Do Seniors Need Fall Detection?

Updated 8/4/15 | You’ve waited for the next big advancement in senior care and technology, and Alert1 has delivered the perfect solution. We’re excited to announce that fall detection is now here! If you’ve considered purchasing a medical alert system for seniors or loved ones, our fall detection system is the perfect solution. 

How Does Fall Detection Work?

  • Hyper acute sensors in the senior help button are what detects the fall.
  • From there, the connected Peace of Mind (POM) base unit will transmit a signal to call for help—you don’t have to lift a finger! 
  • In seconds, you will hear a voice asking if you need help. Alert1’s 24/7 Emergency Command Center responds right away. The 600 ft of alert system coverage is sure to cover your entire home.
  • With fall detection, you get the help you need. Help arrives even when you can’t ask for it. Alert1 will call your pre-designated Circle of Care contacts to get you the help you need. 
  • Want a neighbor to respond first? Or do you want 911 right away? You determine who Alert1 notifies in the event of the unthinkable.

How do YOU age in place?

Look at your lifestyle and everyday living habits to help you answer if you need fall detection. Take this quiz and determine your fall prevention need. 

From your results, ask yourself the who, what, when, where, and why of fall detection. This will help you to determine if you need it.

1. What Features are in the Fall Detection Medical Alert System?

  • The fall detection unit is showerproof. Water can lead to slips and falls. The fall detection call button is showeproof so you can wear it all the time. The double safety of a senior medical alert system and fall detection keeps you protected against these dangers.
  • Also, the POM unit is easy to set up. It ships to your home preprogrammed. Installation is as simple as plugging in a machine. A quick start guide will walk you through the process. If you have more questions, our Senior Care Specialists are just a phone call away. Alert1 aims to lessen any unnecessary complications for seniors aging in place
  • Whether you have landline or not, you're protected. If there is no landline in your home, Alert1 offers a wireless medical alert system. This gives you the freedom to place the base unit anywhere in your home. Avoid the hassle of moving furniture trying to find a phone outlet.

2. When Do You Need Fall Detection?

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Do you get thirsty in the middle of the night? That simple trip to grab a glass of water can cause you to slip. The darkest hours can often be the most dangerous. Unseen objects before you are the hazards. Also, exiting showers or bathtubs pose even bigger dangers. Just add water and a slip can be the result.

Make fall detection part of your aging in place checklist. Falls and slips can happen any time. Fall detection medical alert system keeps you safe from all these hazards. Alert1’s 24 hour, 7 days a week monitoring gives you a safety net for unforeseen falls. 

3. Where does fall detection work?

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This safety net extends to a wide range. Your home, big or small, becomes a den of safety. Love gardening? Your backyard is just as safe. Spend time cultivating those flowers. Tend to the weeds. Grab the mail outside.

Your leisure activity continues to be relaxing. Disregard worry from your mind. Handling your worry is Alert1’s job. And that 600-foot home alert system coverage, about the size of two football fields, is more than enough. In the end, you live with peace of mind.

4. Who is fall detection for?

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Alert1 keeps in mind that your loved ones worry as well. With a personalized medical alert system you know that you and your family that you are not just a number to Alert1. As a member, Alert1 treats you as family. Medical alert system reviews  recommend the Alert1 system due to exceptional member care.

Alert1 takes great care to make sure that family and loved ones know that members receive high quality service. Each member has an emergency plan that matches their needs.

To further ease your mind, Alert1 stays on the line until help gets there. Responders from the Command Center undergo rigorous training. Alert1 is recognized as a TMA 5 Diamond certified service. Training teaches them how to be empathetic and sympathetic to your situation. You will not go through the even the scariest trauma alone. Comfort yourself and your family with fall detection.

5. Why fall detection?

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From seniors gardening in the spring to grabbing glass of water at bed time, aging in place has its risks. Alert1’s fall detection technology helps ease these challenges and the worries you may have. Because when you age in place, you don’t want to worry more than you need to. You don’t want your loved ones worrying for you.

Less worry gives you more time. Your need is to have more time to live the life you want with independence. Your need is to age in place as you wish. Your need is to have more time laughing with the grandkids. Your need is more time to pass on your story and your lessons. 

So, the answer is yes: you need fall detection. Time is the currency you will use to spend time with your family. The fall detection medical alert pendant is your added protection for more time with those you love.