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Emergency Lock Box


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  • Hanging Lock Box:
  • Dimensions: 6 x 2.5 x 1.5 in.
  • Weight: 13.2 oz
  • Shatter-proof
  • Holds up to 5 keys
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Product Description


The Perfect Accessory For Your Home

The emergency lock box is a must have when using a medical alert device. It allows you to grant access to EMS in the case of an emergency. Otherwise, EMS are mandated to enter the home by any means necessary. This means broken windows and doors are a real possibility. With the emergency lock box, Alert1 will make sure EMS has the passcode to retrieve your key and harmlessly enter your residence to get you the help you need.

Durable and Secure 

With a large compartment, the emergency lock box can hold up to five house, car or padlock keys. This means you can safely store the keys to your two cars, your home, the shed and the gate into the backyard. Also, our emergency lock box is built to last. Withstanding the elements year after year, this is the last emergency lock box you’ll need. You can rest assured that all your keys are safe within the sound design of the lock box. Our lock box is reinforced to withstand hammering and sawing.

Not only is our lock box extremely functional, but it will also fit with the design of your home. We made an aesthetically pleasing lock box that you can hang anywhere without drawing attention. It is designed to easily be hung on any doorknob, fence or railing.

Easy to Use

We tried to think of everything. That’s why we made installation simple as well. There are no tools required. By locking the loop around any doorknob or other secure object, you will have installed the emergency lock box. In order to remove the emergency lock box, simply use your four-digit combination to unlock the lock box and remove it.

Your 4-digit code can be easily programmed and changed at any time. You can share the code with a trusted neighbor, family member or emergency services.  

Our lock box features a hardened shackle that is vinyl coated. This allows you to latch it onto any door knob or latch without scratching it.

A Lock Box Allows Help To Enter Your Home Fast

Imagine you're walking through the kitchen and you slip on a bit of cooking grease that you used the day before to cook an omelet. You fall to the floor and are unable to get back onto your feet. Fortunately, you're wearing a medical alert pendant from Alert1. You push your button and a friendly representative from our Command Center stays on the line with you until help arrives. EMS are on their way, but you don't have a lock box. You certainly can't unlock the front door, so when they arrive they break the door in to get to you as quickly as possible. You were helped up in a timely manner, but now you need a new front door. Unfortunately, EMS isn't going to flip the bill and you're stuck paying out of pocket for something that you never planned on replacing.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

If you have an emergency lock box from Alert1, you will be spared this significant expense. After you press your button, our command center will notify EMS if that’s the help you need and they will have the information to find and access the emergency lock box quickly. Once you've ordered your lock box, call us and we'll make sure EMS knows the code to get safe access to your home. If you ever change your four digit passcode or move the lock box to another location, by giving Alert1 a call, we’ll be able update that information with EMS.

With a lockbox, you'll have the care you need without any costly repairs to your home. You’ll also have peace of mind in your home when using your medical alert device from Alert1.


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Saved the day
Herman B (Kenilworth, NJ)
The emergency lock box saved the day when I locked my keys in the house, and had to drive to an important appointment pronto. I haven't had a medical emergency yet, but I appreciate the ease of use and test reminders. I also like the additional call buttons which I installed low on the wall of different floors in my split level. That way I can crawl to them and activate in case I am unable to stand up and walk.

Posted on 11/19/2014
Smart Investment
Nick (Dracut, MA)
If you don't want to have to spend $1,000 to replace your front door if the paramedics need to get to you fast, I recommend one of these. I feel much better having it and knowing EMS can get into my mother's house quickly, but it keeps the keys 100% secure.
Posted on 8/26/2014

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