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Monitored Smoke Detector

Monitored Smoke Detector

Automatically signals our 24/7 Command Center

$10 per month / per detector
available on annual plans

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  • We send help even if you can't reach a phone
  • Low Battery Detection
  • 24/7 US based monitoring
  • Alarm volume: 95dB at 1 meter
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries
  • Battery life: 3+ years
  • Dimensions: 105 x 42mm
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Are you looking for the next level of protection?  Here at Alert1 we can provide that extra Peace of Mind with our Monitored Smoke Detector.  Our team is focused on doing everything possible to keep you safe and provide extra security.  With our monitored smoke alarm, you never have to worry about a potential fire.

Working with Your Medical Alarm Button

Alert1’s Monitored Smoke Detector pairs with our In Home Medical Alarm System.  With this system, you receive a button that you can wear either as a pendant or as a wristband.  Whenever there is an emergency, of any kind, you simply press the button and get help fast!  This connects to the Landline phone ensuring that even if the power goes out you will still be able to get help.  With the backup battery built into the base unit, you don’t have to worry about longer outages as it will last up to 24 hours!

Just like any other smoke detector or our medical alarm button, we do want to remind you to test your device once a month.  This is an important step, as it ensures not only that everything is working properly but also that you know what to expect in the event of an actual emergency.  With Alert1’s Monitored Smoke Detector, we make it testing as easy as pressing a button.  If you hear a two-toned beep coming from the detector then everything is working properly.

Do you already have one of our In Home Medical Alarm Systems?  Great!  Then you are all set to pair a new smoke detector to gain that extra protection.  When you receive your new smoke alarm in the mail, it will include an instruction guide, batteries, mounting material, and step-by-step instructions on how to pair it with your base unit.  From there, enjoy the peace of mind that no matter what the emergency may be, we are there 27/4 ready to help!

What is a Monitored Smoke Detector?

Our smoke detector is the shape of a small disc that is about 4 inches in diameter.  This is comparable in size to a bocce ball.  The smoke alarm is only about 1.5 inches wide so that it will stay out of the way, no matter where you install the detector.  With the classic white coloring and simple features, you will not have to worry about it clashing with any paint colors or décor styles.

While our smoke alarm may look similar to others, how the system actually works is quite different.  With traditional alarms, when a potential fire is detected the alarm sounds until you turn it off.  When you have a monitored smoke detector, when the smoke detector is triggered, a loud alarm will immediately sound.  Then, over the base unit, you will hear one of our professional trained monitoring agents coming through to check if you are well.

When paired with our In Home Medical Alert System, our command center is ready to help you 24/7.  This is an important part of our false alarm protection protocol.  We know how easy it is to burn a piece of toast, and that it does not require the attention of the entire fire department.

However, if the smoke alarm is triggered and our check in call is not answered we will call 911.  There are countless scenarios why someone may not pick up their phone.  In the event of a potential emergency, we would rather not take any chances.  You will also have the option of setting up a customizable responder list.  This way, in case you do not pick up the phone we will contact all the people on your list before calling 911.  That will further avoid sending emergency responders to your home for a false alarm.

Benefits of a Monitored Smoke Alarm

Have you ever wondered how long it would take the fire department to get to your house if there was a fire while you were away?  We all have that thought as we are leaving for vacation of ‘Did I leave the stove on?’ Well with Alert1’s monitored alarm, even if you are not home we still send help.  Saving you time and potentially money by helping to minimize the damage or loss from a fire.

We will alert the fire department and then notify everyone on your contacts list to let them know what is happening.  This will also help if you or your loved one has a hearing issue or take out their hearing aids at night.  We will call them and call for help so they can sleep with extra peace of mind.

Did you forget about something in the oven and have it set off your smoke alarm?  Just let us know during the check in call that everything is ok and we will make sure that Emergency Services are not dispatched.  Some other ways that you can prevent false alarms is by installing the smoke alarm on a centrally located ceiling.  Making sure that it is at least ten feet away from any cooking appliances.

What can an Alert1 Monitored Smoke Detector do for you?  With false alarm prevention, you can keep unneeded visits from the fire department to a minimum.  In the event of an emergency, we can save you time and money from potential damages.  Look no further than Alert1 to provide you with extra security and Peace of Mind to you.

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Todd (Member Since 6/24/2012)
I like that this goes into the system so if there is a fire not onlly do you hear the alarm but you also get someone coming across the box!
Posted on 8/15/2019
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