Alert1’s New Monitored Smoke Alarm: It’s Smarter and More Dependable

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Updated 7/21/15 11:45am | Recently, Nick, a 13 year old deaf boy from Indianapolis wassaved from a fire by his dog. He was asleep without his hearing aids when the emergency alarm started blaring due to a fire emergency in his house. You won't believe it but a different emergency device alerted Nick of the fire - it was his dog! Nick’s pit-bull smelled the fire and started to lick the boy’s face until he woke up. When Nick woke up he realized there was a fire and promptly got himself outside of the house and got the fire department to come. Ultimately, no one was hurt – but it was all due to the luck and love of a very smart dog. Many seniors experience hazardous situations similar to Nick’s but don’t have dogs that can get them help. If you're not a pet owner,  Alert1 medical alert systems  just evened the playing field with the monitored smoke alarm

Do I Need a Fire Alarm?

Yes, you do. Fires are a constant danger in the day to day lives of people everywhere. Older adults especially need fire alarms as they’re more likely to have reduced sensory abilities. These impairments can slow reaction and place them at higher risk for causing fires. According to theNational Fire Protection Agency(NFPA), the US had at least 487,500 home structure fires in 2013 alone. And of these fires, daily necessities are the leading causes: cooking and heating. For those who love to cook, we recommend these smart kitchen appliances for seniors.

Whenever a home fire occurs, you need help to respond immediately. According to the US Fire Administration (USFA), a fire can turn into a major one in only 30 seconds. It also asserts that it only takes minutes for thick, black smoke - the leading killer in fires - and fire to engulf the house. Luckily, smoke alarms can protect you from fires. The NFPA says that 3 out of 5 fire fatalities occurred in homes without working fire alarms. Both the USFA and the NFPA conclude that working smoke alarms cut the mortality rate of fires by half.

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Luckily, smoke alarms are the key way to protect yourself from fires. The NFPA says that three out of five fire fatalities occurred in homes without working fire alarms. Both the USFA and the NFPA assert that working smoke alarms cut the risk of dying from a fire by half.

Having monitored smoke alarms are necessary if you value your or your loved ones’ safety. According to the US Fire Administration, most fires start when people are sleeping. Now, fire alarms will never call for 911, but monitored smoke alarms can. No matter the situation, monitored smoke alarms can get you or your loved ones the necessary immediate help to combat fires. Therefore, monitored smoke alarms are anecessityfor everyone’s - not just seniors’ - safety.

Why Is the Alert1 Monitored Smoke Detector Better than Other Fire Alarms?

The Alert1 monitored smoke alarm works like a normal fire alarm but improves on the basic functions.

Our improvements include:

  • 24/7 Monitoring, even when you are out of the home
  • Fewer false alarms
  • Always works 24/7, no matter the situation
  • Extremely loud alarm that you will always hear
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One of our modifications allows you to have fewer vexing false alarms. We replaced the regular ionization detectors with photoelectric detectors. You will get fewer false alarms with our fire alarm because photoelectric detectors have a much lower chance of going off during regular cooking.

We also revamped the fire alarm so that it always works, no matter the situation. We did so by having our fire alarms run on batteries that last at least 3 years. This means that our fire alarms will work during power outages and earthquakes.

We also made sure that you will never have to worry about not hearing the alarm go off. The fire alarm’s alarm is 95 decibels, which is as loud as a train speeding by. Even if you or your loved one is truly deaf, our smart monitoring will ensure that you or your loved one will get the help they need during a fire. 

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How Does the Alert1 Monitored Fire Alarm Work?

The Alert1 monitored smoke alarm monitors you or your loved one by alerting theAlert1 Command Centerwhenever the alarm goes off. Once the command center is reached, an Alert1 representative will ask you through our medical alert systems (POM) if you need help. If it’s a false alarm, both of you can be on your merry way.

Let’s visit Agatha Fry from the oven-hot city of Bakersfield.  Agatha’s main job is baking. Every day, she bakes bountiful amounts of beautiful bread from all over the world. Around a year ago, Agatha got Alert1’s medical alert system because she broke her ankle when she fell. From concerns of any potential fires, Agatha's son Bannock also got her Alert1’s monitored fire alarm.

One day, Agatha baked some scones for a neighborhood party. Unfortunately, Agatha placed some scones too close to the edge, so some of them fell off the baking sheet into the oven. After a while, the scones in the oven were burnt to a crisp, and the resulting smoke activated the fire alarm. The smoke was detected immediately and the Alert1 command center sprang into action. Once the POM got in contact the command center, Agatha told the representative that the fire was a false alarm. Luckily, Agatha managed to salvage the rest of her scones and serve them to her neighbors with tea and whipped cream.

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What Happens If Nobody Responds to the Alert1 Representative?

If you do not answer the representative’s call, the representative will contact your Circle of Care. The Circle of Care is your or your loved one’s custom group of responders for emergencies. Once we get in contact with someone from your or your loved one’s Circle of Care, we will ask them how to assist you. If nobody responds, we will promptly call for the firefighters to arrive at your or your loved one’s home.

To better understand this situation, let’s go back to Agatha’s story. When Agatha first got her Alert1 medical alert system, Agatha created her Circle of Care. It consists of:

  1. Calling her son, Bannock, who lives in Bakersfield
  2. Calling the emergency services

Japanese Curry Bread

On an extremely hot day in July, Agatha wanted to make some Japanese Curry Bread. While Agatha was simmering the full pot of Japanese curry, she went to rest in her room. Tired from making the curry, Agatha decided to take a quick nap. Unfortunately, Agatha overslept! While sleeping, the curry in the pot bubbled over, causing a fire in her kitchen. In seconds, the Alert1 monitored fire alarm quickly realized there was a fire in the house.

The alarm immediately went off and an Alert1 representative was promptly reached. However, Agatha did not respond because she had taken off her hearing aids when she began sleeping. Therefore, the representative quickly started going down Agatha’s Circle of Care. Bannock, Agatha’s first contact, picked up his phone on the second ring. When told about the situation, Bannock told the representative to call 911 because he was in NYC. In three minutes, the firefighters were on Agatha’s doorstep, getting Agatha to safety. Luckily, Agatha wasn't hurt.

Order a Monitored Smoke Alarm Today

Fires are a constant danger that must be prepared for. Luckily, the Alert1 monitored fire alarm is the smartest way to keep you and your loved ones safe from a fire. Our smoke alarms take that extra step and improve on the essential features of a fire alarm.  Alert1 also takes the extra effort to contact you and then ensure that you get help in case of a fire.