6 Must-Have iPhone Accessories for Seniors

Updated 8/28/15 4:34pm | As smart home technology and personal devices advance in functionality, Alert1 has kept pace with our senior alert products. Today’s seniors want more than a medical alert system and fall alert device to help them age in place. They want a full suite of technology like everyone else. They want the iPhone. Since its launch in 2007, the iPhone’s capabilities have expanded tenfold. The number of accessories for seniors and broader market has become more expansive. 

From styluses to external TVs, these six iPhone accessories are a must have for seniors. They will help keep you and your senior alert and getting the most out of your gadgets.

Boxwave Keyboard Buddy iPhone Case

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As we age, our eyes experience retinal damage from the sun. For that reason, touchscreens can be tricky for seniors. Not only are the letters harder to see, but the lack of physical buttons can give one the feeling that the phone didn’t register their tap. That means lots of hi’s starting with 10 (or more!) h’s. This clever case, which comes with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, will stop that problem, so the only thing you have left to worry about is autocorrect.


 $71.95 (www.boxwave.com)

Spigen Stylus Pen

spigenstylus pen. alert1 medical alert system

Don’t want to put a bulky case on that wonderfully sleek phone you just got? Do you have senior onset arthritis and difficulty with holding sleek objects? This stylus might be the answer, especially if dexterity is a problem. Its silicon tip is perfect for tapping those teeny, tiny letters with amazing precision. Say goodbye to r’s instead of e’s!

$19.99 (www.spigen.com

Kenu Highline Bungee Leash

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Speaking of decreased dexterity, nothing is a greater consequence than dropping that shiny, new phone and ending up with a cracked screen or, worse, a phone that no longer works. Although cases are a great way to prevent breakage, they don’t ensure against loss or theft. Enter Kenu’s Highline: it’ll make sure your iPhone is never more than 30 inches away! It’s like our Alert1 fall detection button as it keeps you protected in the event of an incident.


$19.95 (www.kenu.com)

Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation External Battery

external battery. alert1 medical alert systems

Remember the good old days when cell phone batteries lasted for weeks at a time (ok, fine, days)? You never had to worry about your battery running out half way through the day. But times have changed and the demands on a phone’s battery have increased exponentially. Perhaps one of the greatest criticisms of the iPhone is its short battery life. To prevent yourself from getting stranded without a phone, try this external battery pack. It’s compact and gives your phone a few extra hours no matter where you are. Alert1 knows the importance of battery life since many of our senior medical devices have backup batteries.


$79.95 (www.mophie.com

Apple TV

apple tv. alert1 medical alert system

Now that your phone is safe, easy to navigate and fully charged, it’s time to have some fun with it. The Apple TV turns your phone into a portable media hotspot, meaning whatever you see on your phone’s screen, you can now see on a tv screen. Seniors can also access websites, iTunes applications and external content that piques their interest. Recorded some home videos of the grandkids with that awesome camera? This small and simple device allows you to watch them in high-definition.


$99 (www.apple.com/appletv)

iPhone for Seniors for Dummies

iphone-for-seniors-for-dummies. alert1 medical alert system

While all these add-ons make your phone much easier to use, they don’t tell you how to do what you want with your phone. You can send emails, download apps or take pictures. A plethora of other useful and fun pursuits await you if you only knew how. This book is specifically geared toward seniors. It addresses every question you could have about your iPhone all in a fun, accessible and cheeky way.


$14.68 (www.amazon.com