About the Alert1 Staff: Meet Trevor Robertson

Trevor Robertson

Trevor Robertson is a marketing intern atAlert1. Trevor is studying Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship at San Jose State University. He chose San Jose State to learn entrepreneurship in the backyard of the country’s greatest entrepreneurs.

He loves discovering new music, spending time with his family, working on his car and going for long drives on windy roads. The greatest joys in life come from creating value and improving things in a way that provides value to others. Trevor’s interest in innovation also led him to Tesla Motors where he also works in sales.

Trevor is an old soul with tremendous respect for the things that made America great. Oldies History should be a required course in elementary school and American muscles cars should have a regulatory body that ensures their owners keep them in good running order. Pumpkin pie will always hit the spot and baseball is the best way to bring passionate people together.

Forever seeking the purist driving experience, Trevor drives a 1986 Porsche 944 with an exhaust leak and a leaky sunroof. Driving without airbags or other modern safety features only adds to the thrill of driving.

His passion for service and innovation led him to Alert1, where we offer seniors the best medical alert systemson the market. Being part of a highly motivated team with a common goal is the best part of the job. It’s rewarding to help seniors live fulfilling lives that they have worked so hard to enjoy.

He was born and raised in the suburban community of Livermore, California where he resides today.   


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