Sing and Dance with Alert1 Medical Alert Systems

Here at Alert1, we are dedicated to creating peace of mind. We want you to feel safe and secure when you wear your help button. You deserve to age in place independently in the home that you love.

At Alert1, we want all of our members to feel as joyful as this lovely lady when it comes to aging in place. This wonderful video was sent to us from Laurie, whose 85 year old mother has come up with a sing and dance to remember to “push her button.”

This is my lovely mother demonstrating a way for her to remember to "push her button".

Posted by Laurie Wilkie Jackson on Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Which Medical Alert Is Right For You?

Medical Alert base unit, pendant, and wall-mount button

Make aging in place as easy as possible with help from of one of our many medical alert systems. We have 4 different systems to fit anyone’s needs!

  • Fall Detection - Our most popular system, Fall Detection, signals for help even when you can’t. This small and discrete pendant senses falls and immediately notifies the Alert1 command center. The operators at the command center will stay on the line with you until help arrives, so you’ll never be left alone. This device gets members help fast!
  • Home Medical Alert system - Alert1’s classic system allows you to stay safe in your home and maintain your independence. As with all of Alert1’s services, you get unlimited button presses and 24/7 emergency monitoring. With help from your landline phone, this system will allow you to age in place gracefully, in the comfort of your own home.
  • Wireless Home Medical Alert System - Alert1’s wireless medical alert protects you when you do not have a landline. It functions off wireless cell signals – but you won’t need to pay any extra for cell coverage. Just like our other services, the wireless medical alert comes with 24/7 emergency monitoring service and a button to immediately call for help.
  • Kelsi - Our mobile medical alert system goes anywhere you go. Kelsi gets you help fast, anywhere in the US, using 911 location technology. This little device works up to 2 months on a single charge, so you won’t have to worry about running out of charge. You can keep Alert1 by your side 24/7.

Check out how Alert1 prices compare to Life Alert costs.

How Do Our Medical Alerts Work?

call center cubicle

All of the Alert1 medical alert systems are easy to use. Here is some of the most important info you’ll want to know if you ever need to push your button.

  • Command Center - The Alert1 Command Center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will always answer when you press your button. You get unlimited talk time! Feel free to press your button and talk to our highly trained operators at any time, for any reason.  The operators will even know your name and speak your primary language.
  • Circle of Care - After you press your button and are connected to the Command Center, your Circle of Care can be notified if you need it. Your Circle of Care is a personalized list of the people you want to be notified if an emergency happens. The Command Center will also call EMS services if necessary. You don’t have to do anything besides simply press your button.
  • Testing your button – We want you to feel comfortable pressing your button. That’s why we request that you test your system as soon as you get it. Don’t ever feel timid if you want to press your button- go for it! The Command Center operators will always be there to speak to you, even if there is no emergency.

Stay Joyful!

happy old man

We want all of our members to be as joyful as Laurie’s mother. Our medical alert systems and the operators at the Alert1 Command Center will be there for you anywhere, anytime. We want you to be able to stay safe, happy and healthy in your own home. If you have any stories, pictures, or videos you would like us to feature, please send them to us!