How Can Alert1 Protect You While Grocery Shopping?

Updated 8/17/15 1:27pm | Considering many modern seniors keep active throughout their golden years, Alert1 gets this question a lot. (Although it’s not always the grocery store. Sometimes it’s “taking a walk”, “visiting my friend” or “driving somewhere”.)Did you know about today’s senior friendly alternatives where you can opt to have groceries delivered to your doorstep? That being said, in this article we want to highlight the added protection Alert1 members receive while on the go.  While the senior medical alert systems of many other companies do not offer protection outside the home, Alert1 does! Our mobile medical alert system can give you the protection you want both inside and outside your home 24 hours a day.

What is the Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert System?


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The Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert consists of a small black pendant that weighs about an ounce. It is very similar to Alert1’s other senior medical alert systems and gets you help with just one push of a button and connects to 24 our emergency monitoring station via cellular networks. This is why the Kelsi mobile medical alert system works everywhere you want to go. That means you get protection at home, on the way to the grocery store, and at the grocery store (or anywhere else for that matter). Whenever you need help, press the button at the center of the black pendant. Once you do so, you will open 2-way communication with the Alert1 Command Center.

For those wondering about the coverage of the Kelsi mobile medical alert, don’t worry! It’s nationwide! That is because our carrier is T-Mobile, one of the biggest and most widespread national carriers in the US! 

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As the Kelsi mobile medical alert system consists of the Kelsi pendant, you don’t have to setup anything! You also don’t have to worry about purchasing any extra cellular contracts for the Kelsi mobile medical alert. We take care of all that for you and it’s included in your plan. All for less than Life Alert costs. We even give you unlimited button pushes and talk time with our Command Center.

How Does the Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert Work During Emergencies?

The Kelsi mobile medical alert works very similarly to our other medical alert systems during an emergency. When you need help, press theemergency call buttonto call for help. Once you do, the Kelsi contacts the Alert1 Command Center and we get you help by calling people in yourCircle of Care. What is the Circle of Care? The Circle of Care consists of the people you want to assist you during an emergency. It also includes the ones you want to notify when you have an emergency.

As it is easier to understand things through examples, let’s look at Anne from the swampy span of Southern Florida. Anne has always been the foodie in her house. Thus, Anne insists that she gets the local fresh produce from the small supermarket which doesn’t deliver. As Anne never learned to drive, she always walks to the grocery store. Now Anne had a bad fall a few months ago, so she got a senior medical alert system from Alert1. And as Anne is extremely active and goes to the supermarket at least twice a week, Anne decided to get the Kelsi mobile medical alert so she could take it with her everywhere. While getting her system, she had her Circle of Care setup to contact:

  1. Call Anise, her niece (to respond)
  2. Call Belinda, her daughter (to be notified)
  3. Call Brett, her son-in-law (to be notified)

While at her local grocery store, Anne tripped over some oranges grown in California while choosing between some local, colorful Florida chard. Anne quickly pressed her emergency call button on her Kelsi. The Alert1 command center representative asked Anne where she was and called her niece Anise to assist her.

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What Happens When I Fall On My Way to the Grocery Store and Don’t Know Where I Am?

Luckily, Alert1 has you covered there! The Kelsi uses the 911 emergency GPS technology to find where you are within two meters during an emergency. When this happens, we can have 911 as your emergency responder to make sure that you quickly get the help you need. However, we will also contact your Circle of Care to let them know.

Where ever you go, in the local supermarket or in a different state, you will be in good hands with the Kelsi mobile medical alert. It’s light and durable pendant along with its nationwide coverage allows you to live life with freedom and protection. And when you have an emergency, we will get you help no matter where you are.