Stylish and Comfortable Caregiver Fashion

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Caregiving is a hard job. Cleaning, bending, getting dirty, reaching, and lifting are all part of your everyday routine. But just because you’re a caregiver doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish and feel great. 

Alert1 knows you want to be comfortable and able to help your loved one whenever they need it. We are here to help. Alert1 medical systems looked to the runway to find fashion-forward yet practical pieces that are ideal for caregiving.  Here are some of the top fall fashion trends that you can rock while staying comfortable and agile, so you can be there for the people you love.

The Essentials

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  • A Black Jacket. You can never go wrong with this classic wardrobe staple! Whether it’s leather, cotton or wool, there is nothing better than a jacket that looks chic, but is also comfy and cozy during the winter months. A black jacket is the definition functional and stylish. Search for one that hits you at the hips. This length makes it easier for you to bend, twist and move when taking care of your elderly loved one. 
  • Polished Jeans. A pair of polished jeans will update your look and keep you looking youthful, while giving you the freedom to move and be active. When shopping for jeans, avoid super-stretch fabric. Look for dark jeans with 2 percent elastic fiber. This will give you enough stretch to feel comfortable and move freely, without looking frumpy. Mid-rise, boot cut and straight leg cuts are good choices for staying comfortable while caregiving.

  • Roomy handbags - Keep in mind your daily caregiving activities when choosing a handbag.  Choose one that is big enough to fit all of the things you need for caregiving. Over-the-shoulder bags are great because you'll always have your hands free to help your loved one.

  • Thin Belts. Thin belts are hot accessories this season! Use it to cinch in your waist when wearing flowy tops or full dresses.  Defining your waist will make you look thinner and give you shape, rather than looking like a rectangle in loose tops or dresses. A belt will keep loose fabric closer to your body, so there's nothing that will get in the way as you are bending or lifting to assist your loved one.

  • Ankle booties. Ankle booties are a comfier, yet just-as-fashionable alternative to heels for this fall. Ankle booties come in a variety of heel heights to fit everyone’s needs. The heels on these booties are thicker than your standard heel. They allow you to move easier and faster than normal heels would, so you can be up on your feet if your elderly loved one needs you.

Trends to Try

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  • Minimalism. This simply means don’t overdo it on the accessories! Staying simple and clean will help you to look younger and trendier. Too many accessories can get in the way of your daily activities as a caregiver. You don’t want your dangly earrings, heavy necklace and hundreds of bracelets to get in the way of helping your loved one get dressed! If you love jewelry, try to stick to one or two statement pieces. 

  • Plaid. Get ready to pile on the print this fall! Plaid is versatile and youthful while still looking pulled together and classic. Try a nice A-line midi-dress in a plaid print, or even wear a plaid coat to give a little pop of color to a classic all-black ensemble. Prints like plaid are great for hiding stains, so you won’t have to worry if you need to get a little dirty while caregiving.
  • Midi-Length Hemlines. Midi-dresses and skirts are flattering for women of all ages. Midi-length skirts and dresses have hemlines that end right above or right below your knee.  Mid-length hemlines still look feminine, but you won’t have to worry about them creeping up or showing too much skin when you bend and move while taking care of your loved one. You shouldn’t have to worry about your hemline when you are busy caregiving.

One Last Tip

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  • Go to a tailor. Clothing fits everyone differently. When you get your clothes made to fit you, they will ultimately be much more flattering and feel like a second skin. Say goodbye to pants that slip down as the day goes on, or dresses that don’t fit your shoulders properly.  Getting your clothes tailored will keep your clothes from distracting you while you are running errands, preparing food, or cleaning the house. That leaves your mind free to focus your full attention on your caregiving.

Don’t Forget About Yourself

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Alert1 knows the challenges you face as a caregiver. We know that it’s a hard job. We want you to remember, in the midst of taking care of others, you should also take care of yourself. Being a caregiver doesn’t mean you have to throw your love of fashion out the window. There are plenty of ways to stay stylish and comfortable this fall, while still being able to succeed at your hard, yet rewarding job.