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This Amazing Senior Care Map Will Blow Your Mind

SeniorScape. alert1 medical alert systems

Updated 8/19/15 4:04pm | Alert1 understands the world of senior care products can be a confusing one. Medical ID bracelets, medical alert bracelets, medical equipment, retirement communities, assisted living, home health… the senior vocabulary list goes on and on, and you have to find a new company for each product and service you need! Here at Alert1 we want to make this process easier for you. We created the Seniorscape™ to help senior care make more sense. Click here to view the larger Seniorscape image.

What is the Seniorscape?

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The Seniorscape is a landscape of the senior care industry that highlights the options available to the modern senior. Companies are grouped by the type of product or service they provide. To help you even more, we’ve organized each category by the amount of commitment they require. Medical ID bracelets? You only buy those once. Assisted living for seniors? Upheaving your life is a big change. The categories are organized from left to right, with lower commitment on the left and higher commitment on the right. 

How Do I Begin My Senior Care Plan?

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We recommend beginning by adding a low-commitment senior medical alert system that will seamlessly integrate into your life and keep you safe. You can add lawn care, transportation, and home health aides if/when you need them. They work together to create a complete aging in place plan.

If at some point you need more comprehensive care, the options on the right will still be available to you because of the low commitment required with aging in place. It is much easier to move from left to right on the Seniorscape than the other way around!

How Does A Medical Alert Compare to Assisted Living?

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Alert1 is a big proponent of aging in place because it allows you to enjoy living in your home, keep your daily routine, and stay in your community. Our medical alert systems, medical ID bracelets, and medication dispensers will give you safety and peace of mind without having to pick up and move your life somewhere else. They are also much cheaper! Medical alerts only cost pennies a day. Compare assisted living facility costs for a private one-bedroom apartment, which comes out to $3,022 per month adding up to more than $36,000 a year.

With Alert1 you will find the right medical alert for you, whether that be fall detection, a mobile medical alert, or our classic home system. We even have monitored smoke detectors so that you and your home will always be protected from fires. You will be amazed at how great it feels to be protected 24/7!

What if a Medical Alert is Not Right for Me?

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But no matter how low the commitment, we know change can be hard. That’s why we have our 30-day money back policy on annual plans, so you can try our systems out. You will see for yourself how great you feel with a safety net supporting you! And if you do need to suddenly move out of your home? You can cancel our service anytime – we do not lock you into a contract. But don’t be too hasty, you might be able to take your medical alert to the senior living facility! 

Want more information about all of the products and services seen in the Seniorscape? See our dedicated page that lists all of the sources seniors can choose from. We’ve even broken down one of the most confusing sections, comprehensive care, into home care, assisted living, retirement communities, home health, and independent living. We’ve done the research for you so you can just look for what you need. With the Seniorscape your options are easy to identify.

Why Does Alert1 Appear in Multiple Places?

Notice Alert1 appears in multiple sections. We know how annoying it is to have to search around for different companies, buying single products from each one. At Alert1, we provide everything you need to stay safe and age in place: medical ID bracelets, medical alert systems, smoke detectors, and medication reminders. No need to research the backgrounds of 10 different companies. You know you can trust us, with our A+ rating from the BBB and 97% approval rating on Consumer Affairs. Alert1 has provided you with the best products and support since 1988. With Alert1 you’re family.

Alert1 is dedicated to make your aging in place experience a good one. We make it easy to get the products you need all in one place. With an Alert1 senior medical alert system you will be protected 24/7 by the dedicated team at our Command Center. We will take care of you and keep you safe, so you can live your life without worrying about what-ifs.


12:11 PM on October 20, 2014 Danielle F
I had seen you post the Seniorscape on Twitter and had wondered what it was about. Thank you for explaining how I can use it!
3:09 PM on October 20, 2014 Emily J
This map is awesome
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