My First Encounter With Alert1...

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Updated 8/14/2017 | Family caregivers and seniors across the nation depend on senior medical alert systems from Alert1. When aging independently, every so often you need a helping hand or a lifeline to call upon. From the moment new members activate their personal emergency response system, they receive Alert1’s life saving coverage.

A few of our members can attest to the reliability and dependability of our responsive alert systems. The testimonials are from actual people who were rescued by Alert1 emergency monitoring services. Alert1 highlights true aging in place stories on the life saving qualities of medical alert systems for seniors. 

Therese B. of Florida

therese b. alert1 medical alert systems

"My first encounter with Alert1 happened the day after it was installed. My husband had just gotten home from the hospital, and I was nervous. I had to take a morning shower, so went into the bathroom, passing the monitor. I accidentally pushed the button, did not notice it and went to the shower.

Before I knew what was happening, there was a commotion in the living room. I walked out in the altogether, thinking my husband was in trouble. Imagine my surprise, when into the bedroom walked the cutest youngest EMT on the squad.

I am 86, so you can imagine how I felt. Thanks for sending them here, because I actually might have needed them. I have used the service on another occasion when my husband was not able to get out of bed, due to weakness. The Alert1 system had him taken to the hospital in no time at all."

Helen E. of Massachussets

helen e. alert1 medical alert systems

“Shortly after I got my Alert1, I adopted a Greyhound dog. She had skinny legs and when she stepped into my fenced,snow-filled yard, she seemed unable to get out. I was in my nightclothes wearing a nightgown, slippers and a light robe, but I was so concerned about the dog I foolishly stepped out and closed the slider behind me. 

And when the dog saw me she freed herself – but I could not open the slider. I called for help but my neighbor didn’t hear. I was so cold and scared – then I remembered the medical alert around my neck. I pressed the button and the firemen showed up in minutes. They opened the door, wrapped me in a blanket and left as soon as they were certain that I was all right."



Joan F. of New York

joan f. alert1 medical alert systems

"More than a year ago my son, Dr. Timothy F., M.D. gave me the life saving gift of the “Med Alert System.” The reason I define the “Med Alert” in this particular way = it saved my life about six months ago.

Late one evening I got up from an easy chair in my bedroom, went to my closet, turned quickly, tripped over ? something (I still don’t know what) and fell – piercing a hole in my skull + bleeding profusely. For a few moments I sat on the floor stunned.

Suddenly – I remembered Med Alert around my neck. I pressed it. Help came in 5 minutes. Another son arrived in 6 minutes + said it looked like a crime scene. Subsequently I was confined to two hospitals + rehab. Memory has returned + I have slight difficulty walking.

Without the Med Alert I would have bled to death. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! PS. My family thanks you too!”

Life Saving Service for Seniors

Alert1 emergency monitoring is on par with independent living. Understandably, living independently can be more challenging when growing older. With Alert1’s protection, seniors everywhere are finding aging in place to be much more manageable. With decades of experience in emergency monitoring services, you can be protected in and around the home but also on the go!

You can trust our service as we’re highly rated by Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau. You’re never pay for hidden fees and you aren’t locked into a contract. Senior medical alert systems are the perfect solution for your aging loved ones. Check out the savings when compared to Life Alert costs.