Mobile Fall Detection System

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Your mobile medical alert detects a fall anywhere in the U.S.

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  • Detects falls. Automatically calls our 24/7 Command Center
  • GPS enabled. 
  • Two-way voice. 60 dB.
  • Showerproof
  • No additional cell contract needed. Coverage wherever there is AT&T service 
  • Included: PAX, lanyard, belt clip, charger, power cord, user guide
  • Size: 2.6 x  1.6 x 0 .75 in. Weight: 1.7 oz.
  • Unlimited talk time and button pushes

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Go anywhere with Alert1 protection

No base station or landline phone is needed with PAX Mobile Fall Detection systems.

PAX has a microphone and speaker to enable easy, 2-way communication with our Command Center.

The mobile medical alert uses GPS and AT&T cell tower information to send help directly to your location.

Fall detection technology will sense a fall and automatically notify the Command Center.

How Do I Use PAX?

PAX Mobile Fall Detection Technology Features

PAX Product Features

  • Smallest and most comfortable pendant on the market
  • 100% shower safe to protect you at all times
  • Industry leading location accuracy using GPS and cellular technology
  • 24/7 fall sensor protection
  • Up to 24 hours of battery life between charges

Personalized Response

  • No matter where you are, we will get you the help you need. You customize who we call in an emergency whether it is family, neighbors, friends, or 911
  • We stay on the line with you until we are sure help has arrived. Unlike other medical alert system companies, Alert1 guarantees you are never alone when you need help

Industry Leading Monitoring

  • Alert1 features two fully independent US-based Command Centers. Our CSAA certified operators are trained to be calm and reassuring in case of emergencies. They will stay on the line with you until help arrives


  • Unlimited amount of button pushes and talk time. Press your button anytime and stay on the line for as long as you want, even if you just want to talk to somebody

Unlimited Protection

  • You will be protected no matter where you go. PAX Mobile Fall Detection uses GPS and cellular technology to pinpoint your location
  • Even if you can’t push your help button, the GPS mobile medical alert will sense your fall and automatically notify our 24/7 Command Center

Easy Setup

  • Your PAX Mobile Fall Detection will arrive preprogrammed. Simply charge it and follow the voice prompts to activate
  • To make things easy, the GPS medical alert system includes a quick start guide to help you with the setup

Call us today at    1-866-581-4540 to get on the go protection with Alert1

What is mobile fall detection?

PAX gives you ultimate protection with fall detection on the go. The advanced GPS medical alert system uses over 190 different parameters to tell the difference between a senior fall and everyday movements.

You can wear the mobile fall detection pendant around your neck or clip it at your waist. If you fall or press your help button, you will immediately be connected to a caring, US based operator at our Command Center. The operator will ask if you need help and will contact a family member, friend or 911 to get you help immediately.

How does mobile fall detection work?

1. Fall DetectedA fall is sensed and your mobile fall pendant automatically notifies our Command Center.


2. Connect A US-based operator will come on the line immediately and ask if you need help.

3. Help Arrives We will locate you and send you help. We will stay on the line with you until we are sure that you are safe.

What if I don’t know where I am?

When you press your help button device, we use GPS and cellular technology to pinpoint your location. We will give your location to your responders so that they can come help you. If your responders aren’t nearby, we can contact local 911 emergency services. We stay on the line with you until help arrives to make sure you find your way home safely.

30 Day Money Back Refund

If within the first 30 days you have tested your Alert1 medical alert system, connected to our Command Center and decide you are not happy with it, you can cancel your annual plan at any time!
     1. Cancel anytime - no hassle!
     2. No cancellation fees
     3. Refund 100% of your service plan payment

Start Your Risk Free Trial Today! 1-866-581-4540
Start Your Risk Free Trial Today! 1-866-581-4540

Alert1 Reviews

"I needed 24 hour protection that could go all the places I do. I researched all the companies and choose Alert1. It’s the best product at the best prices – and is literally a lifesaver!"


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Very prompt for my grandmother
Margret (Tacoma, WA)
Very prompt with the emergency care my grandmother needed would recommend your services.
Posted on 1/14/2016
Quick response and followed up
Lois (Salt Lake, UT)
We were very pleased with the quick response when my mother fell. You contacted family immediately. You spoke with my mother snd then followed up to make sure someone had gone to my mom's home since she had declined you calling 911. We did end up taking her to ER but she was okay.......blood sugar was low and she was dehydrated. Very pleased.
Posted on 1/14/2016
Very Comforting
Katherine (Phoenix, Arizona)
My mother is 97 years old and legally blind so occasionally the button is pushed in error. It is very comforting to our family that she has Alert 1.
Posted on 1/14/2016
So grateful that we can count on you!
Irma (Los Angeles,CA)
My mother was wearing her button when she fell and broke her arm. She pushed and you alerted her contact who came right over and assisted her until EMT arrived. The service was executed just as promised and I am so grateful that we can count on you! Thank you for all you do.
Posted on 1/14/2016
Again, thank you.
Edwin (Richmond, VA)
Thank you for being there when I needed assistance. Your staff did a terrific job and I am now doing well. Knowing that help is so close makes me rest easy. Again, thank you.

Posted on 1/14/2016
Every moment is precious
Mildred (Wichita, Kansas)
Alert1 has made it possible for my Mom (Mildred) to continue living on her own. Our family is able to rest at ease knowing that her safety is just a "push button" away. This past week she fell when she was entering her house. Within minutes Alert1 was at her home and proceeded to take her to the nearest hospital, while administering to her needs. They got her there a lot faster than we could and this is important to us, since every moment is precious. It can be a matter of life or death, and we are forever grateful.
Posted on 1/14/2016
You always do well
Mary (Riverton, Wyoming)
You always do well.
Posted on 1/14/2016
Great sytem
Joshua (Saginaw, MI)
This is a very good and simple solution. I purchased 2 for my mom and dad and may even consider getting more for friends and family in need. It;'s not cheap, but who can buy peace of mind. The system was simple to set up and has been working reliably now for a few months. It really has brought comfort to us in a couple cases. This product does not require a land line, which is good since the previous system did. I put myself on the emergency list both first and last so I can get to the message when I need to. A lifesaver
Posted on 1/14/2016
Dead without it
Tom (Bowling Green Ky )
It saved my life !
Posted on 12/13/2015
interesting topic
Sarah (Potland, Maine)
this was a very interesting topic. I thought that it was a very useful product
Posted on 12/8/2015