Alert1 Mobile Medical Alert is an Innovative Leap

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Updated 7/18/17 12:00pm | Does Alert1 offer a GPS medical alert? You bet we do!

Our mobile medical alert can offer you peace of mind and protection both at home and on the go. Alert1 is proud to announce the Kelsi mobile medical alert, our new on the go emergency response system.

Do you enjoy spending time out and about? Love our home medical alert system, but wish you could take it with you all the time? With Kelsi, you can have Alert1 protection everywhere you go!

What is the Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert?

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Kelsi is Alert1’s classic mobile medical alert system. Kelsi is small, lightweight, and waterproof, so you can easily keep it with you. It arrives pre-programmed – no setup required!

The battery lasts up to 1 month on a single charge. When the battery is low, you will receive email, text, and phone notification. 

No need for a landline or an additional cellular contract, Kelsi is all you need. The best part of having Kelsi? Kelsi works anywhere - both at home and on the go. 

Why Do I Need a Mobile Medical Alert?

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If you are at risk for experiencing a medical emergency, that risk does not disappear when you leave your home.

  • Kelsi is a comfort to those who don’t want to be caught alone outside when disaster strikes.
  • Seniors can go missing when they’re out and about not always knowing their exact location. You don’t have time to figure it out where you are specially in the instance of an emergency.
  • This is why Kelsi is so great – it uses 911 technology to locate you. Pressing the help button quickly summons the Alert1 Command Center, and they will send you the help you need.
  • Help will be sent directly to your location, even if you don’t know where you are. At home or on-the-go, Kelsi is there for you as your safety net. 
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How Does the Mobile Medical Alert Work?

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You may be wondering if this technology is different from all other medical alert systems.

  • The technology is more advanced. And it allows you to have a personal emergency lifeline outside of the home.
  • Kelsi contains a microphone and speaker for two-way voice communication. When you need help, press the button.
  • One of our trained, US-based operators will come on the line and ask you if you need help. They will send you help from your customized list of responders.
  • If you don’t know where you are, the Alert1 Command Center will open a connection with 911 and use their patented geo-location GPS technology to locate you with 2 meters.
  • We will stay on the line with you until help arrives so you are never alone. 

Who Do You Call When I Need Help?

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The help that comes when you press your medical alert alarm button is up to you – you get to personalize your Circle of Care.

You choose who you would like us to call, and in what order. It is completely customizable!  Want us to call 911 immediately? We can do that.

Want your neighbor or family member called to come check on you first? We can do that too. With our medical alert systems, you will get exactly the help you need.

Where Does the Mobile Medical Alert Work?

Kelsi works anywhere that there is T-Mobile cellular coverage – that’s nationwide! You can take your mobile alert system anywhere in the country and be able to call for help.

Place around your neck or in your pocket – Kelsi is easy to take anywhere. 

And speaking of pocket, check out our pricing vs Life Alert costs.

Do I Need to Purchase Any Additional Cellular Contracts?

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No, absolutely not! We take care of everything. 

No base station, landline phone, or costly cellular contracts needed. We preprogram Kelsi so that everything is already set up when Kelsi arrives.

For your peace of mind we encourage you to test the Kelsi’s help button to check that everything is working. Here’s how you test your new Kelsi mobile medical alarm help button:

  • Press your button
  • An Alert1 Command Center operator will come on the line
  • They will ask if you need help
  • Simply tell them that you are testing your button
  • They will confirm your test and disconnect the call

That’s it! We want you to feel comfortable pressing your button, and testing it will make it seem less scary. There is no charge for button pushes. We encourage you to press the help button whenever you need help.

Is a Mobile Medical Alert Right for Me?

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Do you do errands or make trips by yourself? Are you prone to falling, heart attacks, stroke, or other medical emergencies? Would you or your family feel safer knowing you can easily call for help, 24/7?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Kelsi is perfect for you! Easy to bring with you and easy to use wherever you may be. Give yourself and your family the peace of mind that you are only a touch away from help with Kelsi, Alert1’s mobile medical alert.

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