Medical Alert Systems 101: What Seniors Should Know

Updated 8/13/15 12:21pm | Your first step towards sustainably aging in place is to join as an Alert1 member. Entering the world of senior medical alert systems can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. When you’re preparing for your next phase of life, you want to understand the lingo. We’ve collected a list of medical alert terms to help you better understand the world of personal emergency monitoring. 

1. Medical Alert System

Emergency Alarm System. alert1 medical alert systems

A service accessible to you at all hours, while at home or on the go, which ensures your complete health and safety. Also synonymous with medical alert systems for seniors. These systems have a range of pricing and companies who produce them, the most well-know of which is Life Alert. Here is a handy guide to compare Alert1 and Life Alert costs.

2. POM

A monitored base unit to be installed into your home which will connect you to our Command Center. Available for use in residences equipped with or without a landline. Also an acronym for the term “Peace of Mind” coined by our founder. 

3. Senior Help Button

Your senior companion device (wristwatch, necklace, or mobile device) that connects and notifies our Command Center from activating and pressing the help button. Once triggered, a trained specialist from our Command Center will advocate on your behalf so you receive the help and care you require. Accessorize your senior help button  and keep up with the latest fashions. You’ll find vibrant colors or sparkling gemstones for lanyards and wristbands. 

4. Mobile Medical Alert

A medical alert button for use on the go and for access and connection to our Command Center. The button will function anywhere, as opposed to solely in and around your home. Our mobile medical alert works at the grocery store, the local community park or wherever you're headed. Alert1's mobile medical alert,Kelsi, will ensure that you are protected wherever life takes you. 

5. Fall Detection

Our most popular advanced senior help button is now equipped with motion detection technology. This technology can sense a fall and will automatically alert our Command Center in the event you become incapacitated or immobilized. After a fall is detected and confirmed, protocol will kick in and we’ll immediately contact your Circle of Care. The fall detection medical alert uses the latest technology, contributing to its heightened popularity. 

6. Independent Living

senior runner. alert1 medical alert systems

Having the freedom to be well and be safe with minimal influence or reliance upon others. Reserving your ability to make choices and control the way you lead your day to day life (see aging in place).

7. Medication Management

A supplemental accessory offering which allows you to program up to four medication remindersper day.  With this device, you’ll be notified of prescribed medicines at scheduled intervals to ensure your health and wellbeing. 

8. Monitoring Services

To ensure your day to day activities are covered we have trained care providers available around the clock at our Command Center, to assist at your express command. Our Alert1 Command Center is TMA 5 Diamond Certified and UL listed which means that you will receive care and service of the highest caliber. In your time of need, ourMonitoring Servicesare at your disposal to notify persons, entities or agencies that will aid you immediately. 

9. Command Center

operator woman. alert1 medical alert systems

A resource available at all hours, 365 days a year. Your go-to lifeline to receive the care and support to live freely and independently. With Alert1 you also have the ability to personalize those who are notified and indicate your preferred method of care or help (see Circle of Care). 

10. Language Settings

Alert1 can respond to a distress call in 190 different languages. The service is able to be customized in any language ranging from Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Russian, Tagalog, Vietnamese, German, Korean, French, Italian, Portuguese and more! Give us a call to adjust your language settings on your own senior medical alert system.

11. Age in Place

Nursing home christmas. alert1 medical alert systems

Sustainable growth within a familiar and consistent home environment, with provisions included to help transition into your next stages of life. As defined by the Center for Disease Control,"Aging in place is the ability to live in one's own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level (National Center for Environmental Health, 2013)."With a senior medical alert system, you have a constant safeguard that easily implements into your existing lifestyle.

12. Response Condition

Detection and notification of your personal status via a trained service member at our Command Center. With that status information, we can alert the appropriate contact in the event of an unanticipated incident or occurrence. Trained Command center operators will assess how to respond from being alerted of your status after the Help Button is activated. The operators are trained thoroughly and rigorously to help you through any situation. We can alert the appropriate contact in the event of an unanticipated incident or occurrence, available to you at the press of a button.

13. Circle of Care

A list of personalized contacts (loved ones, friends, doctors, healthcare providers) that will be notified and alerted to respond to you from our Command Center. At Alert1, you’re able to customize or update this list as often as needed. You determine who answers when you press your senior help button.

14. Spouse Coverage

happy old couple. alert1 medical alert systems

An existing member can extend the medical alert service to their spouse or additional person within the same residence. That added member won’t need to pay extra to receive Monitoring Services from our Command Center; the only expense is the purchase of their additional alarm/panic button for individual use.

16. Test Calls

Having the ability to reach out to our Command Center at any point, 24/7. You get unlimited button pushes. We recommend testing the help button monthly to ensure that it is working properly. Please remember to state “this is a test” if you are testing the button. Our Command Center service members are more than happy to assist you with both emergency and nonemergency events.