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12 Misconceptions About Senior Medical Alert Systems

Updated 8/20/15 1:06pm | Alert1 has greatly helped the Medical Alert System industry mature. But it comes as no surprise that there are still misunderstood terms and aspects of this whole medical alert business.

Team decided to debunk some of the more popular misconceptions. We’d like to arm readers with facts to replace the folklore.  We also encourage you to explore our FAQ section for more information. We want you to make a more informed decision when choosing a senior medical alert system for your loved ones.

1. Medical alerts are expensive, right?

Starbucks and Kelsi. alert1 medical alert systems

Medical alert systems are comparatively cheaper for seniors. The life saving service costs less than $1 per day. That’s about equal to a half cup of store coffee. 

In terms of fuel efficiency $1 might get you 6 or 7 miles, meaning more of your time at the pump! In short, it’s a small price to pay for a whole team that is ready around the clock to respond immediately to your call for help.

Alert1 plans for senior medical alert systems start at $25.95 per month. 
Which will protect your mom better?

2. We don’t need medical alerts. Mom’s never fallen.

bike helmet. alert1 medical alert systems

One in three people 65 or older fall each year. Put in another way, it is highly likely that your family or friends in that age group will fall in the coming year. On top of that, the likelihood increases as time passes. Even if there is no history of falls, it is better to plan ahead and prepare for a fall.

Furthermore, seniors often try to hide minor events for fear of being perceived as nuisance. Many don’t want to lose their independence. As a result, some families and caregivers do not always realize a fall has occurred.

Alert1 advises caregivers to make senior safety a regular topic of conversation. While you shouldn’t spring health tips for seniors on them, you will need to establish an open dialogue. 

We also recommend a fall detection medical alert, such as the one offered by Alert1. Senior fall detection technology can be a lifeline as these innovations are proven ways to keep seniors safe. 
You never need it until you need it. 

3. Medical alert scams are in the news. I saw a warning on television.

one button. alert1 medical alert systems

Alert1 is a company seniors can trust. While fraudulent parties impersonated our service, Alert1 prevailed and the criminal parties were brought to justice. Our medical alert necklaces have huge benefits to the smart seniors who use them. 

Some people think “Seniors did just fine before these devices came on the scene, so what’s the big deal?” Even if your aging loved says they’re doing fine, they might not always admit they need help. Before senior medical alert systems, keeping track of your senior’s health was a real pain. First, the large home security firms tried to enter this market and serve this need. But most families don’t need home security systems for seniors. Medical alert systems for seniors are also way better than cell phones. 

Alert1 honors the importance of the senior medical alert system business. We care for seniors, ensuring their safety. Saving lives might be a joke to other companies, but it is no gimmick to us!

There is a reason why Alert1 medical alert complaints are few and far between. For more information on the impact of medical alert services, please view our Alert1 annual report. Help is just a button press away.

4. ….but mom doesn’t do well with anything technical (and nor do I!).

Christmas Nursing Home. alert1 medical alert systems

We live in a time where DVD players come with scores of buttons for functions you will never need. We at Alert1 are proud to present you with our 1-button medical alert systems for seniors!

Alert-1 recognizes that the most effective solutions are often the simplest. Mom is protected with her medical alert button. When she experiences a medical crisis, help will instantly be at her side.

The small, discrete base unit (the unit which sends her call for help when she presses her medical alert button) is very simple to install. We have a video on our website showing the 2-minute installation process being performed by a senior. However, if you or your loved one would like assistance to complete this, just give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help out.

Finally, mom doesn’t even need a computer or internet service to allow the medical alert service to work. The base unit connects to an existing home phone line. And even if that’s not possible, it can instead work via a mobile or senior friendly GPS-enabled device.

Once set up, there’s nothing more to do other than to wear the pendant and stay safe. Alert1 is always at your side.

5. But mom doesn't live alone; she doesn’t need a medical alert system.

paper clips . alert1 medical alert systems

Marketing in the medical alert industry focuses on seniors living alone. But the same risks are evident for seniors who live with family caregivers. Depending on the living arrangements, even when seniors live as part of a household they have an equal risk of falling. The question then becomes who will come to your rescue if you’ve fallen? The response time for medical alert systems is immediate. 

Also, caregivers of seniors still need to address the issue of protecting seniors when they are alone or unable to summon help. Whenever we hear “mom is usually with other people” we tend to worry about the word ‘usually’. For any time she is alone, she needs the comfort of knowing that help is at hand (well, actually just one finger is enough!).

All medical experts will tell you that a speedy response time is critical after a fall. You can be alone, even in a crowd

6. ….OK, mom lives alone but she’s never really alone.

mind the gap. alert1 medical alert systems

You are human. You go to the store. You fall asleep. You go on walks. Maybe you go to work.

