Revolutionize Your Senior Style

Updated 8/5/14 11:05 am | As you age in place, a senior medical alert system from Alert1 provides the proper safeguards in and around your home. But maybe you’ve hesitated getting an emergency system for seniors because of the unappealing button. Maybe you don’t want to signal to everyone that, despite the excitement of the coming golden years, you require a little aid. 

In the end, your desire to live safely and independently wins out. You are taking initiative and being proactive about the lifestyle you want to maintain. In fact, you not only want to live safely and independently, you want to live safely and independentlyin style. And boy, has Alert1 got the ultimate "bling" to up your fashion. Indulge your inner fashionista with these stylish senior necklaces


red button bling. alert1 medical alert systems

Lightweight. Durable. Stainless steel. With white pearls, onyx stones, bling gemstones, sunset colored gems—the options are many. These bejeweled necklaces outfit your alarm pendant fabulously. With a magnetic clasp, these necklaces are easy to wear but difficult to slip off. That way, your senior safety button is with you wherever you go.


red button pearls. alert1 medical alert systems

Alert1 has even designed the alarm button itself to match your necklaces. Our senior medical alert system becomes an accessory to match your outfits—now available in Dazzling Blue or Radiant Orchid (2014 Color of the Year!). Plan your ensembles ahead of time by pairing them with a different necklace each week. Senior medical alert systems are designed to match your youthful flair and posh elegance. Not to mention, Alert1 is cost effective as well as stylish. Check out how we compare to Life Alert costs.


orchid button pearls. alert1 medical alert systems

Going for a little more color? Alert1 offers sleek, vibrant slap-bands for seniors to wear comfortably on your wrist. Long-lasting and sure to stay, these bands coincide with your waterproof alarm device. This is perfect for seniors with arthritis that struggle with the clasp on standard wristbands. 


slap band colors. alert1 medical alert systems

Like ‘em? Awesome. Word on the street is your new favorite necklace is on sale. Our collection of fashion accessories are the perfect gift for your senior friends or family members. Each of these items have their own charisma and charm. You may even consider purchasing multiple help button accessories to switch them out during the week. One things certain, safety and style never looked so good!

Go ahead. Strut in your home with confidence. Garden in safety and style. Your neighbor will be sure to compliment you. Or express slight jealousy. Either way, you take it in stride.