How to Stay Safe with Mobile Fall Detection

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Every day was the same ol’ routine. You would wake up, brush your teeth, shower, choose a new outfit, eat breakfast, and go to work. It was the same agenda, different day.

Now, everything has changed. Your priorities are different now that you’re retired. Safety comes first. You have to do just about everything you did before your golden years, only now you have to be more careful while doing so.  

Remember: you’re at an age where your body is not the same anymore. You are at a higher risk to fall unexpectedly. You are also at a higher risk to not be able to get up.

But what if you had a medical alert device that meant you don’t have to worry about your safety? What if it could get you help fast should you need it? What if this device is small enough to fit inside of your pocket? What if you had the mobile fall detection device with the name of PAX?

What is PAX?

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PAX is our newest mobile fall detection device that gives you and your family ultimate peace of mind. You can go anywhere you want and PAX will always give you the most comprehensive protection. Since it’s the newest system we have to offer, PAX has all the cool perks.

 Some benefits include:

  • GPS location technology
  • Fall detection that automatically calls for help if you fall
  • Water resistance
  • A 24/7 Command Center that gives you personalized protection

Where can you take PAX?

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You can take PAX anywhere you go! Your golden years don’t have to be spent at home. With PAX, our mobile fall detection, you can go out and about and feel secure.

  • Grocery shopping is the perfect place to take your mobile fall detection. Crowded aisles may not be the safest place to be, but PAX will keep you safe. As you leave your house, grab your grocery list and your PAX!
  • Daily exercising is essential, but so is your safety. That’s why you should carry your PAX mobile fall detection system with you at all times. One wrong step can be dangerous, but we’ll always be there to help you. Exercise freely, without worry.
  • Vacationing is a must for your golden years. There’s no need to stay home when you can be protected anywhere you go. Go on a retirement vacation, and bring PAX as your safety net.
  • Showering and not having fall protection can be scary. The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places to fall. Because it is water resistant, you can take PAX with you in the shower.
  • Adventuring might be something you like to do on the daily. When you go on hikes, take your mobile fall detection with you. PAX uses 3G cellular networks and GPS to detect your location. We can find you in an emergency even when you are out and about. Make use of PAX’s perks and plan a memorable adventure.

Why should you take PAX with You?

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Your golden years are some of the best years of your life. You’re retired and have lots of free time to do post-retirement activities and go on post-retirement vacations. But whatever you choose to do or wherever you choose to go, your safety comes first. What better way to ensure your safety than with our mobile fall detection device? This way you can have the time of your life while always having quick access to help.

Get Peace of Mind

PAX will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also ease your family’s worries. Even when you don’t need the help, PAX will be there just in case something were to go wrong. We keep your family in the loop if you do need help. They don’t need to worry about you being alone when you have PAX to keep you safe.

Get Safe Travels

With the help of PAX, you can make the most out of your golden years. Start packing your bags, because with PAX your travels will always be safe. Travel anywhere in the US and get the best protection. Create a list of destinations and get ready to visit them all!

Get the Best Protection

Our members who have PAX love the peace of mind it gives them. Here are some more reasons why mobile fall detection is perfect fit for you, in the words of our members:

  • Nancy5star.alert1-  "This is Nancy's neighbor Randy. She says "It's wonderful." The system is giving her continued independence at her home."
  • Olacee 5 star.alert1- "Very quick response and excellent communication."
  • Louis 5 star.alert1- "They were wonderful! My grandfather fell and they responded by first sending the ambulance, then calling all the numbers they had until they reached someone to meet the paramedics there. Thank god they were there for him. We are grateful that he was not alone when he needed help. You were there. Thank you."

Safety Tips for your Glorious Golden Years

  1. Always carry your mobile fall detection with you.
  2. Exercise daily to keep your body healthy.
  3. Get your vitamins by eating nutritious foods. It’s not just the kids who should eat their fruits and veggies!
  4. Do your best to keep safe anywhere you go.
  5. Enjoy your glorious Golden Years and have fun!