Mobile Medical Alerts: Who What When Where How & Why?

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Have you heard about the newest advances in medical alert systems? Today, there is no need to only be protected within the boundaries of your home and yard. You will stay safe with a medical alert system by your side anywhere you go, thanks to mobile medical alerts!  

WHO should use it?

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You should consider using a mobile medical alert if:

  • You want to live safely and independently.
  • You have stumbled, been dizzy, or fallen in the past year.
  • You have been hospitalized or been to the emergency room in the past year.
  • You have any chronic ailments like heart disease, stroke, COPD, osteoporosis, diabetes or arthritis.
  • You take medications that cause dizziness or drowsiness.
  • You use an assistive device for balance and mobility. (Such as a cane, walker, wheelchair, stair climber or other assistive device.)
  • You live alone, or spend time alone while out of the house.

Mobile medical alerts are perfect for seniors who want to age in place in their golden years. These mobile alerts allow you to be protected not only in your home as with traditional medical alert systems, but on-the-go too! Don’t think you need a medical alert system because you have never had a fall? All it takes in one accident to set you back. Aging makes it harder to recover from medical emergencies. Play it safe and protect yourself before one even happens.

The best part about mobile medical alerts is that they help keep many different kinds of people safe. Seniors are not the only people who can benefit from a medical alert system. Alert1 protects members aged 7 to 107. Children have many of the same medical needs as seniors: asthma, diabetes, broken bones, heart and lung diseases, and many more. A mobile medical alert ensures your child stays safe no matter where they are.

The new mobile fall detection pendant allows seniors, younger adults, and children who are at risk for fainting or unconsciousness to stay safe. The fall detection pendant can sense a fall and call for help immediately. Anyone who uses a mobile medical alert will be one step closer to receiving help during an emergency. 

WHAT is it?

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Alert1 is proud to be part of the mobile medical alert movement. A mobile medical alert is a device that ensures a personal emergency response anywhere you go. We offer two different mobile medical alert systems to fit everyone’s lifestyle.

The Kelsi mobile medical alert  can get you help at the push of a button anywhere you are. This mobile device works for up to two months on a single charge. Do you want to stay safe no matter what activity you choose to do? The Kelsi cellular device is 100% shower safe to protect you at all times. Take this pendant anywhere and Alert1 will send help directly to you if needed.

The PAX mobile fall detection pendant can detect the difference between a fall and everyday movements. Once the pendant senses a fall, an operator will come on the line to assist you. The PAX fall detection pendant is highly water resistant to keep you safe throughout the day. This mobile pendant uses GPS to pinpoint your location, so no matter where you are, you will get the help you need.

With all Alert1 mobile medical alerts, there is no need to purchase an additional cellular plan. We take care of that for you! Your mobile medical alert systems arrive preprogrammed and ready to use, and much less expensive when compared to the costs of Life Alert.

WHEN should I use it?

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Mobile alert systems can be used for any medical emergency, big or small. Members call when they need a helping hand to assist them up after a fall.

Worried you may have broken a bone? Don’t chance making it worse - push your button to get immediate help. Are you having trouble breathing? Try not to panic - push your button and we speak to you in seconds.  In the unfortunate event you have a fall, the PAX mobile fall detection pendant will sense the movement. We will send responders to make sure you are okay.

Medical alert systems are often used for medical emergencies, but you can call us for smaller things too. You never want to be alone when you are scared or uncomfortable. Our calm and caring operators are a button push away. Have you locked yourself out of the house? Would you like someone to keep an eye on you as you are walk to your car at night? Are you lost? We are here for you 24/7, for whatever you need.

Your safety and peace of mind is our number one priority, so don’t ever hesitate to push your button. With all of Alert1’s medical alert systems you get unlimited button pushes and talk time. Want to call just to chat? No problem! We are always happy to hear from you. 

WHERE do I put it?

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The PAX mobile fall detection pendant can be worn at around your neck or at your hip. The pendant comes with a lanyard and a belt clip, so you can wear it whichever way you prefer! If you wear the PAX pendant around your neck, ensure the device remains close to your chest and under your clothing for best fall detection results.

The Kelsi mobile medical alert comes with a lanyard and an attachment for a keychain or belt loop. Wear your Kelsi device around your neck, on your belt, or just simply throw it in your pocket! Do you want to wear your mobile medical alert with style? The Kelsi pendant is compatible with Alert1’s fancy lanyards, so your mobile alert will match any outfit.  

HOW do I use it?

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Using a mobile medical alert is simple! One press of the button and you will immediately be connected to a certified operator at an Alert1 Command Center. The operator will talk to you through your pendant to see if you need help. They can quickly call 911 your trusted Circle of Care to get you help.

Your Circle of Care is your customized list of responders that we call in an emergency. Do you want your neighbor to check on you first? Or would you like 911 to be call right away? You choose who we call. If we don’t hear from you, we will go down your list of responders until we reach someone. We will not only get you help, but also notify any of your family that may live far away. We want to keep everyone in the loop.

While help is on the way, the operator stays on the line with you. Alert1 never wants you to be alone while you may be scared or hurt.

With our PAX fall detection medical alert, you don’t even have to press the button. The pendant will sense a fall and an operator will come on the line to speak with you. With all of Alert1’s medical alert systems, if you cannot respond we will send help immediately. With the GPS technology built into the pendants we can locate you and get you the help you need fast.

WHY should I use it?

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Use a mobile medical alert system to stay safe and protected as you age in place in your golden years. A mobile medical alert lets you live your life independently wherever you choose to go.

You should use a mobile medical alert system for peace of mind - for both you and your family. Peace of mind that you will be safe if an emergency were to occur. Alert1 members love feeling safe and protected as they live their golden years to the fullest.