Can I Use Fall Detection And A Mobile Medical Alert At The Same Time?

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Updated 8/28/15 2:50pm | One of Alert1’s frequently asked questions is whether or not you can use our products simultaneously. The short answer is a resounding yes. You can combine our fall detection medical alert system and our mobile medical alert system as a bundle! These systems can easily work together to keep you or your loved one safe from harm. 

Why Do I Need A Fall Detection Medical Alert?

Falls are dangerous, and many seniors have difficulty pressing their button after they fall. Monitoring your senior’s health may be time consuming. Allow Alert1 to give your senior a device that will provide you and your loved one with peace of mind. With ourfall detection system, itwill keep your loved one safe while in and around their home. The medical alert pendant contains sensors that detect falls. It will call for help if it senses a fall, even if you are unable to press the button.

Since the fall detection medical alert system will automatically call for help whenever the user falls, fall detection is perfectly suited for people with chronic symptoms or diseases, particularly those that cause dizziness, unconsciousness, or other propensity towards falls.

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Here's an example of how fall detection works. Bessie Sue lives in foggy New England - where the best and most hearty clam chowders call home. However, Bessie has diabetes. Her son, Rick, got Bessie a fall detection medical alert system after she broke her funny bone by falling down the stairs.

During the last Oktoberfest, Bessie Sue skipped her lunch because she was too busy cleaning up the tents from the annual fair. Bessie started feeling a little light-headed, an early sign of senior dehydration. But she ignored it, thinking it was caused by the heat - the sun was unusually bright that day. The dizziness was truly from the fact that Bessie has skipped lunch, but Bessie finished cleaning and headed home without grabbing a bite to eat.

While in her warm shower, Bessie fainted. Her fall detection pendant sensed her falling, and called theAlert1 Command Center. An operator came on the line, but couldn’t contact Bessie, who was still unconscious. The operator immediately called for an ambulance, which arrived within minutes to help. Bessie did not get any lasting injuries from the fall thanks to Alert1’s speedy response.

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Why Do I Need A Mobile Medical Alert?

The mobile medical alert system is perfect for seniors who like to be out and about. Kelsi works throughout the US. You and your loved ones can travel anywhere in the nation with Alert1’s Command Center at your fingertips. You can use the mobile medical alert system at the nearby park, in the grocery store, in the next state over, and even on the other side of the nation! Kelsi runs on the T-mobile cellular network 24 hours a day. You do not need to buy an additional cellular coverage plan because we take care of it for you!

The best part of Alert1’s mobile medical alert? You can get help even if you’re lost! If you don’t know where you are, we will locate you using precise geo-location technology – the same technology used by 911! We can locate you within a radius of 2 meters and send help directly to your location. You will get help fast, no matter where you are. 

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Let's look at Jon of San Francisco to better understand what is going on. Jon is a travel and hiking guru. Helovesflying to different locales in the US and going on week-long hikes in the wilderness. Due to some accidents in his more adventurous years, Jon's right knee is weak, and it occasionally gives out. But Jon refused to give up his passion of traveling and hiking, in spite of the risk of his knee causing him to fall. At his daughter’s insistence, he got the Alert1 mobile medical alert and carried it around with him on all of his adventures.

Jon sometimes becomes very weak, and this made Jon very susceptible to falling. And he refuses to give up his senior passion for traveling and hiking. Therefore, at his daughter's insistence, he got the Alert1 mobile medical alert and carried it around with him during all of his adventures. On a hike in the local Oakland Hills, Jon stumbled and tumbled down the hillside. He landed abruptly at the bottom of a ravine. He immediately pressed his emergency call button for help. Within seconds, the Alert1 command center was on the line, asking if he needed help.

Jon did not know exactly where he had ended up after falling off the trail. The Command Center was able to locate him with our geo-location technology and sent an ambulance his way. In less than fifteen minutes, Jon was getting treated. Luckily, Jon only sustained a few scratches. The mobile alert button proved to both Jon and his daughter that Alert1 would be there for him. Jon can travel anywhere in the US and feel the peace of mind of Alert1 protection.

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Why Should I Use Fall Detection And A Mobile Medical Alert Together?

The fall detection + mobile medical alert system bundle gets you the best possible protection both in and outside of home. There’s no need to be unprotected at any time.

The home is the most common place for seniors to fall. Unfortunately, many seniors remain on the floor for hours in an empty house. In emergency situations, a fall detection medical alert will get you the help whenever you need it.

When you leave your home, your Kelsi mobile medical alert will protect you. Alert1 will stay by your side so that you can always get help at the push of a button. Kelsi can conveniently be worn around the neck or clipped to a belt or bag so that it is always within reach.

The answer to our commonly asked questionCan I use the fall detection and mobile medical alert systems together?is a resounding yes. With both systems by your side, you will always be protected. A mobile medical alert will protect you anywhere you go, and the fall detection system will give you added protection in your home, where you need it the most. Seniors will receive get the best possible by merging the separate operations of medical alert systems. You and your loved ones will love the safety, peace of mind, and independence you get from Alert1’s medical alerts.