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6 Secrets About Alert1 Medical Alert Systems

Updated: 7/22/15 3:30pm | The many facets of Alert1’s medical alarm system are geared towards keeping your loved one safe and independent. Our fully customizeable service is made to easily accomodate your needs. Senior help buttons easily incorporate into your routine so you don't have to change the way you live. Read our related article here if you're concerned about the safety and independence of your senior.

We have created a fun interactive quiz to help learn more about Alert1's amazing features! See how much you know about our highly acclaimed, life-saving service. 

Want to learn more? The quick reference below will guide you through how the alarm pendant and base unit works:

How does it work? 

The Alert1 base unit is a two-way communication system. Once the senior help button is pressed, the command center will respond within 30-45 seconds. From there, you can explain your situation and the responder will act accordingly.


Medical Alert base unit, pendant, and wall-mount button


What is the home medical alert system range?

The POM unit range covers 600 ft. This is about the size of two football fields! In that way, all types of homes are covered. The POM unit is also voice sensitive, so it can hear you from across the room. You can learn more about medical alert system coverage here. 

What if you are unable to respond?

If there is no response, the command center will first call the home. If there is still no answer, the command center will follow a preset protocol designed for you. They will contact your Circle of Care. The Circle of Care is the list of contacts you provide. These can be your neighbor, family or emergency personnel. 


senior gardening / med alert


Whether an emergency happens while you are gardening or elsewhere in the house, your safety is guaranteed. Read more information on resolving emergencies, even if you cannot respond.

Who can use Alert1 medical alert system?

Despite what Life Alert ® may advertise, medical alarm systems are for everyone and for any situation. Our members have been known to push the alarm button during home invasions. Adolescents can use the Alert1 alarm system without any instruction. A simple button push provides for their protection.


Seniors Eating / Medical Alert


What are your prices?

We believe that safety shouldn't be expensive which is why we pride ourselves on offering cost savings. The service is affordable and costs less than a dollar a day. We're confident that you'll choose Alert1 after comparing our prices to competitors in the market. 

If you have any more questions, feel free to give us a call 1-866-581-4540!