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No need for home phone line with Alert1’s wireless medical alert

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No need for a home phone line with Alert1’s wireless medical alert systems.

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  • 24/7 emergency monitoring service with our wireless medical alert systems
  • Push a button to quickly call for help
  • No landline needed – these devices function off wireless cellular signal, allowing them to be truly wireless medical alert systems. Got a landline?
  • No additional cellular plan or service needed
  • We stay on the line with you until help arrives
  • Want an On-The-Go version?

Get help at the touch of a button 24/7 without needing a landline. Our wireless medical alert systems come with a POM base unit and a help button. Our wireless medical alert systems arrive completely preprogrammed. All you need to do is plug it in! If you ever need help, simply press your button to quickly connect to our US-based Command Center. Our trained operators will send you the help you need from your personalized Circle of Care. Plus, we stay on the line until help arrives so that you are never alone. Our wireless medical alert systems ensure a constant connection to friends, family, and emergency help when it becomes necessary.  Learn more about our On-The Go options as well!

Wireless Medical Alert Systems Features

Help button & POM Base Unit

  • Wireless medical alert systems require no landline. The system uses AT&T’s cellular network. No additional plan needed.
  • POM unit has a powerful microphone and speaker for clear and easy communication
  • 100% shower safe help button to protect you at all times
  • 24 hour backup battery so you will be protected even if the power goes out

Who Responds When You Push Your Help Button?

  • We do much more than call 911. Whether it be EMS, a neighbor, or a family member, you choose who we call in case of emergency
  • Unlike other medical alert system companies, Alert1 stays on the line with you until we are 100% sure help arrives. You are never alone with Alert1

Industry Leading Monitoring

  • Alert1 features two fully independent US-based Command Centers. Our TMA 5 Diamond Certified operators are trained to be calm and reassuring in case of emergencies.
  • They will stay on the line with you until help arrives.
  • When you need help, Alert1 is there for you 24/7

Protection In and Around the Home

  • The system has a range of over 600 feet around the base unit, so you will be protected both within and around your home

Easy Setup

  • Our wireless medical alert systems arrive preprogrammed. The POM base unit simply needs to be plugged in and it is instantly connected. To make things easy, your package includes a one-page quick-start guide to help with the setup

Wireless or Landline Versions Available

How Do Wireless Medical Alert Systems Work?

The wireless system allows you to place your system anywhere in your home without needing a landline. The medical alert uses AT&T's cellular service to contact the Command Center when you press your help button. To see if you are covered, use the map below.

Click here for coverage details in your area

1. Press

1. Press

Your 100% showerproof help button will get you help for any type of emergency, big or small, 24/7

2. Respond

2. Respond

A US-based operator from one of our two Command Centers come on the line to assist you in seconds. Even if you cannot speak– we follow the procedures set up ahead of time to make sure you get help

3. Help Arrives

3. Help Arrives

We stay on the line with you until help arrives so that you are never alone. We reduce worry by notifying your family members, neighbors or doctors

Who Benefits from Our Wireless Medical Alert?

Family Back
  1. Those who do not have a traditional landline but want to be able to call for help at the push of a button.
  2. Seniors who choose to continue living independently. They frequently make a medical alert system part of their aging in place plan.

Reviews for Our Wireless Medical Alert Systems

trust icons, alert1 medical alert systems

The service provided by alert1 in response to my mothers illness was literally a life saver.  Had it not been for the prompt response of paramedics and law enforcement thanks to your company the outcome would have been fatal.  Words alone cannot express my heart felt appreciation." 

Joe S. — Nevada 

Our members have some great things to say about us! We work hard to give you the best service possible to help you stay safe and independent.


john (Dickinson)
World's well
Posted on 1/23/2016
Tears of joy
John (Pennsylvania )
I am his daughter Elizabeth. I received a phone call regarding my dad at 2:01pm. The operator was very calm in reporting that my dad had fallen. She promised to follow up with me within 1/2 hour depending on what the paramedics needed to do. Approximately 40 minutes later, I did receive a call that there was a minor injury and hospitalization was not required. I cried tears of joy for the best Mothers Day gift ever, that my dad was helped and alert 1 cared enough to call me back
Posted on 6/8/2015
Peace of mind
Betty (Nevada)
My mother was recently changed to the wireless system and we experienced the exact excellent service as we did prior. Thank you for letting us have peace of mind when we are not with our mother.
Posted on 6/8/2015
Very pleased
Gail (Kansas)
Quick response
Posted on 6/8/2015
Great comfort
Helen (Utah)
your response was quick and appropriate. you notified a family member and she was able to help me up. you also followed up after the incident to male sure all was well, This experience gives our family great comfort.
Posted on 6/8/2015
Immediate response
Lori (Alabama)
The alert button worked well and the fall detection did its job. You guys called immediately. Initially we were in another part of the house and could not hear the call but then I ran back to the base and spoke to a rep. An ambulance was called and he was taken to the hospital where he was admitted. Thank you for following up.
Posted on 6/8/2015
Worked out perfectly
Louise (California)
Your call about alerting the paramedics was perfect. My Mom had fallen and my sister and I are both seniors with back and hip issues so it worked out perfectly. When I arrived the paramedics were leaving and everything was fine with Mom and she was not hurt.
Posted on 6/8/2015
Very efficient
Nellie (NJ)
All is well -- response was prompt and efficient. Thank you.

Ruth Ann Myers, Nellie's daughter

Posted on 6/8/2015
Responders were rapid
Ann (San Francisco)
Excellent and comforting answer to the call. Responders were rapid .
Posted on 6/8/2015
Peace of mind
Kim (Silt, CO)
I purchased this service for my mother, ** in Boise, Idaho and she has used it several times. She was transported to ER last Saturday and I believe it saved her life! We are notified right away and I can't tell you the peace of mind it gives me knowing you guys are always there. Thank you so much!!!
Posted on 6/8/2015