How Does Mobile Fall Detection Work?

Our customers love and depend on Alert1’s line of medical alert systems for seniors. Our new PAX mobile fall detection system will allow you to travel away from home while still enjoying our popular fall detection. This new medical alert system uses GPS and 3G cellular networks to find your location in an emergency. Advanced sensors in the help button will automatically call for help if they detect a fall. With PAX mobile fall detection, you get complete protection everywhere you go. 

Mobile Fall Detection is Easy to Set Up

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Every aspect of the PAX GPS medical alert has been designed with ease of use in mind. Setting up the fall detection system is easier than reheating leftovers.

First, plug the small end of the charging cord into the back of the dock and plug the large end into a wall outlet. Next, place the help button into the charger and follow the friendly voice prompts.

After charging your medical alert pendant for 4 hours, you can turn the mobile fall detection pendant on. Press and hold the call button until the battery indicator light flashes. When you hear the audio message: “Your mobile responder is ready”, your device is activated.

Once your help pendant is charged, press the button to test your system. In moments you will reach the US-based monitoring team at our Command Center. Let our friendly operators know that you’re testing, and they can answer any questions you have. They will lead you every step of the way.

To turn your medical alert off, you must click the call button twice. Hold it the second time until you are prompted to press it once more to confirm. At this point you’ll hear “Powering off now. Goodbye”. 

In Case of an Emergency

 If you ever need help, hold the call button down. The response team at our Alert1 Command Center will come on the line to help you.

All our medical alert systems use your Alert1 Circle of Care to contact the right people in the unfortunate event of an accident. We can contact a neighbor, a family member, or call 911. For example, if you have an accident, we can automatically call your neighbor and ask them to check on you. Or we can send your daughter to come help.


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The battery used in the PAX mobile fall detection device will hold a charge for up to 24 hours. The help pendant has an indicator light to show the level of charge, so you won’t be caught off guard with a dead battery. A green light will notify you of full charge, yellow indicates moderate charge, and a red light indicates low battery. Internal sensors will shut of the device when it gets too hot, so it’s best not to leave your button lying in the sun.

How Automatic Fall Detection Works

PAX mobile fall detection uses over 190 parameters to calculate when a fall has occurred. The medical alert button uses advanced sensors to measure orientation, impact intensity, and impact speed of a fall. If it senses a fall, PAX mobile fall detection will place a call to the Alert1 Command Center. The entire process takes only 35-40 seconds.

PAX GPS medical alert system knows when it is dropped or thrown, so it will not send out an emergency signal in these instances. While false triggers are highly uncommon, you can reduce false alarms by wearing your help button on a lanyard tucked inside your clothing.

If you do experience a false alarm, simply tell the emergency responder that it was an accident and that you don’t need help. We know these things happen. That’s why we don’t charge you for button presses. Feel free to press your button at any time.

PAX uses GPS as well as an internal antenna for Location Based Service (LBS) to pinpoint your location. This great technology means you don’t have to know where you are if an emergency occurs. The Command Center will send help directly to your location. 

Other Great Features

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In addition to its ease of use and high-tech components, the PAX mobile fall detection system is highly water-resistant. The mobile fall detection button is even safe to wear in the shower! Also, the help button can be dropped on the ground or sat on without breaking. Weighing in at only 49 grams, its weight is comparable to an egg. Seniors, you can rest assured that PAX has your back!

The Perfect Companion

Alert1 members love Kelsi, our first Mobile Medical Alert, because you can take it anywhere. Now you can get even more protection with fall detection on the go. You can rest assured knowing that PAX medical alert is just as mobile, and has the added benefit of our GPS fall detection technology. Go anywhere, do anything and let PAX be there for you.