A Trip to the Park Goes Horribly Wrong: a Solution for Seniors

Updated 8/13/15 9:07am | Alert1is always troubled to hear news of older adults going missing. Especially considering today’s advancements in technology and GPS tracking for seniors. We too often hear stories of older adults who get lost and cannot find their way home. Without a means to call for help, seniors wander scared and alone until they succumb or, hopefully, are rescued. Alert1 hates to hear these stories. They are terribly frightening for all those involved, both the victim and their family and friends. And they can be prevented. You do not need to worry about being unable to call for help in an emergency with a medical alert system for seniors.

We are enthusiastic supporters of the Alert1 mobile medical alert because it can help keep seniors safe when they are out and about wherever they go. It is important for both your mental and physical health to go out and about in the world, and you deserve to do so without fear. If you do end up getting lost, a simple press of the help button on your mobile medical alert will call for help and that help will be sent directly to your location. 


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In what situations could a mobile medical alert help?

On August 5th2014 Marcia Wilson, who is 65 years old, went for a pleasant walk in Lake Merced Park in San Francisco. Lake Merced Park is the perfect place to get some alone time in the midst of a busy city. With its 650 acres, winding trails, and beautiful scenery you can wander to your heart’s content. Unfortunately, it is also a perfect place to get lost. Marcia went further than expected that day. She became tired and weak and was unable to find her way through the confusing paths.

Marcia’s daughter Justina Perry feared the worst when Marcia did not come home. As soon as she realized Marcia was missing, she quickly created missing person flyers and posted them around the park. She also gave a flyer to San Francisco State police officer Frank Ruis. Ruis and his partner Officer Edmund Velez took their motorbikes to search where their cars couldn’t go. One week after getting the flyer, Ruis and Velez found Marcia.

Marcia was curled under a bush in the fetal position in the park. Although weak without food or water for seven days, Marcia was fine. Justina is very thankful to have her mother back home. She said that the nights were the worst, knowing that she was out there alone. Through tears she said, “I’m going to take her home and give her a bath and give her some soup, and just sing to her and give her love. … I’m just happy that she’s with me.” Indeed, Marcia and Justina were very lucky, and we are thrilled that Marcia is safe. Even in San Francisco in a busy park it can be very difficult to find someone who is lost.

Chances of injury or death are very high when out in the wilderness without food, water, or shelter. If Marcia had a mobile medical alert she could have been found immediately rather than a week. A mobile medical alert system will allow you to be rescued promptly so that you do not have to be lost and alone for long. With Alert1, seniors can enjoy the freedom to explore with added protection.


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What are the benefits of a mobile medical alert?

A mobile medical alert is lightweight so it’s easy to carry, has a long battery life so you will not be caught with a dead battery, and is very easy to use. Simply press the button when you need assistance. An operator from our Alert1 Command Center will speak with you via two-way voice communication and will ask if you need help. You can tell them what’s wrong and what you need. They will quickly contact anyone in your circle of care or EMS, whichever you choose. If you do not know where you are, the operator will use patented 911 technology to locate you and send help to your location. You will get help quickly and easily. You might be lost but you won’t be alone: the operator will stay on the line with you until help arrives.

Luckily, Marcia’s story had a happy ending. But no one wants to go through such a traumatic experience. You don’t want to worry about yourself or a loved one getting lost. Stories like Marcia’s are why we are such big proponents of medical alerts. If Marcia has a mobile medical alert she could have pressed the help button as soon as she realized she couldn’t find her way home. She would have heard a comforting voice who would have quickly sent her help directly to her location.

mobile medical alert is a safety net that will give you peace of mind so you can feel free to live your life to the fullest. You will be amazed at how light you will feel without that worry! With a senior medical alert system, help is accessible to you 24/7 at the push of a button. Don’t be caught without your medical alert. No one plans to have an emergency. Alert1 will keep you safe. And use our products. We can save you a lot of money compared to the costs of Life Alert.