How Are Medical Alerts Better Than a Cell Phone?

Updated 7/23/15  1:12pm | So, you’re not quite convinced that medical alert systems are better than cell phones. “Couldn’t I just use my cell phone to call 911?” you ask yourself. The answer is that you could, but you would be missing out on all of the great features medical alert systems provide. Every second counts in an emergency, and you shouldn’t bet your safety on being able to get to your phone and dial. Most of us put our phones down and wander away, especially in our homes. Plus, medical alerts don’t just call 911. You can press your help button for anything you need, even if it doesn’t require EMS. The peace of mind you will feel when help is a button press away proves that medical alert systems are better than cell phones.

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Do you only call 911?

Nope! We can call whomever you would like. When you order, we will set up your Circle of Care, your personalized group of responders. That could be a neighbor, a family member, a caretaker, or yes, 911. If your first responder does not answer, we will call your Circle of Care in the order you choose until we get a response.

You don’t need to worry about calling multiple people and communicating with them while you are in distress. You also can set up a list of notifiers in addition to your responders. These are the people who deserve to know that you have required assistance. We will keep them in the loop and update them on your well-being. They won’t have to find out via word-of-mouth after the fact. Now that’s something your phone can’t do!

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Who answers when I press my alarm button?

 An operator from the Alert1 Command Center will come on the line when you press your alarm button and they will ask if you need help. You can tell them what’s wrong and they will send you the help you need. If you are unable to speak or we cannot hear you, we call your Circle of Care in the order you chose when you set up your system. Our operators are trained to be calm and comforting in every situation – you will be in great hands. They will stay on the line with you until help arrives and they know you are getting the help you need. We care about your well-being.

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Why can’t I just use my phone to call for help?

Do you have your phone on you all the time, particularly in your home? You certainly don’t have it while you’re bathing, and that’s one of the most dangerous places to fall. Even if you do have your phone, it takes time to find your phone, unlock it, and dial. Medical alert systems are better than cell phones because you only have to press a single button!

Your help button is waterproof so that you can keep it on you at all times. No need to worry about it! We also offer wall-mounted help buttons to place in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom for additional protection. We don’t recommend taking your phone into the shower – it likely won’t work afterwards!

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What other features do medical alert systems have?

You get customized protection depending on the medical alert you choose. For protection in and around the home, we have our classic home medical alert. For additional protection, our fall detection system will automatically call the Command Center when you fall. Our members feel much more comfortable knowing that even if they cannot press their button after a fall, they will get help. For protection anywhere you go, check out our mobile medical alert with unlimited range! And be sure to compare our prices with Life Alert costs. We are certain you will see even more value with Alert1.

Every Alert1 medical alert is small and comfortable to wear. For those who want to add more style to their help button, we have a variety of beautiful accessories. Our necklaces and wristbands are all waterproof, comfortable, and easy to put on and take off. Our members love to mix and match!

Medical alerts help to save lives in medical emergencies. But you can also press your button for less pressing emergencies. Whether you become scared in the night, suspect there is a prowler, or want someone watching out for you while you walk on icy ground to your mailbox, we are here for anything you need. No problem is too big or too small – we are here to help!

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Your phone is no match for an Alert1 medical alert

With Alert1, you receive amazing protection that is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do us press a button! Here at Alert1 we treat you like family. We are dedicated to helping you stay safe. We will handle calling for help in an emergency and we will stay with you until that help arrives. You will love the peace of mind a medical alert brings – a comforting voice is only a touch away. For immediate help when every second counts, a medical alert system is better than a cell phone.