US-based Command Centers are always ready to respond and staffed by trained safety professionals
  • Different: Built-in GPS allows us to pinpoint your location in seconds
  • Different: Fall detection sensors signal the Command Center in the event a fall occurs, so you can rest easy knowing help is on the way whether you can push your alarm button or not1

1Fall Detection sensors utilize speed, impact, and movement algorithms to detect falls; depending on the combination of these factors, automatic alerts may not always be sent to the Command Center. We recommend pushing your alert button when possible.