Mobile Medical Alerts are Senior Friendly

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Gone are the days when electronics had a simple on and off button. Today, we live in a world where even TV remotes have an absurd amount of buttons the most tech savvy of us can’t seem to figure out. How will Mom and Dad figure out how to use a mobile medical alert system?

Great news! Mobile medical alert systems are so easy to use, even your parents who can’t figure out the internet won’t have any problems. Alert1 medical alert pendants have the only button they need—the help button. 

The Medical Alert Misconception

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Mobile medical alerts have the reputation of being difficult to use, especially for those who aren’t tech savvy. Many mobile medical alerts imitate a cell phone with many buttons to accidentally press. If Dad falls and becomes confused, will he know which one to press for help? Alert1 recognizes that simplicity is the best solution. Our mobile medical alert systems feature just one button to ease your loved one’s technical worries. 

One Press, No More Worries

One press of the mobile medical alert button and Dad will instantly connect to a certified operator at one of our US-based Command Centers. Help will be dispatched immediately according to a personalized Circle of Care list. Do you want to be notified first if Dad presses his button? A close neighbor? Or should 911 be dispatched right away? The good news is Alert1 can immediately notify and send help from anyone you prefer right away. We can even call other friends or family to notify them of the situation. 

Fall Detection—No Press, No More Worries

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Alert1 is proud to announce a new mobile medical alert that will get help automatically. We now offer a fall detection mobile medical alert to keep your loved one safe. If Dad is on his weekly walk and trips on a curb, the fall detection pendant will sense the fall and automatically connect to the Command Center. It is the same as pressing the button, with the added benefit of fall protection!

A big fall could lead to a situation where Dad may be knocked unconscious and cannot press their help button. A quick medical response is crucial in a senior emergency. Mobile medical alerts have built-in GPS to locate Dad if he is unable to respond. A fall detection mobile medical alert will guarantee Dad gets help fast, no matter what the situation is and where he is. 

No Installation or Internet Required

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No one likes waiting around for an installer to come to their home. Alert1 mobile medical alerts work right out of the box, no installation required! Give it a quick charge and a test call and you’re all set.

But if Dad doesn’t have internet? We take care of all that for you. Mobile medical alerts don’t need an internet plan. The mobile pendants do not even need a base station or landline. All that’s needed is an occasional charge and Dad will stay protected in and out of his home!

No Need for Additional Cell Phone Contracts Either

Worried that mobile medical alerts come with expensive cell phone plans? Here at Alert1, we take care of the cell phone carriers for you.  We don’t want our members to feel locked into a long-term commitment or end up with any extra fees. We manage everything for you to make things as simple as possible. Check out how we stack up vs Life Alert costs.

Simpler than a Cell Phone

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There are many cell phone apps out there that offer emergency services. But Dad won’t have his cell phone on him at all times. You hardly got him to buy one in the first place! What will guarantee he will always bring it with him when he’s out and about? What about when he just goes upstairs or in the yard? A mobile medical alert pendant is so small and comfortable Dad will have no problem keeping it on him at all times.

Another added bonus is the water resistance of mobile medical alerts. We want your loved one to stay protected at all times, no matter what they are doing. Dad will stay safe while washing the dog, watering the plants, or even in the shower. Can a cell phone guarantee that much protection? 

Senior Friendly Mobile Medical Alerts

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Mobile medical alerts couldn’t be any easier to use. Simply order on the Alert1 website or by phone if you prefer. Your order can even be shipped the next business day if you are in a hurry to ensure your loved one is protected. With only one button to call for help, Dad will have no trouble getting assistance when he needs it. For an extra layer of protection, the fall detection mobile alert features the same simple one-button design. Dad will feel comfortable and safe, and your family will love the peace of mind a mobile medical alert brings.