What Happens When I Press My Medical Help Button?

Updated 8/7/15 12:15pm | When you press your help button, you are immediately connected to the Alert1 Command Center. Our friendly operators are available 24/7 to help with any problem, big or small.

With Alert1, you get unlimited button pushes and talk time. Don’t ever hesitate to press your button, no matter what the issue is.

We will come on the line and ask you if you need help. We will call your personalized responders in your Circle of Care to come to your aid. We can notify your family members or caretakers to keep them in the loop. You will never feel alone –we stay on the line with you until help arrives. 

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What happens if I accidentally press my help button?

Even if you press the button on accident, it’s okay! Just tell the operator that it was an accident, and they will confirm your information and disconnect the call. We understand that accidental calls are bound to happen. Our caring operators are happy to hear from you, never be hesitant to check in. 

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How do I know my help button is working?

We encourage you to test your button at least monthly. This will ease any worries you may have about your help button. Testing also makes pressing the button less scary, because you will know what it’s like to talk to our Command Center.

We love to hear from you even if you don’t need help – don’t be shy!

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What if I can’t speak?

A US-based operator from one of our two Command Centers will come on the line to assist you in seconds. If we can’t hear you, we will start by calling your house phone, just in case you pressed the button by accident. If we can’t reach you, we will call your Circle of Care in the order you decided when you set up your senior medical alert system. We will make sure that you are okay. 

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Who responds when I press my help button?

You personalize the responders in your Circle of Care to fit your needs. We can call 911 immediately, or we call your neighbor or family member to check up on you first. Alert1 lets seniors choose who is called, who comes to your aid, and who you notify of the situation. 

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What if don’t know where I am?

When you are on the go and need help, ourmobile medical alert—Kelsi—can locate you. It is a lot like the GPS in your car! When you press your button, Kelsi uses patented 911 technology to allow our Emergency Command Center to locate you to within two meters. We will send help directly to where you are.

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What type of help button should I choose?

We have many options to choose from! Whether you want to be protected at home or on the go Alert1 can protect you anywhere in the US.

  • At Home

Our home medical alert systems allow you to stay safe in your home and maintain your independence. The powerful microphone and speaker in the POM base unit allows you to talk to our Command Center to tell them what’s wrong.

POM unit connects to the Alert1 Command Center through your landline or the wireless alert system. The system covers 600 feet around the base station – that’s more than two football fields! You will be protected even when gardening or chatting to the neighbors.

You can choose either a wristband or necklace and even add stylish senior accessories. All our products are 100% water proof so you can do everything from showering to wash the dog while wearing your senior medical alert system.

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  • Fall detection

For extra security, we offer fall detection technology. It senses falls and automatically notifies the 24/7 Command Center, even if you can’t push the help button. You and your family will feel more secure knowing even if you can’t get to your button, help will be there.

The fall detection technology has undergone years of testing and calibration to differentiate between a senior fall and everyday movements. It is the smallest and most comfortable pendant on the market. The pendant has a lifespan of over two years and features low battery detection. You will not need to worry about recharging your pendant.

  • Protection on the go

Do you want protection no matter where you go? For those who want help at the touch of a button anywhere, we have a mobile medical alert system, Kelsi. Put Kelsi in your pocket or around your neck. It will protect you whether you are at home or if you are heading out.

No base station or landline phone is needed with the Alert1 Kelsi. You can take it anywhere in the country with T-Mobile cellular coverage and we’ll get you help if you need it. You do not need to buy any cellular coverage plans; we take care of it all for you.

Kelsi has a microphone and speaker to enable easy, 2-way communication from wherever you are. Even if you do not know your location we send help directly to you.

You don’t need to change your lifestyle if you worry about falling. Our mobile medical alert will give you peace of mind to live your life however you please.  

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Stay safe with Alert1

Give us a call and we can help you choose the seniormedical alert system that best meets your needs. We will save you money compared to Life Alert costs. Let us support your aging in place plan. With Alert1 you will stay both safe and independent.