How Big Is the Button On My Medical Alert System?

alert1 help pendant

Updated 8/7/17 12 | Alert1 is always looking for ways to streamline and effortlessly incorporate senior solutions for aging in place. People searching for a senior medical alert system almost always ask how big the emergency help button actually is.

The short answer is that all of our emergency call buttons are comfortably sized so they are easy to wear and push, but the exact answers depends on which service you choose. Plus, we have many tips on how to personalize your button! 


What Does it Look Like?

Pendant and Wrist buttons
  • The home medical alert button is rectangular with an oval button that is easy to press when you need help. 
  • The emergency call button’s dimensions are: 1” width, 1.5” height, and 0.5” depth. The pendant is small enough that you can wrap your hand around the entire thing, but the button is big enough to easily press during an emergency.
  • The classic emergency call button can also be worn like a watch. When you wear your emergency call button on a wristband, everyone will assume it’s a watch. 


blue slapband cropped. alert1 medical alert system

For those who find buckling a watch a bit of a hassle, we have something just for you! Alert1 offersslap bands!

  • The slap band fits snugly around your wrist when slapped. This means that your medical home alert will always be the perfect fit.
  • These slap bands come in multiple colors. There is a gray one that fits perfectly any color you might be wearing. 
  • We also offer slap bands in blue and purple. The best thing about these slap bands is that they are made out of silicone. This means that you can get your button and slap band wet without worry. So make sure to wear your button in the shower or bath.

Fall Detection Medical Alert System

Fall Detection in Hand. alert1 medical alert systems

Alert1’s fall detection pendant is a shaped a little differently than our classic pendant because it houses the smart sensors that detect falls.

  • The pendant has a max height of 2.25”, a max width of 1.5”, and a thickness of 0.625”. Overall, the pendant's shape fits comfortably in your palm. 
  • The entire pendant is shaped like a tear-drop and the emergency call button is a mesmerizing circle of indigo.  
  • Inside the portable pendant is the advanced technology that works behind detecting falls. Caregivers and seniors stand to gain added protection and health benefits from this powerful fall detection button.



The Kelsi Mobile Medical Alert System

kelsi. alert1 mobile medical alert

The Kelsi mobile medical alert defies peoples’ expectations for a medical alert system.

  • It is entirely contained inside the black rectangular pendant. The pendant’s width and height are both 1.75”, while its depth is only 0.625 of an inch. 
  • The fully self-contained unit is still surprisingly light and most members tell us they hardly notice it’s there.s
  • The Kelsi pendant can either be worn around the neck on a comfortable necklace or be hung off the belt. With Kelsi, gone are the days of aging loved ones getting lost or not knowing where they are.


More Ways to Add Style

classic silver closeup. alert1 medical alert system

At Alert1, we want you or your loved one to stay safe with style. In order to better help you or your loved one age in style, we offer beautiful waterproof necklace accessories.

  • These handmade necklaces feature exquisite beads that will definitely impress. At the bottom of the necklace is a durable clasp specifically made to attach to the emergency call button. 
  • We offer our Pink Ribbon necklace, where you can show your support towards the fight against breast cancer. The necklace features lustrous glass beads and pink ribbons on a stainless steel wire. 
  • The necklace is lightweight yet durable, making it ideal for everyday use. Join the fight against breast cancer with Alert1!

We also offer other ribbon necklaces. All of these ribbons feature gemstones and comfortable fabric backing.

  • They also come with a metallic clasps that the emergency call button attaches to. Our most popular ribbon is the Sporty Pink Gemstones. 
  • It features a comfortable lanyard studded with pink, red, and white gemstones. We offer many more ribbons, including the Purple Tiara Ribbon and the Blue Bling Gemstones.
  • Alert1 medical alert systems offers a collection of accessories for you or your loved one if you don’t want to limit yourself to just one choice. It is called the Designer Collection. This way, you or your loved one can switch accessories to better fit your or your loved one’s wardrobe.



Alert1 Pendants Can be Used In Many Ways


All of Alert1’s medical alert systems for seniors have comfortable, easy to use emergency call buttons. With these great options, you or your loved can rest assured of their safety all around the house or on the go.

At Alert1 we make sure that our medical alarm systems keep our members safe and independent, all while being functional and portable.

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