Fall Detection for Seniors: Why Did Alert1 Change Its Stance?

Updated 9/8/17 11:24am | Alert1 is excited to offer fall detection medical alerts to our customers. This new technology is quickly becoming a major player in the aging in place industry.

For caregivers, this innovation will offer new solutions to combat the amount of senior scares that happen. As a personal emergency response company, Alert1 rose to the occasion and delivered the most secure senior help button in the market. Read on to learn why we changed our minds.

The Benefits of Fall Detection

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Fall detection medical alerts offer an additional layer of safety. Not only can you press your medical alarm button at any time, but if you have fallen, the pendant automatically contacts the Alert1 Command Center.

Even if you can’t call for help, an operator at one of our US-based Command Centers will come on the line to assist you. We will contact the people in your Circle of Care and then stay on the line with you until help arrives. 

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Improved Fall Detection Technology

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When fall detection in medical alarms first came out, the sensors had a minor drawback: false alarms. Some members found the false alarms annoying, and so were less inclined to wear their senior medical alert buttons. This meant that members didn’t have them nearby when they actually needed them.

But, a couple of years of additional testing has made a big difference. Fall detection technology has improved from its first incarnation, and is now accurate enough to meet our high standards. Our new fall detection pendant can tell the difference between falls and accidental bumps. While there is still a chance of a false alarm, they are a rare occurrence.

For many of our members, the pros of additional security outweigh the cons of occasionally having a false alarm. If it does happen, it is not a big deal; we give you unlimited button pushes. Simply tell our Alert1 Command Center that you are fine and they will wish you a good day and disconnect.

Embracing Fall Detection Technology

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Since we opened our first location in 1988, we have learned much about the needs of seniors and their loved ones. We were one of the first companies in the industry to offer fall detection when it was first launched. However, we chose to discontinue it to allow time for additional testing of the technology.

Why did we do this? We want our customers to feel comfortable wearing their pendants at all times so that they can stay safe.

Polaroid comes to mind as an example. The name Polaroid was once synonymous with instant cameras, film and photography. They failed to anticipate the effect digital cameras would have on the film business. Early on, they designed their own digital camera, but were afraid to stray from the roots of their core business and embrace the new product. As a result, they were unable to deliver the products and service that their once loyal customers now wanted. We don’t want that to be us.

Alert1 wants to bring you the best products and the best service possible to keep you safe.  We are looking to the future and embracing new technology.  We want to serve you well by giving you what you’re looking for. We are thinking differently, and this will benefit you.

Serving Seniors and Their Loved Ones

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Our goal has always been to bring you the very best in senior care solutions. Many of our members have requested fall detection, and we are happy to bring you what you have been asking for with the level of quality you deserve.

Member and caregiver insights help us to create a diverse selection of emergency response systems. We always encourage your feedback because we want to be the best we can be. Tell us how we are doing, so that we can be even better!


The Best Medical Alert Service for Seniors

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Fall detection has arrived, and the future is bright. It provides you with an added layer of protection on top of our senior medical alert system, so that you can get help even if you are unable to press your help button.

If the sensors in the pendant detect a fall, the pendant will automatically call for help. The Alert1 Command Center will only be a moment away, so feel safe to live independently. 

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