Automatic Medication Dispenser Reminder & Organizer

Automatic Medication


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  • As simple to set as a digital clock
  • Extra-large LED display
  • Program up to four medication reminders per day
  • Tamper-proof container
  • Includes 48-hour rechargeable battery back-up for power failures or travel
  • Add additional pill tray and simply switch out when it’s time to refill

Product Details

Medication Dispenser Reminder & Organizer

  • Safety
    • If a patient misses a dose, the medication dispenser reminder denies access to the missed dose
    • Compartments keep medications in place when turned upside-down or shaken
    • Dispenser is protected by a lock to prevent tampering
    • Switches automatically to rechargeable battery power if AC power is unavailable
    • Includes card holder in bottom for physical copy of patient’s prescription
    • Large 1.5” LED display
    • Made in the USA
  • Alarms
    • Audible alarm on medication dispenser reminder notifies patient of dosage times
    • Alerts and dispenses up to 4 times daily
    • 85 dB at 10 cm, 400 Hz
    • Continuous low frequency alarm until pills are removed
  • Dimensions
    • Diameter: 11.5”
    • Height: 3”
    • Weight: 1.4 lbs.
    • Pill compartments: 1” x ½” x ¾”
  • Capacity
    • Compartments holds up to 9 M&M sized pills each
    • Dispenser holds 28 doses
      • 4 doses/day for 7 days
      • 3 doses/day for 9 days
      • 2 doses/day for 14 days
      • 1 dose/day for 28 days
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Product Description

It is estimated that 50% of prescriptions dispensed annually are not taken correctly, and that 30% of all hospital admissions for people over 65 are directly attributable to medication non-compliance. A medication dispenser reminder is the easiest way to change those statistics.


Prevent missed doses and double dosing with Alert1's medication dispenser reminder - an easy-to-use solution that simplifies scheduled medicine doses. This device will eliminate the hassle of remembering what medications to take. The built-in timer also allows users to organize medications the must be taken at a certain time. You'll never have to worry about remembering to check the organizer because the alarm will make sure you know when to take your medication. 


Take up to four prescriptions each day with our medication dispenser reminder and rest assured that you are following the doctor's orders. 


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Awesome and Simple
Jett (VA) (Chester)
When my mom initially saw the machine she got frustrated and sad and said "I wish that everything didn't have to be so complicated". After filling the dispenser for her she was thrilled because is was easy enough for her to do it on her own. Great device.
Posted on 4/5/2016
Best machine Ever
Theresa (Michigan)
I got this for my mother and I sleep much better knowing she is getting the medication she needs when she needs them. I found it easy to use. My other feels 100% better too.
Posted on 9/22/2015
So much peace of mind
Laura (FL)
I've been so worried that my grandmother will overdose or just plain ol forget her medicaition. I'm so glad to have this, it make me feel so much better!
Posted on 8/27/2014
very useful
jackie (ca)
my mom tends to forget her medication. this has been very useful for helping her remember!
Posted on 8/27/2014
I got this for my mom
Janet (CA)
I wanted my mom to have something that helps her remember to take the medicine. So far she's been happy with it!
Posted on 8/27/2014
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