3 Fun Senior Activities to Reduce the Risk of Falls

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Updated 8/24/15 9:19am | Alert1 finds seniors can reduce the risk of falls by keeping physically active. And the best way to do that? By having fun! These 3 activities will increase your health and happiness. You will look forward to exercising! Pair these activities with your mobile medical alert system so that you are protected at all times. Preventive measures + 24/7 protection = a complete aging in place plan. Get ready to have some fun!

Tai Chi for Seniors

Tai chi is perfect for reducing stress and keeping healthy for older adults.Tai chi was originally developed for self-defense, but has become an art form that improves psychological health and enhances your ability to balance.

During tai chi practice, you perform a series of movements and poses that gracefully flow into one another. It is sometimes referred to as “meditation in motion.” As you move, you focus on your breathing and the slow and controlled quality of movement. The worries will melt away.

Tai chi is the perfect exercise for people of all ages. It is low impact, and the continuous flowing movement is gentle on joints and muscles. You don’t need any equipment to start, and it can be done indoors or out, alone or in a group. 

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The health benefits of tai chi can include:

  • Decreased risk of falls
  • Increased balance
  • Reduced physical effects of stress and pain
  • Increased bone density
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Improved strength

The biggest benefit of tai chi is its ability to reduce your risk of falls. It strengthens all of the muscles in your legs and core and increases flexion in the ankles. All of this results in better balance. Your body will be better able to react when walking on uneven surfaces and your overall coordination will be improved. 

Senior Excursions and Geocaching

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Do you enjoy walking or hiking? Try turning your excursions into a treasure hunt with geocaching! Don’t feel like your walks are a chore - geocaching is a fun way to give your walks a goal. Regular exercise is important to reducing your risk of falling, and being outdoors will lift your mood.

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To do this activity you will need a device that gives you your GPS location. There are dedicated handheld GPS receivers, and many smartphones have GPS capabilities. Why do you need a GPS device? They show you where X marks the spot!

You will be searching for ‘caches’ that are hidden in many places around the world. You might be surprised at how many are in your area! Hunting for caches will bring you to many beautiful locations you otherwise would never have found.  Caches vary in size, from the size of medication or pill containers to a shoebox, and often they have trinkets inside to trade. 

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To begin, head over to www.geocaching.com. Download the location of caches near you and put their locations into your GPS device. Then the hunt is on! Once you’ve made it to the location given by the GPS coordinates, you get to search for the treasure. Caches are always hidden, so be ready to do some searching! Difficulty varies greatly, but many caches provide difficulty level and hints if you get stuck. Once you’ve found the cache, sign the log inside and then place the cache exactly where you found it. You can note online when you found the cache and connect to other geocachers in your area. You will have a lot of fun seeing how many caches you can collect!

Geocaching is a great activity for anyone who likes to be outdoors and anyone who loves a good puzzle. Either solo or with a friend, you will get some exercise and challenge your brain at the same time. Just don’t forget your Kelsi mobile medical alert! If you run into trouble on the trail a mobile medical alert will allow you to quickly and easily call for help.

Social Dancing and Seniors

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For a social activity with many great health benefits, try social partner dancing! Seniors can waltz, tango, and rumba on their way to better health and have a blast doing it.

You will find that ballroom dance communities are friendly and welcoming. Don’t be afraid that you don’t know how to dance, that’s what lessons are for! Your local ballroom studio will have classes where you can learn how to do the dances, and many host weekly ‘tea dances.’ Tea dances are daytime parties where you can dance with others. They are an excellent way to make new friends because you can dance with everyone. The atmosphere is perfect for socializing. Don’t be afraid to ask others to dance!

Dancing is fantastic for your physical and mental health. You will improve your balance and coordination while dancing your stress away. Dancing increases mental abilities at all ages and can even ward off Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. A bit of practice and all of your friends will be amazed at your new abilities!

Senior Healthy and Safety

For a complete aging in place plan, these activities are perfectly paired with Alert1’s mobile medical alert system. We don’t want you to have to press your alarm button, but we will be there for you if you do.  You deserve to have the least possible risk of injuries from falls. These activities will strengthen your mind and body and you will have a lot of fun doing them. It’s time to mix it up and try something new!