Even if your senior doesn’t live alone, you need a senior medical alert system in case things happen.

When our loved ones live alone, we all do our best to stay in contact and often call them several times a day to check in. Caregivers and family are also living their own lives. They cannot always be in constant contact.

So it is possible that in the event of a fall, our next contact with them may not come for some time afterwards. These gaps in coverage are the highest risk times and the periods which are best accommodated by medical alert systems. They ensure that when mom is outside of human contact, she can get immediate, professional help for an emergency. Fast. Keep your balance steady with a fall detection medical alert

7. It’s my role to be mom’s first responder, not an electronic device.

pinic . alert1 medical alert systems

You can still be the first responder. With Alert1 you’re better informed on when to respond.

The misconception here is that the medical alert device lessens the human side of the emergency response. In fact, it is quite the opposite. An Alert1 system reduces the response time of family, neighbors, caregivers or emergency response personnel. The elderly alert system contacts your emergency responders the instant an event occurs. It is a tool to increase your ability to respond to an emergency situation.

When an accident happens, we call your responders in sequence. You can choose to be notified right away when your loved one needs your help. Also, Alert1 can send text messages to your contacts at the time of the emergency. We call this set up the Circle of Care. We help you complete that circle to take care of your loved one better and faster. Alert1 improves communication among family members

8. …. but my mom won’t wear Medical alert bracelets.

not ugly one button. alert1 medical alert systems

Most seniors wear medical alert bracelets by putting it into their morning dress routine. Medical alert buttons stylishly compliment your daily wardrobe.

At Alert1, we stepped it up. We have a range of lanyards and medical ID bracelets to suit all occasions and complement most modes of dress.

Additionally, if one of our customers does not test their medical alert device regularly, we follow up to make sure all is well. We can also do check-in calls to make sure mom or dad is OK. Medical alerts are chic and elegant

9. Senior help buttons only have a small range, don’t they?

football field. alert1 medical alert systems

It is another misunderstanding that medical alert system use is restricted to a single room. Alert1’s system gives mom free range of movement inside the home knowing that wherever she is, help is on hand with a simple press. The senior medical alert system has a range of 600 feet around the base unit. For most people, even those who live on large ranches, this is more than enough area to spread out and explore. Touchdown! Our fall detection medical alert is the best defense against senior falls.

10. There’s no such thing as a mobile medical alert.

woman in convertible. alert1 medical alert systems

This is wrong. Medical alerts with GPS are a reality, thanks to Alert1. has introduced Kelsi, the state of the art mobile medical alert system. GPS medical alert system reviews constantly rank Alert1 near the top of the list.

A mobile medical alert will allow mom to traverse the world with a peace of mind that she can always get help at the push of a button. You can take Alert1 with you wherever you go.


11. On the note of things mobile, why can’t mom just use a cellphone?

iphone water. alert1 medical alert systems

Cellphones are great for keeping in touch. But, you don’t bring your cellphone with you everywhere you go in your house. And this is even truer for mom. So what happens if mom falls and she can’t get to the cellphone? Then she’ll be stuck without help until someone decides to come and check up on her.

We’ve made our medical alert systems waterproof. Good luck taking your iPhone medical alert into the shower with you. When it comes down to it, medical alerts are better than cell phonesIf this happens to your phone can you still call for help? Alert1 doesn’t think so…

12. It’s too confusing to choose a reputable senior alert system.

There are many medical alert devices available. When you choose a medical alert service provider, there are more than just price concerns. With such an important decision on the safety and comfort of our loved ones, it is vital to deal with a reputable company. You want a company which provides a stellar product with stellar service. 

At Alert1, we are proud of our A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and we invite you to read our customer testimonials. We also encourage you to search Google for consumer reports of life alert systems for seniors. Please compare medical alert systems online. When you do check on ratings and reviews of medical alert systems, you’ll see Alert1 at the top of any list.

Rest assured that we will make this a simple and straightforward process. We will provide you with all the help and knowledge you need to make your decision without hassle. We’ve built our 27-year reputation on doing just that!

consumer affairs
emsy award. alert1 medical alert systems


We'll take good care of you and your aging loved ones.


From the above list, you can see that there are many misplaced views on medical alert systems for seniors. These misconceptions get in the way – and delay – the important business of making a decision. We want you to protect our loved ones from emergencies in their home.

If one or more of these answers is enough to move you forward, then this article has served its purpose. We would welcome the chance to answer any of your questions about what we can offer.

With Alert1, your loved one will never walk alone.


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Lots of good points about medical alert system that I didn't think about before reading this.
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