Medical Alert Bracelet vs. Medical ID Bracelet: What’s the Difference?

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Updated 7/12/17 3:30pm | Alert1 is here to clear the air on the age old debate. Medical alert bracelet and medical ID bracelet: what’s the difference? Many of our members confuse the names of these two products. And we can see why! We’re here to help you straighten things out. 

What’s The Big Difference?

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A medical alert bracelet is the alarm button part of a medical alert system. It allows you to call for help with the push of a button at any time.

medical ID bracelet has a medical ID tag that has on it your medical information. In case of a medical emergency, EMTs will see the bracelet and know how to give you personalized care.

Though both bracelets help keep you safe, they have very different functions. A medical alert button is what lets you call for help, and a medical ID bracelet helps emergency responders know how best to treat you.

What is a Medical ID Bracelet?

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A medical ID bracelet is a bracelet you wear around your wrist that has your medical ID information on the tag. A medical ID speaks for you when you are unable to communicate.

With the medical ID tag containing your information, you do not have to worry about relaying your medical information to EMTs when you are experiencing a medical emergency.

One of the first things EMTs will do when they reach you is check for a medical ID tag. The information it contains can be crucial to get you the help you need quickly, while avoiding misdiagnosis and delayed treatment.

Don’t make the EMTs guess your health circumstances when you can wear the answer on your wrist!

What Information Do You Put on the Medical ID Bracelet?

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Your Alert1 medical ID bracelet comes with medical condition stickers for easy personalization. These stickers will alert EMT to your health condition so they can get you specialized care.

These labels easily allow emergency responders to evaluate your senior health. Your medical ID tag will help your responders take the best possible care of you when you need it the most.

Do You Need a Medical ID Bracelet?

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Let us answer that with a question: do you have any sort of medical condition that requires specialized treatment? If the answer is yes, you should wear a medical ID bracelet.

If there is the possibility that you will need emergency specialized help, a medical ID bracelet will help you get the care you need quickly.

You never know if you will be unable to communicate your medical history to EMTs when you are in distress. It is better to be safe than sorry. Wearing a medical ID bracelet will give you peace of mind knowing that it will speak for you if you can’t. 

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What is a Medical Alert Bracelet?

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medical alert bracelet is an alarm button for seniors that comes as part of the Alert1 medical alert system. The help button is what allows you to easily call for help.

When you press your alarm help button, you are contacted to the Alert1 Command Center. A highly trained US-based operator will come on the line and ask you if you need help.

If you need help, or if you are unable to respond, we will send you help to you from your Circle of Care. Your Circle of Care is your personalized list of responders.

We will send whomever you specify, whether that is a neighbor or EMS. The Command Center operator will stay on the line with you until help arrives.

Alert1 offers unlimited button pushes and unlimited talk time. We encourage you to push your alarm button whenever you need help, at any time. You will never be alone with Alert1’s senior medical alert systems.

Medical alert bracelets and medical alert pendants are showerproof, so you can wear them anywhere. Whether you are doing dishes, taking a shower, or bathing the dog, your alarm button can protect you. You will never feel alone with help only a touch away.

What About Medical Alert Fashions?

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Alert1 wants you to feel comfortable wearing your medical alert bracelet or medical alert pendant for seniors. You can get your alarm button as either a bracelet or an alert pendant

Seniors can be both safe and stylish! We offer a variety of stylish lanyards and bracelets for you to choose from. You will not feel the need to hide your senior alert button with these accessories.

For medical alert bracelets in particular, we recommend our slapbands. Made of durable and lightweight silicone, they are easy and fun to put on. 

Do You Need a Medical Alert Button?

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According to the CDC, 1 in 3 seniors will fall this year. Don’t let yourself or your parents be part of that statistic.

If you have fallen and struggled to get up, are at risk of a sudden medical emergency, or have concerned family members, an Alert1 fall detection system is right for you. Be sure to scan the alert device market for the best pricing. Here is a comparison guide between Alert1 and Life Alert costs.

It is incredibly reassuring to be able to call for help at the touch of a button. Don’t be caught alone without a way to call for help. Get the peace of mind that comes with a medical alert system.

Time to Go Order a Medical ID Bracelet and a Medical Alert Button!

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As you can see, a medical alert button and a medical ID bracelet are very different things, even though they both help keep you safe.

A medical alert button in combination with a medical alert system allows you to call for help with the simple press of a button.

Once help arrives, a medical ID bracelet ensures that EMT know how to best treat you. Both allow you to get the help you need. The two systems are best used in conjunction with each other for an additional level of senior protection and peace of mind.

Feel protected and secure with your medical alert button and medical ID bracelet. Continue to live safely and independently.

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