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  • FREE shipping + activation
  • Paying annually saves you $120 per year!

  • Push the mobile alert button, connect to our 24/7 Command Center
  • You decide who we call in an emergency
  • We use 911 technology to send you help on the go
  • No fall detection. Want fall detection? Choose Kelsi Pro Mobile Medical Alert
  • Two-way voice in pendant. As loud as a cell phone on speaker
  • Showerproof and compatible with pacemakers
  • No GPS. Want GPS? Choose Kelsi Pro Mobile Medical Alert
  • No cell phone needed. Unlimited talk time and button pushes
  • Uses T-Mobile or AT&T networks. Upon receipt of device, check service in your area
  • Designed to wear around the neck. Looking for a wristband?
No landline or internet connection required

How Does the Mobile Medical Alert System Work?

1. Press

1. Press

When you need help, press the button on the Kelsi. It wirelessly notifies Alert1's 24/7 Command Center.

2. Connect

2. Connect

A trained operator from one of our Command Centers comes on the line and asks if you need help.

3. Locate & Send Help

3. Locate & Send Help

We track your location and send the help you need. Our agent stays on the line with you until help arrives.

Mobile Medical Alert System Benefits

Kelsi Product Features

  • Small and lightweight mobile medical alert
  • 100% shower safe

Personalized Response

  • When setting up your Alert1 mobile alert we will help you create your Circle of Care with your customer responders. We can call family, neighbors or 911 in whatever order you choose
  • Compare medical alert systems and you'll see why Alert1 is different. We stay on the line with you until help arrives

Easy Setup

  • After a quick charge, the mobile alert will be ready for you to use

Nationwide Monitoring

  • Alert1 features two fully independent US-based TMA 5 Diamond Certified Command Centers. Our operators are trained to be calm and reassuring in case of emergencies. We will stay on the line with you until help arrives
  • Your mobile medical alert device comes with an unlimited amount of button pushes and talk time, so you can press the help button any time you are in need, 24/7

Protection in and Around the Home

  • The mobile alert system works on the T-Mobile cellular network 24 hours a day so you can take it with you on the go and still be protected
  • You don't need to buy an additional cellular coverage plan or WiFI

Call us today at 1-866-581-4540 to get on the go protection with Alert1

How Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert Systems Work

Kelsi Technical Specifications

Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert System


  • Full duplex speakerphone; 60 decibels

Power and Battery

  • Operating Voltage 4.35-volt internal battery pack
  • Power Consumption:
    • Typical 200A @ 4.2V (deep sleep)
    • Typical 31.5mA@ 4.2V (SMS + UDP connection)
  • Battery life may be reduced as a result of user activity, cellular coverage, talk time, device specific settings, and device life
  • Battery light indicated battery charge
    • Green: Adequate charge
    • Yellow: Moderate charge
    • Red: Low charge

Weight and Dimensions

  • Height: 2.7 inches (67.9 mm)
  • Width: 1.7 inches (42.9 mm)
  • Depth: 0.7 inches (17.4 mm)
  • Weight: 2.0 ounces (56 grams)


  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Certified Mobile Operator (PTCRB), Conformité Européene (CE), Global Certification Forum (GCF), PCS Type Certification Review Board (PTCRB), MU509C

Manual Alert

  • Mechanical touch button initiates voice call and simultaneous data transmission to call center

Network + Connectivity

  • Communication Modes: General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) / High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) packet data, TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Short Message Service (SMS)
  • Data Support: SMS, GPRS, HSDPA packet data
  • Operating bands: MHz Global System for Mobile communication (GSM)/GPRS: 850/900/1800/1900 Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA): 850/1900
  • Transmitter Power: GSM/GPRS: 850/900 – 32.5dB 1800/1900 – 29.5dB HSDPA/Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service (UMTS): All band – 23dB
  • HSDPA Data Rates 384 Kbps upload/3.6Mbps download
  • HSPA Fallback GPRS/GSM quad band
  • Built in display light indicates cellular signal strength
    • Green: Strong signal
    • Yellow: Moderate signal
    • Red: No signal


  • Highly water resistant; designed to be worn in shower or bath
  • Submersible up to 3.33 feet (1 meter) for 30 minutes (IP67)
  • Humidity: Maximum non-condensing humidity 95% RH @ 50°C
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant
  • Functional at temperatures from -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)
  • Storage temperature range: -40° F to 185° F (-40° C to 85° C)

Alert1 Protection On The Go

Alert1 Go Anywhere with a mobile medical alert system

No phone? No problem. Alert1's Kelsi mobile medical alert system does not require a base station, cell phone, or landline phone. It is designed to wear around the neck so you can travel with peace of mind.

