Medical Alert Accessories: Safe and Stylish

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Updated 9/9/2015 11:21am | Your medical alert system keeps you safe, and you love the peace of mind you feel knowing help is only a touch away, 24/7. But you wish the pendant or wristband weren’t so plain. Alert1 has the perfect solution for you with our beautiful accessories. The days of hiding your medical alert alarm button are gone! With enough styles to go with every outfit, medical alert necklaces match any styles.

Why do I need a medical alert accessory?

If you would rather hear people say “What a beautiful necklace!” than “You’ve got one of those medical machines!” then an Alert1 medical alert accessory is for you. There is no shame in wearing an alarm button, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun dressing it up! We offer a variety of options so that you can mix and match the different styles. And it doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune on name brands like Life Alert. Our pricing is better!

Necklaces and lanyards

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Our elegant necklaces and lanyards are the perfect accessory for your medical alert system. It transforms your alarm button into a piece of jewelry you will love to wear. Every one of our necklaces is not only beautiful but also sturdy and easy to put on. They are perfect for adding a dash of elegance to every day.

One of our most stunning necklaces is the Pink Ribbon Necklace. The Pink Ribbon Necklace was specially designed to honor the fight against breast cancer. The necklace is handmade with lustrous glass beads and glossy pink ribbons. The pink and clear beads convey gentleness and femininity, but the ribbons represent strength and grit. The necklace is also easy to remove with a magnetic breakaway safety clasp.  Everyone will admire your pride and style with the Pink Ribbon Necklace!

We always encourage you to maintain an exercise routine. For the active parts of your day, check out our bling gemstone lanyards. Available in multiple colors such asblueandpink, these lanyards will add sparkle to your day with your every movement. You don’t have to save these for your workout: they are pretty enough to wear all the time! Like your alarm button, these lanyards are waterproof. It is important to wear your help button at all times, so don’t worry about getting it wet!

Wristbands for your help button

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Do you prefer to wear your alarm button on your wrist? We have options for you! Our wristbands are waterproof, soft, and comfortable. Available in grey, blue, and purple, these slapbands are fun and easy to put on: just bend them around your wrist! Your help button will always be in reach so that you can call for help. 

Can’t choose a medical alert accessory?

designer colelction. alert1 medical alert system

Can’t choose which fabulous accessory is your favorite? Want them all? Well now you can, with our Designer Collection! With three hand-picked wristbands and four lanyards, you will receive a variety of styles and colors. You will be able to wear something new every day. The Designer Collection also includes the Blue Rubber Necklace, which you can only get as part of this collection!

You can also get the Half Designer Collection with three of Alert1’s best-selling accessories. We know you will love this collection with its long-lasting favorites. This is perfect for those who want to add variety to their medical alert system.

Medical alert accessories make perfect gifts

Medical Emergency Alarm Lock Box - Hanging. alert1 medical alert system

Give your loved one the gift of a new style and they are sure to be pleased. Their Alert1 senior medical alert system gives them the gift of safety and these accessories are perfect for keeping their alarm button nearby at all times. We know making decisions can be difficult, especially if you’re buying for a loved one. If you’re having trouble deciding, the Designer Collections are perfect for you. No matter which one you choose, they are sure to love these beautiful accessories! 

How can you get even more protection?

We offer other upgrades to your Alert1 medical alert system for increased protection. Would you like an extra help button to protect another loved one in the same home? Need a medical ID bracelet? How about a wall-mounted button to put by your bed or tub? Check out our system upgrades to protect others in your home!

To help emergency services get to you without delay, we offer emergency lockboxes. Place your house key inside this secure box and attach to your door. It can only be opened with the proper combination. If you require emergency services we will give them the code. This helps them get to you faster and means they do not have to break down your door.

Our monitored smoke detector is another fantastic addition to your medical alert system. You no longer need to worry about if you will be able to hear the alarm go off. With our monitored service, we will make sure you are safe. We know that accidents happen, so if the alarm is triggered we will immediately call you and subsequently your circle of care until we get an answer. If there is no response and if it’s not an accidental alarm, we will call 911 for you. You can personalize who we call before we call 911. This will avoid the pitfalls of a false alarm. Most fire alarms do nothing more than create noise. We will make sure you and your home are protected.

Safe and stylish

Alert1’s senior medical alert systems will keep you safe. Our accessories offer you additional protection and ways to make that protection fun and stylish.