What if I press my alert button and you can’t hear me?

Updated 7/31/2017 10:06am | Caregivers can only be in one place at a time. Unfortunately that means someone won’t always be nearby to care for you. What will happen if you need immediate attention and a caregiver isn’t around? 

The unfortunate truth is that seniors in need of assistance can’t get help when they need it. That’s why Alert1 responds immediately when you press the help button on your medical alert system. Our systems ensure those in need of care will receive the help they need in the event of an emergency. Here's how our service helps you even when you can't speak.

What happens when I press my senior help button?

Your Alert1 help button connects you directly to our Monitoring Center. We respond to every button press as if it were a real emergency unless you tell us you’re just testing. Alert1 provides critical care for members even if we are unable to hear a response from them. We’ll still follow procedure to ensure that they receive immediate attention.

After the senior alert button is pressed, our team of US-based operators quickly responds to the member through the your home or mobile unit. The operators will talk to you, assess the situation, and contact your Circle of Care.

As emergency services comes to their location we stay on the line with your loved one until help arrives. We will update you and the others in the Circle of Care so that you are kept in the loop on your loved one’s status.

We understand that incidents can occur at any moment, so when your loved one presses their button we immediately contact them to see if they are in need of help. In the instance that your loved one isn’t conscious or isn’t able to respond, we send them immediate help and follow the customized procedures you set up.

Together with your loved one, you can customize the circle of care. We can send an emergency responder or you can have a friend or a neighbor as the first to respond in the event of an incident. This list can also be changed or altered at any time.

What happens if Alert1 can’t hear me?

If your loved one triggers the fall detection medical alert system but is nonresponsive in our attempts to communicate, we’ll contact you and the others in your Circle of Care. Our Monitoring Services will go to any length to ensure your health and safety if you’re in jeopardy. The beauty of our system is that we support you for any life circumstance, anytime.

We respond to any distress call from your senior help button within two football fields of the POM Unit, and the Kelsi unit works anywhere you go. Whether or not we can hear you, we will still respond. With us you’ll never have to worry about being unheard in your time of need. Your loved one doesn’t need to say a single word to call for help. 

The Fall Detection system adds another layer of protection so that you can get help even if you are unable to press the help button. Your help pendant will alert us in the instance a member has fallen and will call for help automatically. The senior alert button then wirelessly communicates to the POM unit and notifies the Monitoring Center of the incident. The accelerometers within the senior alert button are sensitive and have been calibrated to detect falls but not sound the alarm during every day wear.

If the alarm does trigger automatically, simply tell the operator that you are okay and don’t need help.  Again, if you are not able to verbally communicate to our operators, your personalized processes kick in to alert those within your circle of care or emergency responders as needed.    

Who does Alert1 contact in an emergency?

When your senior medical alert system is activated, your personalized circle of care will be notified. Your custom contacts will be notified if you’re in a non-responsive state or if we’re unable to hear from you. Additionally we’ll stay on the line with you while your help is on the way. In your loved one’s time of need, we make sure you are the first to know of any such incidents or mishaps that take place.

If we’re unable to reach the contacts within the circle of care and you are unresponsive, we may then escalate the situation for emergency responders to intervene. From our long track record within the business of medical alert services, we find that it’s best to err on the side of caution. We contact those that can provide the utmost care in the quickest amount of time. We are ever vigilant in our mission to get our members back on their feet in the event of an accident. 

You can trust Alert1

Alert1 follows the highest industry standards to provide superior monitoring services. We’ve received CSAA Five Diamond certification for the exceptional service that we provide our members. We’ve achieved Consumer Affairs Accreditation for unparalleled consumer satisfaction. Plus we are cheaper than Life Alert costs.

At Alert1 we recognize the need for family, friends, or emergency services to be alerted in the instance a loved one becomes impaired. Our dedicated monitoring services keep their ears to the ground to come to your aid at any hour of the day. With an Alert1 medical alert system, you’ll be heard in your time of need even if you’re unable to express it verbally. Join today to receive the peace of mind and safety attributed Alert1’s well-established service.