Kelsi works throughout the U.S. where there is T-Mobile or AT&T cellular coverage. You do not need to purchase any cellular coverage plans.

The Kelsi mobile medical alert allows easy, 2-way communication with the Command Center with its help button with built-in microphone and speaker.

How Does the Mobile Medical Alert System Work?

Bike Man using mobile medical alert system

Put the mobile alert system around your neck. If you need help at any time, day or night, simply press the help button on your mobile medical alert system. You will be connected via cellular network to a US based emergency operator at our Command Centers. They will ask if you need help and contact a family member, friend or 911 to get you help fast.

30 Day Refund Policy

30 Day Refund Policy (Oct 2017)

Alert1 offers multiple payment plans so you can choose the service that best meets your needs for price and flexibility. Our members are never locked into a multi-year contract. You may cancel your service at any time, without any cancellation charges.

To qualify for a refund, new members must subscribe to an annual service plan, use the medical alert device to place a successful test call to the Command Center and return the device in its original condition within 30 days of initial purchase. Any pre-paid shipping, warranty and activation fees are non-refundable.

What If I Don't Know Where I Am?

With our mobile medical alert system, press your button to connect to the Command Center. If you need help sent to you, the operator at our Command Center will open a direct connection with 911 and use their precise cellular technology to locate you. We will then communicate the location to your responders so they can get you help. If your responders aren't nearby, we will contact the local 911 near your location. Then, we will stay on the line with you until we are sure your help has arrived.

Alert1 Reviews

trust icons, alert1 medical alert systems

Mom fell in her kitchen, cut her head and fractured her hand. The Alert1 staff dispatched paramedics, and contacted me right away. I spoke with several of the staff ( at least two different people), and each of them were extremely helpful & considerate, following up with the paramedics to determine Mom's status and exact location, so I knew exactly where to go ( I live an hour away). All of you do a fantastic job, can't thank you enough. P. S. You're always very patient too, all the times Mom inadvertently sets off her alarm!

John — Texas 


Great comfort knowing Alert One is there
Nicholas Panuzo (Member since 3/10/17)
I have your service for my 83-year-old Father. He has used it 4 times in the last 6 months due to falls. He cannot get up, uses his necklace button, the Maryland State Police and St. Michaels FD respond, open a door with the assistance of a realtor type key box, and help him. I'm 2 hours away and it gives me great comfort knowing Alert One is there for him 24/7.
Posted on 10/25/2017
Truly a life saver
Renee Wolfe (Center, Colorado)
Staff is extremely helpful, courteous and professional. Alert1 is truly a life saver.

Posted on 10/11/2017
best thing i got
Anonymous (Palm Springs, CA)
There could not have been a faster or easier way to call for an ambulance for my sick father than to push the call button. While we have tested the call button many times, this was the first time we ever had to actually use it to call for an ambulance. The person on the phone wasted no time in gathering the information he needed and relaying it to the appropriate people. They arrived within minutes and my father was admitted into ICU. He is still very sick but improving. It is such a comfort to me to have this service available to us and know it is very reliable. We have been customers for several years and I cannot think of one bad thing to say about the professionalism of anyone I have ever spoken with from the company during all those years of test calls and false alarms.
Thank you so much!

Posted on 7/18/2017
Did the job
Anonymous (Narrows, VA)
you called my daughter as requested. Appreciated the follow-up call.

Posted on 7/18/2017
best team working there
Waltraud (Belleview, FL)
They have a team that exemplifies speed and professionalism.

Posted on 7/18/2017
Gloria (MC Cook, NE)
Great service - very quickly activated and it really helped. Thanks!
Posted on 7/18/2017
alert1 is great
Deborah (Santa Ana, CA)
I am her daughter, and it give me a sense of comfort knowing she can contact me through Alert1 at any time.
Posted on 2/17/2017
mom is good
Mary (Seattle, WA)
thanks for watching over my mom
Posted on 2/17/2017
Louise (Heron, MT)
Very professional
Posted on 2/10/2017
awesome fireman
Louise (Brooks, GA)
Fireman came and picked me up I had fallen at the front door ...thank you ...I am very sore but ok...I lost my balance. I have to be more careful.
Posted on 2/10/2017