The Designer Collection - Half

The Designer Collection - Half


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Our hand-picked designer collection features the most popular Medical Alert System accessories: 

All our medical alert necklaces are compatible with your Alert1 home medical alert button (not fall detection), Kelsi mobile medical alert pendant, as well as with Life Alert and Lifeline medical alert buttons. 

All our wristbands are compatible with your Alert1 home medical alert button (not fall detection).

Product Description

This Designer Collection features our best accessories – all 3 items are in Alert1 best-selling list. Switch up your style and wear it with confidence! The Silver Heart Necklace has been a long-lasting favorite among Alert1 members. Its simple yet sophisticated design has won over many hearts. This is why we picked it to be part of this Designer Collection. The Stunning Silver Heart Necklace is handmade with beautiful glass beads and held together by a durable steel wire. You’ll be able to enjoy the style with a peace of mind. The Blue Rubber Necklace is a truly unique item – it is not available for individual sale. We offer it exclusively with our Designer Collection. Its value lies in its resilience and durability. Because it is also 100% showerproof
you can wear anywhere, worry-free. Wear this blue necklace to the pool or shower and know that you are completely safe and protected. For the days you’d like to take a break from wearing your emergency button as a necklace, we offer you the Blue Wristband. It hugs your wrist snugly as it wraps safely around it. It is made of durable silicone, which is soft to touch and will not irritate your skin. Our members have found that this custom made wrist band is the perfect alternative to a necklace. Due to popular demand, the Blue Wristband has found its rightful place in the Designer Collection. Our Alert1 team pays close attention to the wishes of modern seniors. We know that style is not just for the young. Older adults also want to show off their personality – some
with more panache than others. That is why we have picked the items in this collection – the Blue Rubber Necklace is a fun and bright accessory, while the Stunning Silver Heart brings elegance and ageless beauty. Each of these items has its own charisma and charm. This collection of fashion accessories is the perfect pick for someone who hasn’t found their favorite one yet. Here is your change to try out three different and equally attractive accessories. Once you have found the style that matches your personality, you’ll be able to find more items on our . To buy the Designer Collection for yourself or your loved one, call today at 866-581-4540.

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Harriet (Fremont, CA)
I have both a wristband and a lanyard, so this package was perfect for what I needed.
Posted on 10/26/2017
Good variety collection
Alison (WA)
Couldn't decide which accessory I liked the best - this is a good mix of items that I actually like to wear.
Posted on 8/27/2014