Alert1 Extends Service to Americans with No Landline

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Updated 7/13/17 9:45am | In this age of smart technology and wireless gadgets, Alert1 still supports members who have landline phones. Have you recently made the switch to a wireless phone plan?

More and more people are getting rid of their home phones and are just using their cell phones. For many years medical alert systems for seniors depended on you having a landline, so you were out of luck if you didn’t have a direct line.

Introducing the Wireless Medical Alert

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This is no longer a problem, thanks to the Alert1 wireless medical alert! Our wireless medical alert functions the same way as our classic home medical alert, but does not need a landline in order to protect you. You do not need to worry about whether you use AT&T , T-Mobile or Verizon .

Our AT&T wireless medical alert arrives preprogrammed; you don’t sign up for any additional cell contracts. We take care of it all for you! The system is easy to set up and easy to use. Don’t waste time using your cell phone in an emergency, when you can get help at the simple push of a button, 24/7.

Why Do You Need a Wireless Medical Alert?

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Medical alert systems for seniors allow 24/7 access to help at the push of a button. Our members love the peace of mind a senior medical alert system provides them. You may no longer have a landline, but you don’t always have your cell phone on your person.

With a wireless medical alert, you will no longer need to worry about always having your cell phone charged and on you at all times. Wear your wireless help button around your wrist or around your neck and it will always be in reach. You cell phone is no match for a wireless medical alert when you have an emergency.

In a medical emergency, every second counts. You don’t have time to unlock your phone, call someone, and tell them what’s wrong and what you need. It is much faster and easier to simply press your help button.

Even if you are unable to tell the operator what’s wrong, we know who you would like us to call. You set up your personalized list of responders just for such situations. We will get you the help you need fast.

What Happens When You Press the Wireless Help Button?

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When you press your wireless help button, you will be connected to the Alert1 CommandCenter via two-way voice communication in the Peace of Mind base unit. A US-based operator will come on the line to ask you if you need help. They will send you help from your Circle of Care, your personalized list of responders.

We can call whomever you would like, whether that is 911 or a neighbor, and in whatever order you would like. With Alert1, you will always get the help you need, and we will stay on the line with you to make sure you’re okay.

How Does the AT&T Medical Alert Work?

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Your AT&T wireless medical alert arrives preprogrammed. You don’t need to purchase any additional cell contracts – we take care of it for you! When you press your help button, the wireless medical alert system uses AT&T’s network to connect you to our Alert1 Command Center.

When your Alert1 wireless medical alert system arrives, all you need to do is plug it in! You will receive your help button as either a medical alert pendant or wristband and the Peace of Mind (POM) base unit. Your medical alert system comes with a quick start guide to make the process as easy as possible, and you can always call our Member Care with any questions.

After you set up your system, we ask you to test your help button. To do so, just press the button. The operator will come on the line, and you will tell them that you’re testing.

This will give you the peace of mind that your system functions properly and you will learn what happens when you press the button. Our Alert1 operators are there for any problems you have, big or small. Don’t worry about bothering us, we’re here to help!

Will a Wireless Medical Alert Help Me Age in Place?

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Have you gotten rid of your landline? You may have a cell phone, but do you always have it charged and on you within easy reach? A wireless medical alert works without a landline or a cell phone so you can always be protected in your home. Plus out medical alerts have significant savings when compared to Life Alert costs.

We firmly believe seniors deserve to age in place. If you have any risk of falling or suffering a medical emergency, a medical alert will provide a comforting layer of protection. Don’t move out of your beloved home out of fear! Let us be your safety net.


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