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Susan’s Alert1 Story: Medical Alert Systems Saving Lives

Updated 8/24/15 9:44am | Alert1’s senior medical alert systemswe  save lives. Countless family caregivers frequently share everyday stories of seniors who were saved by Alert1. But Alert1 is more than medical necklaces and medical alert bracelets. 

We’re about protecting seniors, saving lives and serving families. We’re about providing home security systems for seniors. Finally, we’re about providing Williamsport, PA jobs for the great folks in Lycoming County.

We are the first alert line of defense for older Americans. But, the medical alert system for seniors, phone off hook alarm, and elderly alert button are not new technologies. They have worked great since 1988, when Alert1 invented the modern medical alert system.

fall detection

In recent years, we brought the mobile medical alert and the medical alert system with microphone in pendant to the market. We also added the first functioning fall detection medical alert device to our product line up.

Senior medical alert systems and elderly alert systems provide safety and value to seniors and their families. And we’re proud of the work we do as a company.

I’m also proud of the work we do outside the company beyond our medical alert for seniors. We provide Aging in Place health tips for seniors in our blog. I’m also proud we support the community thorough many activities including:

  • Alert1 Cares which provides emergency medical alert systems no monthly fee
  • Meals on Wheels of Lycoming County through which we feed seniors in need
  • The fall alert devices and reduced charge medical alert systems for seniors 

But most of all, I’m proud of our employees and the service they provide. 

Alert1 Service: Susan’s Story

Susan’s story demonstrates Alert1’s commitment to service in the senior alert market. This particular member shared her true aging in place story on how Alert1 came to her rescue. We think Susan’s powerful story is a good indicator on why senior medical alert systems are becoming commonplace. Susan had fallen four times in the past few weeks. Susan’s last fall left her immobile on the floor for several hours.

Susan had had enough, so she called Alert1 for a medical alert button. Susan has a medical condition and is unable to use her vocal chords. Using email, Susan corresponded with our Senior Care Specialist, Meredith.

Susan explained that she uses another medical device to communicate in her everyday life. She asked us some of the questions we hear all the time:

  • Will a medical alert system work with my pacemaker?
  • Will it work with my other devices?
  • Is a medical alert system tax deductible?
  • Is a medical alert system covered by Medicare?
  • How does a medical alert system work?
  • How much does a medical alert system cost?
  • Do medical alert systems work outside the home?
  • Do we have any GPS medical alert systems reviews?
  • And finally, what is the best medical alert system?

Meredith researched Susan’s other medical devices. But Meredith and Rod left no stone unturned. Meredith talked with Rod on the Alert1 Technical Support team to learn the basics of Susan’s device. Rod wanted to ensure compatibility with the Alert1 system to protect the elderly caller.

Susan also asked Meredith if the service included a fall alert device. Meredith assured Susan that Alert1 has the industry’s best fall detection protection. The help button includes advanced accelerometers that detect a fall right away and get help in an emergency.

Then, Meredith detailed a plan for Susan to set up her senior medical alert system even though she can’t speak. Meredith told Susan to email her immediately once the Alert1 base unit arrived at Susan’s home.

When the system arrived, Meredith explained the quick and simple setup. From there, Meredith emailed Susan to test her new button. At the same time, Meredith was on the line with Alert1’s Emergency Command Center. Meredith informed the Command Center that Susan’s button push at that moment was just a test. In this way, Meredith knew that the Command Center received Susan’s medical alert.

alert1 beach photo

For Susan and Meredith, the Alert1 service gave both peace of mind knowing that Susan will be safe. And for that extra added touch, Meredith included a stylish, gemstone senior medical alert necklace for Susan. The senior medical alert system industry is our bread and butter: taking care of our members as if they were family.

I’m proud to lead a company with people like Meredith. Alert1's legacy that began in 1988 will continue to protect seniors for many more years to come.


8:12 PM on June 6, 2014 Shayne Fitz-Coy
Thanks for everything Meredith!
5:24 PM on June 10, 2014 Brad Stenowicz
This is exactly why I chose Alert1 for my mother. They were so helpful!
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